Review: Undone by Lila DiPasqua

Undone (Fiery Tales, #4)

Undone by Lila DiPasqua (Fiery Tales #4)
Erotic Historical Romance
April 23, 2012
Self Published

Reviewed by Mandi

I think I’ve read all of Lila DiPasqua’s previous books which are fun, erotic historicals based on fairy tales. In Undone, she plays off of the story of Rapunzel. Angelica is running from France, and her evil stepfather. Under the guise of a commoner, she takes shelter in a convent in the Republic of Genoa. She finds peace and contentment, and most of all security. No one will ever discover where she is. She finds joy in teaching orphans and becomes very good friends with a woman named Gabrielle.

When she hears of a villager nearby that is sick, she sneaks out to help them. While running back, she literally runs into a man. Picking herself up, she quickly detaches from him, and makes it back into the convent.

The man she hits is privateer Simon Boulenger. Simon is actually a commoner under the guise of an aristocrat. He has gathered a large fortune as a privateer, but he still isn’t a titled gentleman, nor an officer in the King’s Army. Obtaining something like that is very important to him. But he is tired and feels like he sends his men to die, just so Fouquet (The superintendent of Finance under King Louis) can become a richer man. He doesn’t want part of that anymore, and is trying to come up with a plan to extricate himself.

When Angelica runs into him, he decides he must hunt down the beauty that he quickly witnessed. He follows her back to the convent where he sees her getting hit by one of the nuns. Shocked, Simon grabs Angelica (who is unconscious) and her best friend Gabrielle, and takes them back to France with him. Obviously Angelica does not want to be in France, where the man she is running from lives. She also doesn’t want to be dragged around with Simon, refusing to tell him her real identity much to his frustration. But there is such a deep attraction between them, they soon start to discover each other’s secrets.

There is a lot that happens in Undone, but I don’t want to give too much away. Lila DiPasqua’s books have a very erotic tone.

Just like last eve, his unruly cock was fully alert to her presence.

When I read that sentence I knew we were in for some good smexy times. Who can dislike an unruly cock? Simon is a very horny guy. He has sex on his mind a lot. Maybe a little too much. His cock is bursting to get free and he often must walk around hiding his erection the best he can. He assumes, since Angelica has lived in a convent for the past ten years, that she is a virgin. Ah – but Angelica has secrets. So when they make it into the bedroom, and Simon realizes Angelica is not a virgin, there is drama. Drama that made me frown at Simon for awhile. He gets angry that she duped him into thinking she was a virgin. But I say – hold on there Simon. You are the one that took an unconscious woman from a convent. Was Angelica truly in harm’s way at the convent? Not really. She got slapped around a little for leaving unauthorized, which isn’t right but I wouldn’t say life threatening. When she wakes up, all decisions have been made for her. Simon refuses to let her go back to the convent. Partly because he doesn’t think she speaks his language, until he learns she does and then she might have heard secrets. Again, not Angelica’s fault. She is definitely attracted to him, but he controls everything about her. And becomes obsessed with learning everything about her. Many times I asked why? Why does Simon care so much? I felt his reasons for first taking Angelica from the convent, and then keeping her with him weak.

There are some good twists in this book in the second half. I enjoyed the final third of the book (although I do wish Fouquet had played a little bigger role). Simon’s unruly cock definitely has a lot of page time. Lila DiPasqua writes very sensual stories that are enjoyable to read. I definitely had some issues with Simon at the beginning, but in the second half of the book, the action picks up and I enjoyed the way the story turns out.  A nice erotic historical overall.

Rating: B-

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  1. Susan T says

    In answer to Lila’s question, my favorite tortured hero of late is Caden Grayson of ‘Hearts in Darkness’ (ebook) by Laura Kaye. He’s a heavily tatooed, pierced EMT still suffering the aftereffects of losing his brother years ago in a horrific car accident. In the story he’s claustrophopic and stuck in a an elevator for hours with a strange woman in the dark.

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