Smexy’s Top Ten–June 3rd

10. My Week – It’s hot y’all!!! And yes, I was just complaining how cold it was a few weeks ago. If it is not a steady 75, I’m going to whine. It’s the beginning of June and we’ve already reached 97. That’s not cool mother nature. Take it back.


Between Sinners and Saints 9. One of my fav authors, Marie Sexton had a book come out this week! Between Sinners and Saints is a somewhat heavy book that deals with Levi, who is out to his Mormon family, but not accepted (and is quite the playboy.) And Jamie, who was sexually abused as a child and as a result, does not like anyone to touch him and has ocd about many aspects of his life. These two meet when Levi goes to Jamie for a massage therapy session. (Jamie can touch people as long as he is in control). Levi is attracted, but it takes a while for him to understand why Jamie refuses all advances from him. From here they form a friendship and start helping the other deal with family and past abuse issues. I like how the romance unfolds very slowly, and how patient Levi is with Jamie’s issues. I would have liked it more if Levi’s family had not been in it as much. I just didn’t like them – which I know is the point, but I got tired of reading their scenes. Overall though, it is a very sweet romance, a bit of a darker book that I liked. I would rate it a C+. Goodreads.


8. AHHHH!! Cover alert for The Black Hawk – Adrian Hawker’s story. Finally. I. Can’t. Wait. For. This. Book. For those not familiar with Joanna Bourne – go read The Spymaster’s Lady immediately. And then read The Forbidden Rose. (There is also My Lord and Spymaster but I haven’t read it – but you probably should too ;) You will meet Adrian, along with other wonderful characters. She does historical spy books so well. The Black Hawk is out November 1st.

Here is the first excerpt released:

“My lover is an Englishman. This cannot continue.*

Her bed was so full of Hawker. His body disconcerted her, always, with its fierce energies concentrated inside his skin. He lay on his back, half naked, his head turned toward her, his arm across his chest upon the sheet. She did not think he had broken any ribs, but he was holding pain inside him as he slept.

He lay, sunk fathoms deep in exhaustion. All the deadly knowledge of his blood and bone was quiescent. He was like a well-honed sword someone had carefully set down. Sometimes she forgot how beautiful he was when they had been apart for a long time.

Cover and excerpt found at The Write Enchilada


7. Three blogger friends have started “KLB” – in their words:

KLB was founded by Katina, Larissa, and Bells because of their love of books.  KLB offers several different services which include Blog and Web designs as well as various swag items i.e Bookmarks, Romance Trading Cards, and stationary. We also do Blog Events that include Virtual Book Journeys (Blog Tours) and Blog Events. There are a lot of packages to choose from. More information can be found on our website.

Check them out!


Unlocked (Turner, #1.5)6. Courtney Milan announced on her blog Tuesday, that she is entering the self-publishing world. After her second Turner book is released with Harlequin this fall, the third in that series and future books will be self-published. It looks like one of the main sticking points is that Harlequin only pays her 8% of the digital cover price of the book. Also what I find interesting – she had to push to keep Mark, the hero of her next book, Unclaimed a virgin. I SEEK out virgin heroes!! Maybe that is just me, but why are publishers frowning on this? She also wants to write a “belowstairs” romance (no Dukes and earls). This excites me!!  Overall, I think this is great news. Courtney Milan released a self-published novella earlier this week, Unlocked, which is amazing. (She also blogged at Smart Bitches and Dear Author)


(Move over Barrons and Bones, Khal is Smexy’s new #1 boyfriend)

5. Boys and girls – we need to have a talk. A few weeks ago, KC from Smokin’ Hot books tweeted a video to me of Khal (played by Jason Momoa) from Game of Thrones having a mighty smex scene in a tent.(I included it in my top ten) At that time, I had not seen Game of Thrones, but I was quite intrigued with this clip (fine, I was intrigued with Jason Momoa’s butt, okay!)

After prodding from a few other friends, I started watching this show. I’m obsessed. I mean – I’M OBSESSED. It’s all I talk about. Hubs (who also really likes it) and I watched 7 episodes in about three days. It’s violent, it’s action-packed, and the political game is so intriguing. I’ve actually started reading the book (which so far the tv show is following very closely).

And since I’m me – I have to disclose how obsessed I am with Khal’s “moobs”. (Man boobs! I hope everyone knew that). I mean – they are epic moobs. Bells even suggested I get a skin for my Kindle with Khal on there and name my kindle Moob. Because I’m weird like that, I’m totally doing it. ;)


4. Thanks to a heads up from Jess on Twitter, I found these SMEXY photos of ASkars. Are we ready for True Blood? I think so.

For all the pics go HERE.



3. I LOVE Snape. That is all.


2. I’m one short for the top ten today, so why not head to Blunt Card (which I LOVE so hard). I have two boys. I will be “The mother in law” for both of my kids! But will I be THE mother in law, or the fun mother in law? I can just hear my sons future wives now – “Look at your mother – surrounded by her smutty books and cheap boxed wine!”

