Smexy’s Top Ten–October 7th

10. My Week – I decorated for Halloween! Are we getting ready? Do all the kids have costumes picked out? I have a seven year old who is obsessed with scary things and a five year old who cries if there is a mean looking pumpkin. I can’t win. I did buy a plastic hand that crawls across the floor. I may have scarred my five year old for life. We’ll see.

9. Fun news! USA Today has started a romance blog, Happy Ever After. It went live yesterday afternoon. I was asked to be a part of it and I couldn’t be more excited. Joyce Lamb is in charge and there is a great group of authors and readers that will be contributing. (Including Lea and Mary G – who doesn’t blog but comments here often!). I’ll mostly be writing book reviews and I’ll be able to post them to Smexy as well which will help me out – since I don’t think I could add any more books to my schedule as it is:) And at Smexy I’m still able to include my naughty quotes and words, which I must do!

My first review for Animal Attraction by Jill Shalvis is up. So go check it out!


A Perfect Storm8. Damn, Lori Foster gets some hot covers. A Perfect Storm, book four in her Men that Walk the Edge of Honor series, comes out in April. Blurb:

Spencer Lark already knows too many secrets about Arizona Storm, including the nightmare she survived and her resulting trust issues. But in order to expose a smuggling ring—and continue avenging his own tragic past—the bounty hunter reluctantly agrees to make Arizona a decoy. Yet nothing has equipped him for her hypnotic blend of fragility and bravery, or for the protective instincts she stirs in him.

Arizona wants to reclaim her life, which means acting as bait to lure the enemy into a trap. Sure it’s dangerous, especially with a partner as distractingly appealing as Spencer. But as their plan—and their chemistry—shifts into high gear, Arizona may discover there’s an even greater risk in surrendering her heart to a hero…


Lothaire (Immortals After Dark, #12)7. Kresley Cole has just released the back cover blurb for Lothaire, which I think is my next most anticipated release. (followed by Lover Reborn). I’ve been dying for Lothaire’s book since I read Dreams of a Dark Warrior. Here is the blurb (from her facebook page):


Driven by his insatiable need for revenge, Lothaire, the Lore’s most ruthless vampire, plots to seize the Horde’s crown. But bloodlust and torture have left him on the brink of madness—until he finds Elizabeth Peirce, the key to his victory. He captures the unique young mortal, intending to offer up her very soul in exchange for power, yet Elizabeth soothes his tormented mind and awakens within him emotions Lothaire believed he could no longer experience.


Growing up in desperate poverty, Ellie Peirce yearned for a better life, never imagining she’d be convicted of murder—or that an evil immortal would abduct her from death row. But Lothaire is no savior, as he himself plans to sacrifice Ellie in one month’s time. And yet the vampire seems to ache for her touch, showering her with wealth and sexual pleasure. In a bid to save her soul, Ellie surrenders her body to the wicked vampire, while vowing to protect her heart.


Elizabeth tempts Lothaire beyond reason, as only his fated mate could. As the month draws to a close, he must choose between a millennia-old blood vendetta and his irresistible prisoner. Will Lothaire succumb to the miseries of his past . . . or risk everything for a future with her?

Zomg…the heroine is on death row!!! I’m so excited. I think the way Cole writes this paranormal world is so unique…and witty. Although not every book in this series is a favorite, overall I highly recommend them. Is it January yet?????


6. One last cover alert! If I Fall by Kate Noble. I love yellow on covers. And I love this author. She writes very sweet historical romances. Link to her books. Another one I can’t wait for! Out in April.


5. A couple of book deals I’ve found this week:

The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms by N.K. Jemison, Fantasy is $2.99 Kindle, Nook

Cover Me by Catherine Mann, Romantic Suspense is $.89 Kindle

Wickedly Charming by Kristine Grayson, Paranormal Romance is free Kindle, Nook

This Fierce Splendor by Iris Johansen, A Loveswept Historical, is $1.99 Kindle, Nook

And as always, Dear Author has a weekly $2.99 and under round up HERE.


Pie Pops 34. Pie Pops. Are they not the cutest thing ever? I’ve done cake pops (okay, my mom has done cake pops – but I’ve eaten them. Does that count?) But Pie Pops – they just scream fall! And I love pie so much more than cake. Found at Full Fork Ahead.


3. I’m obsessed with the show, Arrested Development, which went off the air several years ago. Since then, there have been rumors that there will be a movie. Now confirmed – they are bringing the show back for ten episodes, which will then lead into a movie in theaters. Ahh!! This show makes me laugh like nothing else. Period. Plus my hubs quotes lines from the show at least a dozen times a day. Every day. It’s a good thing I think they are funny. ;) I leave you with their chicken dances.


2. Okay – so I’ve seen the word “Gandy” tweeted about often, but I didn’t know what (or who) it was. Then I found out he was a male model – David Gandy but didn’t google him as I should have. This week, Thea Harrison mentioned him in her guest post, so I started doing a little google image search. Sweet mama. Smexy and Gandy need some time to get to know each other. *waggles eyebrows* Check out this tumblr too.

You know you are hot when you look so very fine in undies and a furry hat.

