Review: Men Out of Uniform Anthology

Men Out of Uniform: Three Novellas of Erotic Surrender

Men Out of Uniform Anthology by Maya Banks, Karin Tabke and Sylvia Day
Erotic Romantic Suspense
October 4, 2011
Trade Paperback

Reviewed by Mandi


Soul Possession by Maya Banks

Favorite Quote: Hell, she had no idea what she was going to do with all this cock but she was sure as hell going to have a good time figuring it out.

Rick and Truitt have been partners in the police force for a long time. They are currently deeply involved in a serial killer case. Someone has been kidnapping women, only to let them go and then hunt them in the woods. Needing to let some stress out, they have decided tonight is the night they are going to take home the bartender Jessie Callahan…together. They have flirted with her for a few weeks, and she has always batted away their advances, but tonight they want action.

Jessie is having a rough night. Being wrongly accused of stealing money from the cash register and being fired, she is feeling a little crazy..and decides tonight is the night she will act on her attraction to Rick and Truitt. From here, the story unfolds with sexy times between Jessie, Rick and Truitt, and the hunt for the serial killer.

This kind of felt like the standard m/f/m erotic story. Especially when we start with this description:

She wasn’t a virgin, but she was woefully behind in the sex education department, and somehow she knew they were so far out of her league that she hadn’t a prayer of satisfying either.

They were bad boys and she was a wholesome, sweet good girl, and if that wasn’t enough to disgust her, she didn’t know what was.

Rick and Truitt want to take care of her, and want to protect and hover over her. And of course, Rick and Truitt usually date separate women, but now they are both attracted to the same woman and refuse to give her up. So they enter into this very erotic threesome. The sex was okay but again it felt like I’ve read this same story before. After one or two nights together they all just feel like they are in love and ready for this very non-traditional romance.

There is a nice balance between the suspense and sex in this one and I enjoyed reading the epilogue which takes place 6 months into the future. But the sex and instant love we get didn’t really do it for me.

Rating: C-


Wanted by Karin Tabke

Favorite Quote: Colin raced down the stairs to get dressed. The captain called after him. “Did you put a GPS in her with your dick? Otherwise, only pure luck will help you find her.

Undercover cop Colin Daniel loves sex and women. Working for FIST, or the Federal Investigative Strike Team, he works on a task force that goes after the crime families in the big cities. Because of his job, he doesn’t do commitment – but that is fine by him. His current assignment is to fly out to California and find Sophia Gilletti. She has run from her mafia husband after suffering extensive abuse. FIST wants her brought in to testify against him, and in return will give her protective custody. But first they need to find her and bring her back to New York. Colin must go in very quietly as to not alert the other mafia members that are also hunting her. Her soon to be ex husband is a very dangerous man and will do everything to get Sophia back in his grip.

I really enjoyed this story. Colin is so cocky in his job – and okay, he is totally cocky when it comes to women too – but it really works well in this story. He also comes across as humorous and warm. He actually went to high school with Sophia, and they spent a passionate night together where Sophia lost her virginity. But then he moved onto his career, and Sophia was basically sold into the mob, and they lost touch. They both think the other one doesn’t remember who they are for a lot of the story . But that burning passion is still between them.

Sophia is a tough cookie – and is a nice match for Colin. This story is a little lighter on the sex scenes, but works because Colin probably shouldn’t be sleeping with the woman assigned to him on a case. Plus she has gone through so much with her husband, that she isn’t in the best place. Even though this is a short story, their romance develops nicely.

My favorite part are the fun car chases, and crazy gun battles. Plus there is humor. When I read the very last page at first I wanted to roll my eyes, but then I just started laughing. There is a corny moment, but is cute and works in the story. This is the first I’ve read of Karin Tabke but I’ll be looking for more from her.

Rating: B


Taking the Heat by Sylvia Day

Favorite Quote: “Ignore that,” he said.

Instead, she rolled her hips, stroking herself with the hard length of his cock.With her lips to his skin, she whispered, “It’s too big to ignore.”


US Marshall Brian Simmons was in love with his best friend’s sister. But his job is demanding and he craves the adrenaline that comes with it, so their relationship didn’t last. Now five years later, he is fighting for her life.

Layla Creed got accidentally involved with the Mexican cartel, and ended up in the Witness Protection Program. Now her cover is blown, and her life is in danger. Brian needs to get her to San Diego, but he doesn’t trust anyone. So he goes rogue, risking his career, but having a second chance with Layla.

This story has a little less suspense in it, and it is more heavily focused on the sex. But I think the sex scenes in this one are my favorite. Brian and Layla have had a past relationship, so falling back in love is easy for them to do. They think they only have three days together, until Layla will be placed back into the Witness Protection Program, so their romance is intense and heavy. They are on the run throughout the book, but the bad guys don’t come into play as much as the previous two stories. But that was okay with me because I really liked these two in bed. Or in the shower. Or up against the wall.

The ending felt rushed – I’m not sure why they always have to end with a marriage proposal rather than just in love, but otherwise this is a very hot read.

Rating: B

Overall, while disappointed in the first story, the last two are quite strong. This is a fun book to just escape in for awhile with some crazy suspense scenes and steamy hot romance.

Overall Rating: C+

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  1. Helyce says

    Hey Mandi, I was anxious to see what you thought of this one. I’ve read Banks and Tabke, but not Day. Where they all just stand alones? Not part of any ongoing series?

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