Review: Three to Tango Anthology

Three to Tango

Three to Tango by Emma Holly, Lauren Dane, Megan Hart and Bethany Kane
May 3, 2011
Trade Paperback
Berkley Trade

Reviewed by Mandi

Dirty/Bad/Wrong by Lauren Dane

Ava returns home to Petal, Georgia after ten years of living on the west coast. Those ten years ago she had found love and comfort with both Luca and Angelo. With an alcoholic father and a mother who cheated, Ava was an outcast. But Luca and Angelo not only showed her love, but acceptance. It was all too much to take though, and one morning she left, and never looked back. But now her mother has died, and Ava has come back for her funeral. She meets back up with Luca and Angelo, who have had a relationship of their own, and the three of them dive right back into the bedroom.

Dirty/Bad/Wrong is an erotic story of rekindled love. Holy wow – can Lauren Dane write smoking hot sex scenes.  I’m not sure I am fully convinced of the fact that Ava ran out ten years ago, and falls into bed with both boys within hours of coming back to Petal. I felt that scenario was rushed. She might have some shame for the parents she comes from, but she has no shame in the bedroom alone with Luca and Angelo. Lauren Dane also lets Luca and Angelo have a few scenes just with themselves which is nicely done. This one gets high marks for very well written sex scenes but I didn’t love the plot.

Rating: B-

Just One Night by Megan Hart

Jeremy and Kerry have been dating for about eighteen months and Kerry has discovered the thought of her with another man gets Jeremy off. He has given her permission to pursue her high school crush, Brian at their upcoming 15 year class reunion – as long as Kerry comes home and tells Jeremy every dirty detail. Kerry is nervous Brian won’t want her, but after a brief meeting at the reunion, they end up in a hotel room together for a night of passionate sex. They try to go their separate ways after that one night, but they both can’t stop thinking about each other.

Just One Night is my favorite story in this anthology, which surprised me, because when I first started reading it I was very skeptical. Her boyfriend wants her to have sex with someone else? Really? But it works so well in this story. Jeremy is more than okay with her pursuing Brian. He loves to hear the details of her escapades with him. He never gets angry, or jealous – which ends up part of the problem with their relationship. Brian truly develops deep feelings for Kerry and when he discovers she is in a relationship, there is anger and heartache. I actually wasn’t sure how this would all end, but I love the ending. Very well done for such a short story.

Rating: B+

Flipping for Chelsea by Emma Holly

Liam and Shay grew up as brothers after Shay’s parents died and he was taken in by Liam’s family. When Liam was 21 and Shay was 18, their best friend Chelsea decided to move away for college. When she came over to say goodbye, their friendship took a turn towards the physical. At the end of their fun, Shay reached for Liam, and Liam freaked out.

14 years later, Chelsea and Liam had tried to date a few times but it never worked out. But they are determined to try one more time. But they have an unexpected visitor – Shay, who had fled in embarrassment all those years ago is back, and the three of them try it again.

I enjoyed the first half of this story, that takes place 14 years prior, when all three experiment the one night in the romance department. The shame Shay feels for his mixed feelings of attraction to Liam is done well. In current day, it all seems a bit too easy for these three to get back together. Shay had been living out of state, only coming home for holidays because of his embarrassment over that one night so many years ago. But then he just walks in the house and sees Liam and Chelsea and all is fine. Liam admits to liking guys somewhat, and the three of them live happily ever after. Just seemed way too easy and didn’t work for me.

Rating: C-

On the Job by Bethany Kane

Madeline can’t believe it when she runs into her former lover, Walker. Madeline is in a on/off again relationship with the very wealthy Tony, who has also gotten involved with the wrong type of people. He hires Walker, a former Secret Service agent for security after someone shot at Madeline. Unknown to Tony and Madeline, Walker is really there undercover, suspicious that Tony’s business dealings are illegal. Walker has also come to Tahoe to reunite with Madeline. He will have her – no matter what she says.

I’m not sure how to feel about On the Job by Bethany Kane (aka Beth Kery). Walker is VERY alpha. At first I kind of dug it, but after awhile it became too much. There are a few really hot scenes, but I think I needed him to loosen up just a bit more before I could enjoy him as a hero.

There is also a scene at the end involving Maddie, Walker and Tony that just makes no sense to me. It felt out of place, and it was kind of icky to me. I did like the setting in this one though, with Walker as a secret service agent and a hint of danger.

Rating: C


This anthology does have some pretty smokin’ love scenes in them. Overall, I would recommend, although I didn’t love some of the storylines.

Overall Rating: C+

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  1. says

    I haven’t read Emma Holly in a long time! I was looking forward to her entry in this anotho.

    Lauren Dane does write good smex. LOL Glad to hear you liked the Megan Hart.

  2. Helyce says

    I can’t wait to get my hands on this one. I won it from Megan Hart’s site. I’ve only read two out of the four authors represented here-so I look forward to getting a peek at the others. :)

  3. says

    I really loved this one and yes I agree the setting of Megan’s story made me go all O_o at first too. Very fascinating how she solved it in the end.

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