Smexy’s Top Ten–May 18th

10. Today’s Top Ten is brought to you by Tom Hardy, who is just bad-ass to the core. According to this research, women have ‘Ovulation Goggles’ that draw us to the bad boys. If it draws me to Tom Hardy, I don’t have a problem. (Thanks H&H for the post!) Who do your Ovulation Goggles draw you to?


Rapture (The Fallen Angels, #4)9. J.R. Ward released her cover for Rapture, book 4 in her Fallen Angel series. Ummm…where did our sexy fallen angel covers go? I’m not sure about this. I will say, I enjoyed the previous book, Envy much more than the first two, so I am looking forward to this one. But I say cover fail. Rapture releases September 25 (in hard cover)


Eternal Kiss of Darkness (Night Huntress World, #2)8. Eternal Kiss of Darkness, which is Mencheres’s book, is now $1.99 for Kindle. It is set in her Night Huntress world, but can be read as a stand alone. I liked this one. I’ve also read an arc of Once Burned (out next month), her upcoming book featuring Vlad (which will be at least a two book series) and it is really good. I think the past two Bones and Cat books have just been okay, but this one seems to really bring back what I love about this world.


7. I was talking about Blacksmith heroes on Twitter yesterday and found this book. Blurb:

Bea McIntyre fell for an old scheme and ended up the mistress—or actually, the sex slave—of a dissolute rancher named Murdock. Escaping in the middle of the night with only a few small treasures, she has no real plan except to get away.

When her mare bruises a hoof, Bea winds up at the blacksmith shop of Angus O’Toole. All she can offer him for his help is herself, but he seems to be satisfied with that bargain.

When Murdock sends his hired guns after her, things get dicey. But Bea is no hothouse flower. Between her and Angus, they heat up the days and nights, yet will they also triumph over the black hats?

Damn, I hate it when I fall for that darn sex slave scheme! I think I have to read this one. It’s not on Goodreads and has no ratings on Amazon, so it might be a stinker. But it might be a fun stinker. We shall see.


Alpha Showdown 2012 at Vampire Book Club6. Vampire Book Club is hosting another Alpha Showdown. They pit 16 alphas (both male and female) against each other and we get to vote for who we think is the most bad ass. This year, I’m championing Dmitri from Archangel’s Blade by Nalini Singh. Why you should vote for him:

Dmitri will kill all of your enemies then make nasty, dirty love to you all while smelling like chocolate and champagne

Nothing can beat that.

I have a lot of fun doing this and I can’t thank Chelsea enough for inviting me! Go vote and have fun!


'Magic Mike': Behind the Scenes at the EW Photo Shoot!5. Just in case you needed another dose of Magic Mike Promo. I WILL talk about this movie until it releases in late June. Can I just hop in the middle of that group? And because I’m now obsessed with Channing Tatum, I rented The Vow a few days ago. Horrible movie, BUT, we get to see Channing’s butt for a good three seconds. Totally worth the rental fee. What?

I NEED to have that job!

*Bites lip* Oh Channing.



4.Have you seen the SNL skit about Fifty Shades of Grey? Take a look, it will make you laugh.


3. Do you like men with beards? (of course you do!) Do you like kittens? 30 cute bearded boys with cats. You are welcome.


2. I can’t let these new ‘Assbender’ pics from this June’s GQ  pass by without posting them. Excuse my unbuttoned pants above. Fassy and I were having a moment.



See all eight pics HERE.

Armed & Dangerous (Cut & Run, #5)1. This weekend I will be reading Armed & Dangerous by Abigail Roux! Finally! So excited for this one. I’ll have a review up next week. Have a great Friday everyone!


  1. Lege Artis says

    ::doing happy dance for new dose of Ty and Zane::
    Oh, something else happened this week…? ;)

  2. ClaudiaGC says

    Did you not have your legs around Joe M recently? Now Fassy? *tsk tsk* Next it will be Tom Hardy. :D
    Thanks for another funny Top Ten!

  3. helyce says

    Such a fun Top Ten! What the heck are you googling to find site like bearded dudes and cats? Though, I was a bit partial to #2,#22, and #26, kind of… Can’t wait for Magic Mike-already secured a date with my BFF! Great shot of you and Fassy! *smirk* SNL vid-hilarious. E.L. James will be a millionaire if she isn’t already!!!

    Ty & Zane Oh. My. Freaking. God. LOVE! I don’t know how I even put it down to check out the Top Ten!

  4. Selena Mc says

    Great Top Ten…as usual!! I loved that SNL bit when I watched it live 2 weeks ago. It made me LMAO! My boyfriend, however, did NOT find it funny. He looked at me & said “See, I knew that’s what you & your friends were doing with those smut books you read!” Lol!!

    I can’t wait to see Magic Mike!! Sooo excited :) Rawr!!

  5. Amanda says

    My 15 year old niece had me rent The Vow to watch with her this weekend. I had been dreading it but hearing about those 3 seconds cheered me up a little.

    Thanks for sharing that SNL skit, that was a good one

  6. Lexi says

    Oh how I love the top ten. And hello, what is this Magic Mike that I have been missing! I need to go look this up!

  7. says

    I’m sorry but all my pretty boy looking is taken up by King Henrik. Seriously, the man is gorgeous. Hockey players have some sick bodies. Sick.


    Oh, I’m sorry. Am I supposed to be thinking of anything else? It’s Stanley Cup. I have no other thoughts. Oh, wait. One more. Frost is epic awesome if you ask her for help with your essay.

  8. Artemis says

    Love the bad boys! Once I caught site of Bane in the upcoming Batman,I was more interested in him than the hero! Tom is playing Bane!

    Nothing better than scruff. I can do without the cats though. Been there done that, got the t shirt.

    Love the new trailer for Magic Mike but I wonder why we haven’t seen much of Joe.

    Need to peek at the June issue!!!!!

  9. says

    I have such ovulation goggles, though I do not agree with everything there. They would make great daddies? please, the bad guys would be great to practice making babies with, not to actually have them raise them ;)

  10. says

    Tatum is alone on the cover of EW and when you open it up, BAM hot man titty. Smexy I can bring the magazine with me to NOLA and give to you unless you bought your own, which I assume you have. ;)

  11. says

    I do like the cover for Rapture, but it does not fit the rest. I also liked the third book best. They keep getting better.
    The first Karen Marie Moning book has Adam Black in the guise of blacksmith, his pages in the book are sure droolworthy!
    Thanks for the hot pics Mandi.

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