Don’t take away my babies!! ;)

1. As you read this, Bells and I are in my van on the way to the Lori Foster Reader & Author Getaway! Woohoo!! Hopefully at this point Bells and I are in Ohio., Who knew Cincinnati was so far away from Maryland? Not us. LOL. I can’t wait to meet all the authors, bloggers and readers who are coming! I’ll be sure to blog about it next week. Happy Friday!


  1. says

    omg joanna bourne and her spies are my crack!!! i cannot wait for Hawke’s story but hadn’t seen the cover yet *slightly hyperventilating* the only thing, the only teensy weensy little thing is…im not sure how i feel about EVERY one of her H/H couples being spies from opposite sides, cant one of them be on the same team, once? *hopeful face* or maybe, just not a spy? ok im really not complaining, not at all, i love her books so hard *zippers lips now*

    and i was not considering watching Game of Thrones, not at all, but if anyone is going to tempt me, it is YOU with your tweets, and your pictures, and your links to lusty bits…sigh, sign me up for another additiction.

    have a great trip!

  2. says

    Do you think it’s different with girls? I don’t even think about that much. Maybe we have a different relationship as there’s a chance she might move to Europe to go to University (if her goal holds) and I might move who knows where for my job, South America, India, you just never know.So maybe we don’t have that close connection even though we love each other to bits. Or is it because she’s a girl, and as long as the bastard doesn’t break her heart I’m good with it. :-) Hmmm. I think I’ll definitely be the hands-off type of MIL.

    Have fun on your trip.

  3. Amber Hughes says

    I just told Sophia @ Fiction Vixen that I was going to fight her for Jason Momoa (Kahl Drogo)-LOL! I found out about him & the show from your original posting & that HAWT video! Now I’m obsessed too! :-)

  4. says

    I sooo love the Top 10. I swear I am getting HBO. I was already doing it for the TB premiere, but clearly I must do it early to watch Game of Thrones immediately. But without my husband. He’ll feel me cheating on the inside.

  5. says

    Oooooh…..Drogo…he’s yummy! I love how the relationship is developing between him and the blonde in Game of Thrones. :D It’s a great show, I love it

  6. says

    LOL – all hail Khal Drogo!
    One of my guy friends was ‘uhmming’ ad ‘ahhing’ about whether or not to watch ‘Game of Thrones’. I let him watch an episode with me (the one where a horse meets an unfortunate end with a broad sword). I was about squealing in squeamishness but he was hooked from then on.

    • says

      OMG I love horses so that one hit me hard. I couldn’t believe he did that! I wanted to hit the man…and yet, I knew he’d win. LOL

  7. says

    There is so much nom in this post it should be illegal. ;)

    A publisher was pushing for a non-virgin hero? Srsly!?! Ridiculous. I, too, seek out virgin heroes. I L-O-V-E virgin heroes. They are my favorite and they’re such a rare bird you’d think there’d be no issue. I may not read her books but I’m so glad Courtney took matters into her own hands and is branching out. I have no doubt this will be a very monetarily prosperous move on her part.

    P.S. — could you send some of that heat to Montana? 48 degrees and raining… forecast of snow? Yeah hell with this weather.

  8. says

    I hate not having HBO. I really want to see Game of Thrones. I could watch ti illegally like I do True Blood (oops) but I guess I’ll wait for NetFlix. It sounds awesome, and HELLO Momoa!
    ASkars is hot in those pics. *fan self* AND, I have to deal with one of THOSE MILs. Please don’t be one of those… :/

  9. ev says

    EVERYTHING is better with Alan Rickman in it!

    and maybe the daughters-in-law will join you instead of making fun of you. Find the boys someone that likes to read smutty books and drink boxed wine.

  10. Ren Puspita says

    OMG, love that video. Yum! If only my cable TV have HBO, I will addicted to Games of Thrones too, lol! And I’ll crying because I can’t watch Harry Potter at my country Indonesia, due of tax issues. Oh, the agony!

  11. says

    And Jamie, who was sexually abused as a child and as a result, does not like anyone to touch him and has ocd about many aspects of his life.

    See, you mentioned the touch aspect and…that’s a thing for me. I really want to read this.

    As for the moobs – LOL! I wish some TV network down here would hurry up and buy GOT!

    I hope you have a wonderful time at the con!

  12. says

    And Jamie, who was sexually abused as a child and as a result, does not like anyone to touch him and has ocd about many aspects of his life.

    The touch aspect really resonates – I really want to read this book.

    Moobs – LOL! I wish a TV network down here would buy GOT!

    Hope you have a lovely time at the con :)

  13. redzsm says

    I’m in Maryland too…next time TAKE ME WITH YOU!!! Can’t wait to hear all about your trip :)

  14. Noni says

    Have you read The shadow and the Star by Laura Kinsale? It has a virgin hero, and like all her books it’s kinda dark, but SO FREAKING GOOD.

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