I think he will be added to the side bar, stat. (And yes I know I’m SO very late to him)

1. Weekend – We are taking the boys to the Maryland State Renaissance Festival. We go every year and it is a lot of fun! I’m also reading Scandalous Desires by Elizabeth Hoyt. Her Maiden Lane series is so good!

Happy Friday!!


  1. says

    We’re all so happy to hear your good news. I’m sure Happy Ever After is going to be great (and even better with you a part of it.)

    As for Gandy (**sigh**)… you know he’s not afraid to show his dangly bits, right? And he is the prevailing favorite for a Barrons casting. Who cares if he can act?

    • Mandi says

      Someone MAY have sent me a picture of his dangly-bits last night. I can’t confirm this. *drool*

      A boy this pretty better not have any speaking lines. Just shush and pose. ;)

    • Mandi says

      OMG..I just fell out of my chair laughing because you are so right. MUST get his character out of my head and replace with sexy Lothaire.


      I will love him too.

  2. Tori says

    Oh Gandy. *swoon* He is so beautiful.

    I can’t WAIT for Lothaire’s book. Love a heroine on death row.

    I want some pie pops.

    Congrats on Happily Ever After gig. You totally deserve it. :)

  3. says

    LOL, yes, it does take a sexy man to make that look work. I think he pulls it off pretty well though!

    Yes, I need pie thingies. I love pie.

    And mmmm, sexy wet shirt with nipples showing. Happy friday to me!

  4. Marq says

    Gandy is so damn yummy!!! Who cares if you’re late to the game. At last you’re in the game! LOL!

    Congrats on the HEA gig on USAT.

    I love Halloween and do everything in my power to scare myself daily. My husband says I’m sick. What does he know?

    • Mandi says

      True – I’m game for Gandy. ;p

      I admit I don’t like to be scared. No idea where my 5 year old gets it from *ahem* :)

      ANd thanks!

  5. Ren Puspita says

    Bring it on Paul Marron!! Don’t care if he looks weird at that Lothaire cover =P
    BTW, why peoples just knowing about Gandy now? I know him a year ago and lusting over his D&G commercial ;-)

    • Mandi says

      Poor Paul Marron. This one might not be his best. BUT damn it – I need Lothaire’s book!!!

      I know – I have failed the Gandy lusting!!!

  6. says

    Holy Moly… I’m late to the Gandy train too, but DAMN I’m onboard now!!

    I love the new Foster cover. Soaking wet man? Yes please may I have another?!

  7. sooz says

    Enjoy the fair! I hear it is a fantastic time! I have the same dilemma with my twins. One likes the scary and the other freaks over the littlest thing. This year they reached a compromise. Instead of being Scream, she is going to be a Pokemon trainer…. sigh….

    • Mandi says

      LOL..yes you really can’t win! I think we are going to take my 7 yr old to a scary halloween thing at night and one of us will stay home with 5 yr old. Maybe one day they will reach a compromise :)

      The fair should be a good time!

  8. says

    *snickers* the hottie on the cover of A Perfect Storm has TTHOs. The rain must be cold.

    Gandy…yum. Of course, I’m late, but I’m so hopping on his train.

  9. says

    I never got over my fear of scary things though.
    Love love love that Lori Foster cover, a wet t shirt never looked that good! I am also looking forward to Lothaire, though I still don’t like the cover.

    I want a pie pop! Is some one going to sell those in Holland?

    Have a nice weekend Mandy and family.

    • Mandi says

      I’m totally a scaredy cat! LOL

      I think you should make the pie pops and start selling them over there ;) It could be a big business!

  10. says

    Gandy would be the perfect man to play Barrons!! RAWR! He is so freaking hawt!!!
    And check out that man candy on Lori Fosters book! Damn…I am all sweaty just looking at those photos.

    • Mandi says

      Do you think Gandy can be all dark and dangerous though? I can’t think about Barrons casting without getting nervous!!!

    • Mandi says

      ZOMG!! I love how the camera pans down to Gandy’s lower half on each shot…LOL.

      And Matt Gordon – he can snap his fingers at me anytime. He looks kind of Emo..I like emo.

  11. says

    It cracks me up how much you and I have in common when it comes to TV shows! Now that I have Netflix I can’t wait to watch old Arrested Development episodes…just have to finish Sons of Anarchy first.

    mmmmm Gandy.

  12. Mary G says

    I love your Top 10. BTW dibs on reviewing the Lori Foster book LOL!!!
    Just teasing – we’ll flip a coin, or bribe Joyce.. or something.

  13. says

    Congratulations on your newest venture!

    I hope the internet police don’t come knocking b/c after this post I *might* have googled “gandy naked”…purely for research of course. What a fine specimen of hot male goodness.

    I am so far behind in the Kresley Cole series. I need to catch up!

  14. says

    Congrats Mandi! I am so proud of all you do – you are a rockstar in my book!

    I really wish I would have kept up with my Reading Challenge for IAD! *hangs head*

  15. says

    I had this post bookmarked a while before but my PC crashed. I have since gotten a new one and it took me a while to come across this! I also really like the template though.

  16. says

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