Review: Depth Charge: Maria, Maria by Brindle Chase

Depth Charge: Maria, MariaDepth Charge: Maria, Maria by Brindle Chase
July 26, 2011
Erotic Contemporary
E-Book, Novella
Loose ID

Reviewed by Mandi

Steve Chamber is an elite deep sea diver, who has never had anyone come close to besting him, until he gets beat by a rookie diver. “Rodriguez” has spent more hours diving, and has pulled up more pounds of loot from a sunken ship in the past week than Steve has. A former SEAL, he has never had anyone beat him.

When something goes wrong at a diving station 150 feet down in the ocean, Steve and Rodriguez are assigned to fix the problem. Both are competitive to show their skills and Steve becomes very surprised to learn that Rodriguez is actually, Maria Rodriguez, and a beautiful woman.

Depth Charge: Maria, Maria is a quite short novella, that I would classify more as erotica. Steve and Maria dive deep down into the ocean to fix a broken air line on their diving station. They are both immediately attracted to each other. So much so, that they inspect the situation, then go inside the diving station where they have sex. Meanwhile, because the air line is broken, they will soon be breathing in too much carbon dioxide. So this kind of goes on back and forth – they work on repairs, and then come in and have more sex. Not my favorite scenario, but the sex is very erotic and there is much of it.

To me, it was a little silly that these two adults couldn’t contain their horny feelings, and had to have all of this sex in a diving station while a serious repair had to be made. But if this was just a “let’s have lots of sex book” that would have been one thing. Instead, after knowing each other for hours, it starts to turn into a love story, and the hero starts having a mental breakdown that the heroine might be falling in love with him. And then this confusing monologue occurs:

Now he knew her motive. She was trying to get him to fall in love. She wanted to be in love. Why in the hell did women always associate sex with love? They weren’t the same thing. Making love was better if you were in love, he supposed, but it wasn’t a requirement.

He thought back on everything he’d said to her so far. At no time had he given her any indication they were in love. That he loved her, or that he wanted her to love him. She was moving way too fast.

Maybe screwing her was a mistake?

No. Making love to her, all day long, had been the best thing he’d ever experienced. It was the pinnacle of his sex life. She was better than all the women before her combined. But even great sex didn’t mean it was love.

He had to proceed with caution.

Steve’s thoughts come across a and he thinks this all while he is getting a blow job. He seems shallow and he doesn’t appeal to me. And to top it all off, Steve is feeling this way around the 70% mark of the book. By the  end (which is not that many pages away, since this is a short book) they both proclaim true love to each other. Really? That makes no sense to me. Although I found it silly they were having sex in a diving station, I probably would have graded this higher had it been just sex. Why do we need the declaration of love at the end of such a short story? There was no build up of a relationship, just sex.

Rating: D

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  1. says

    This review made me laugh. It is one of my pet peeves when the hero and heroine constantly have stupid sex – the wrong time, the wrong place, while running for their lives, or running out of air… If I were ever in a romance novel and running for my life with hottie I would tell him to keep a lid on it until we were safe.

    • Mandi says

      I know, right? I’m all about the fun, crazy sex – but this was just a little too out there. The dude would have to be REALLY hot…. ;)

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