Review: Baby It’s Cold Outside by Addison Fox

Baby It's Cold Outside (Alaskan Nights, #1)Baby It’s Cold Outside (Alaskan Nights #1) by Addison Fox
Contemporary Romance
November 1, 2011

Reviewed by Tori

Favorite Quote: “I want to start each new year with a kiss and I want to spend each and everyday of each and every one of those years kissing the man I love.“

New York socialite Sloan McKinley is tired of her mother’s constant attempts to marry her off so when her best friend, Grier, calls her from Alaska, Sloan decides that a change of scenery is just what she needs. When Sloan arrives, she realizes the trouble Grier has been having with claiming her inheritance and the town’s animosity towards her. Sloan decides that the only way to gain the towns acceptance is to become part of it so she makes it known she is planning a series of articles about the town and its annual Bachelor Auction. The Bachelor Auction was set up by the town matriarchs in order to marry off their grandsons. It has turned into a popular event that brings women from all over the US. When Sloan meets Walker Montgomery for the first time, she begins to think her stay in Indigo just started looking up.

Walker Montgomery, a ruggedly sexy man whose grandmother is one of the reigning matriarchs, has avoided the Bachelor Auction for years. A lawyer who was born and raised in Indigo, he and his cousins have refused to have anything to do with their grandmothers’ matchmaking attempts and like it that way. Walker has no urge to get hitched; he doesn’t believe in true love or happily ever after. His parents relationship has him fearing anything beyond a physical relationship. Meeting Sloan though has him rethinking his single status in more ways than one.

Baby It’s Cold Outside is a light hearted humorous romantic contemporary by Addison Fox. Set in the frozen tundra of Indigo, Alaska, this small town uses a contest to help the men in the town find true love. Or at least a nice warm snuggle partner for the cold winters. Eccentric characters, humorous dialogue, and silly situations will have you laughing and growling as our hero and heroine try to each figure out exactly what they want out of life and each other. I enjoyed the fact that we get both the hero’s and the heroine’s point of view in here. It makes it so much easier when your able to see what each person is really thinking and feeling about the same situation.

Sloan McKinley is self assured, funny, warm hearted person that takes no crap from anyone. She comes to Alaska to help her best friend Grier who is going through a rough time. She comfortable in her own skin and it shows as she jumps into the fray and defends Grier to the town with skill and vigor. Having spent most of her adult life on the receiving end of her mother’s marriage manipulations, she has no urge to get caught up in the town’s Bachelor Auction but when she is dared, Sloan is able to turn it into a business venture for herself. What I really liked about Sloan is she isn’t into games or deception. She has a wonderful gift of being able to look past the artifice and see the person behind the persona they show.

Walker Montgomery is the town’s premiere bachelor. Many a woman has tried to tie him down but he’s slippery. Some of the town’s speculations on why he doesn’t want to be married are funny.

“Maybe Walker’s just trying to come out of the closet.”

Walker isn’t gay or against marriage but he hates having his personal life put on display; especially during the towns annual Bachelor Auction. He refuses to have anything to do with it much to his grandmother’s dismay. Walker has some issues stemming from his parent’s marriage that have the thoughts of “forever” leaving him cold. When Sloan arrives in Indigo, Walker feels like he’s been hit with a 2X4 and Walker does what any other red blooded male does…he panics. She is everything and nothing he wants and he knows that pursuing her is wrong but he can’t help the pull he feels towards her.

The chemistry these two generate would melt a glacier. Their hot sexual banter reinforces the delicious tension that rolls off the pages.

“I refuse to be influenced by my subjects.”

Walker leaned down to press his lips against her ear as he settled his hands on her waist. “I can’t promise I won’t try to influence you.”

Her voice fell from her lips in a hushed whisper. “I wouldn’t be a very good reporter if I allowed myself to lose my objectively.”

“You can remain as impartial during the completion as you like Ms. McKinley. Just so long as you don’t remain impartial about this.”

With a tenderness that belied the crazy, raging need that gripped him, he pressed his mouth to hers and plundered.

These two dance, bicker, and play with each other through out the entire story; adding plenty of humor and steaminess. There is almost a role reversal with Sloan and Walker as she slowly learns to think more about what she wants and Walker learns to think more about what others want. There are multiple sub plots that branch out from the main storyline. We learn more about the other two grandsons and the woman who may or may not led them down the aisle. We also learn how the completion started and the main reason Walker is so against serious relationships. There are many hints towards various possible couples and look forward to reading more about them and seeing how it all works out.

I love the secondary characters we meet. Such an eclectic, eccentric group. From Chooch and Hooch to Bear and Skate-seems everyone has a nickname in this town. They are portrayed perfectly for small town residents. Nosy, gregarious, and truly caring about everything going on.

The contest is hilarious and I would have loved more in-depth descriptions on everything these woman have to do to get their “man”. My favorite character is Walker’s secretary Myrtle. We don’t hear much from her but what we do is hilarious. I also enjoyed meeting Avery and look forward to reading her story.

One thing that that bothered was Walker’s ways of dealing with his growing feelings for Sloan. He didn’t want to get involved with her but gets growly and jealous when other men come around her. So he initiates their interactions then pulls away and seems to blame her for the way he feels. He hurts and confuses her through out the book and I was ready to slap him by the end. He really pulls a whammy on her at the end and I thought she deserved much more grovelling.

His huge secret is also a bit of a let down. I can understand his hurt but his reactions over it were over the top.

Even with Walker’s mulishness, the story is still a treat to read. The ending comes at a nice pace; wrapping everything up nicely and giving us a sweet HEA and little epilogue. There is also a nice lead into the next in the series, Come Fly With Me, which is Grier’s story. Expected release in November 2, 2012. Readers who love lighthearted and romantic small town contemporaries will enjoy Addison Fox’s Baby It’s Cold Outside.

Overall Rating: B-

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