Review: Lovestruck by K.T. Grant

Lovestruck by K.T. Grant
Erotic F/F Romance
May 31, 2010
E-Book, 154 Pages
Noble Romance Publishing

Why I read: KT Grant, aka Katiebabs, is a friend and I definitely said yes when she asked me to read her debut book.

Favorite Quote: “Oh Jennifer. You undo me.” Barbara whispered against her mouth and then dipped her head to suck on her neck.”

Jenny works at the St. Jennings Hotel in New York City, a prestigious, world wide chain. Although her boss, Jeffrey, gives her lowly assignments and is usually the butt of many jokes Jenny tells her friends behind closed doors, Jenny loves the hotel and it is a very big part of her life. Her roommate Mike works there as well as her best friend Tonya.

Word comes down the grapevine that the owner of St. Jennings, Barbara is about to make an appearance. Little does Jenny know that Barbara, also known as the barracuda is actually the woman, the very beautiful woman, Jenny made eye contact with at the Starbucks recently. When they see each other again at the hotel, sparks fly.

Barbara is extremely wealthy, and very sad that the St. Jennings may have to be closed down after years of losses. She decides to start meeting with the staff to get a better picture of what is happening at the hotel.  But once she meets Jenny, it is hard for her to focus on anything else. She wants the young, messy, naive Jenny with a passion she hasn’t felt for years. She puts a plan in motion to seduce Jenny, and Barbara always gets what she wants.

Lovestruck is the debut novel by K.T. Grant and although female/female romance is not first on my list for turning me on, I was impressed by this debut. K.T. Grant gives us a May-December romance with plenty of dirty, dirty action. Barbara is used to getting her way, and when the shyer Jenny plays coy, the chase turns Barbara on big time. She knows what she wants and she is not afraid to tell, or show Jenny what she is all about.

I get that Jenny hasn’t had as much experience, but once in awhile her simpering was a little too much to take. At one point she asks Barbara, “Um, okay, but what if I want you to stop?” I could have done without so much of Jenny’s feeble attempts at playing innocent.At the same time, Barbara came across harsh at moments, angered if Jenny did not give in to her demands, but she is the driving force behind this relationship.

The romance is hot in this one, with plenty of sex scenes. And with Mike, Jenny’s gay best friend and Tonya, Jenny has a great support system going on. I very much enjoyed getting to know these friends and I hope K.T. Grant revisits them in future books.

When I read a friend’s book, I found myself turning to the book gods in hopes of a worthy story, and K.T. Grant pulls it off. I think many will be discovering her very steamy reads appealing and I look forward to more.

Rating: 3.5/5

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  1. Erotic Horizon says

    Thanks for your sum up – I have it on my list somewhere, but I have so many f/f stuff ahead of this one to get through..

    It's nice when new authors come out of the block with a good start…


  2. Bells says

    I had the opportunity to read the book and liked it as well. It was my first f/f and I thought the sex scenes were scorching. I agree with you on Jenny's coyness. I wonder if she would have been the same way with someone that wasn't well known or as wealthy. Another great review. :D

  3. Stacy~ says

    I am also not that big into reading f/f romance, but this would encourage me to read outside my comfort zone, so I might give it a try. And I wish all the best for Kate :)

  4. Blodeuedd says

    I am glad she managed to pull it off. Since I have never read any MM then I have sure never read any FF either.

  5. KT Grant says

    Thank you Smexy for taking a chance and reading my book. :)

    I hope to publish more dirty, dirty action in the future.

  6. ErotRomReader (Janna) says

    Glad the book gods heard your prayers ;) I've read many good things about Katiebabs' debut and I think I need to read something out of my comfortzone and give this one a try. Great review! :)

  7. Jill N. Noble says

    Thanks for giving the book a try, and for your very kind review. I love KT's debut story, and I am happy to see she's getting quite a few good reviews. She deserves them! :-)

  8. Smokinhotbooks says

    Usually I only have eyes for Angelina Jolie, now….I have reading eyes for Barbara and Jenny.

    I really want Mike's HEA.

  9. Fiction Vixen says

    I just purchased this book and it's burning up my Kindle as I type! I can't wait to read it. Nice review Mandi!

  10. Mandi says

    EH – it is nice..I was so happy with it.

    Bells – Hmm..good point. I definitely think she felt intimidated. Scorching scenes indeed.

    Stacy – It's a good story…she has something going on ;)

    Blodeuedd – LOL…m/m gets me going. Not quite there yet for the girls ;)

    KT – I'm ready:)

    ERR – Yes..I bet you would enjoy this one.

    Tori – Yay KB!

    Jill – I have seen quite a few good reviews around the blogosphere :)

    Smokin – That was the first thing I told KT..I want Mike to HOOK UP! ;)

    FV – My Kindle became verra naughty with that book on there ;)

  11. orannia says

    Thank you Mandi! I'm not really sure if f/f romance is for me, but…if I were to try it I think I'd start with this book :)

    All the best with the release KT!

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