Review: Rodeo Rebel by Debra Kayn

Rodeo Rebel (Sisters of McDougal Ranch, #4)

Rodeo Rebel by Debra Kayn
June 15, 2012
Contemporary Romance
Entangled Publishing

Reviewed by Mandi

When I read a romance book, I enjoy feeling fictionally attracted to the hero. In this book we have Cole. Now Cole lost his wife to a reckless accident years ago and he is now raising his seven year old daughter by himself. He is extremely cautious, as his wife’s death haunts him still. Which is why, when he becomes the new owner of Turner Grain Corporation, he decides to end the company’s sponsorship of bull rider Florentine.

Florentine loves to ride bulls. Her late father encouraged her to get into the profession, and now with just three more events, if she wins them she will qualify for the Professional Bull Riders circuit. Florentine is a tough chick who I liked. Being one of the only female riders, she has to take a lot of crap and sexual harassment from the male riders (it did seem like every male rider harassed her. I would think it wouldn’t be every single one). When Cole tells her he wants out of the sponsorship contract, Florentine adamantly refuses. She has worked too hard to get where she is for someone to just yank it all away. But before they can have it out, Florentine has a bad fall off a bull and lands in the hospital.

Cole got on my every last nerve. He is such a wimpy hero that there was nothing romantic about him. He has never met Florentine before, who has been taking care of herself for years on this circuit. Yet he immediately starts judging her.

“Give me five minutes, Reese, and I’d be happy to dance with you.”

“Great.” Reese dipped his chin and strutted away. Silence grew between Cole and Florentine as they concentrated on eating. Between bites, Cole glanced over at the group of young men. Reese had joined. They stood around the jukebox, elbowing each other. He shook his head. What was Florentine thinking? A woman alone shouldn’t put herself out there with people she didn’t know.

But she can go out to dinner with Cole? A man she just met that day? Cole is so judgmental and bitter towards Florentine for the risk she takes bull riding. After she gets hurt, he decides to take care of her (since she doesn’t want to alert her family). Being Stubborn, Florentine doesn’t want his help, but again he holds the sponsorship contract over her head. It is like he waltzes into her life and takes over. He decides what is best for her, what course of action she should take, without even trying to get to know her. As a romance hero, he did not work for me at all.

Cole’s daughter has a predictable moment towards the end of the book that made me role my eyes and I was disappointed with Florentine’s decision at the end. Otherwise, I liked her character, but never understood why she would fall for Cole.

Rating: D

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      • says

        Me too, actually. It’s not about a hot male cowboy. It’s a woman that’s literally kicking ass in a circuit full of hardships for a woman. I like a hot, pretty man but not at the expense of the woman’s achievements, which this books to be pretty be the whole plot.

  1. helyce says

    Hmmm, yes, I would have taken a second look at this book because of the cover for sure, but it’s a huge pet peeve of mine when the cover is so off from the story itself. Too bad it didn’t work for you Mandi!

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