New Karen Marie Moning News!

Yesterday, Karen Marie Moning hosted an online chat and gave us lots of good tidbits. I actually wasn’t home to read the chat, but my good friend Bells took excellent notes and posted a really informative post.

You can see it all HERE. Please note, there are spoilers.

Few things I find interesting:

We don’t know what Ryodan looks like yet. (I didn’t even realize!)

Jo has her own storyline going on and she will transform in her own way. (as long as it’s not with Ryodan. LOL – KMM has pretty much told us all to stop freaking out about it. )

Will Mac forgive Dani? KMM answers, would you? (oooh! What does that mean!?)

Dani will get older in the second book

KMM says:  There’s a reason Ryodan says "One day, kid you’ll be willing to mortgage your fucking soul for somebody." (KMM kills me. No really)

And KMM says: One last note about Ryodan: He will eclipse Barrons. Blot him right out of your soul’s sky. That’s the challenge I’ve set for myself as a writer. (Oh KMM. You are so bold!! I LOVE that she states this. Barrons is my #1 man – and she thinks Ryodan will eclipse him. Bring it on KMM!!)

There is MUCH more on Bell’s site. Again, check it out HERE.


  1. Marq says

    When I saw that on Bells recap (about Ryo eclipsing Barrons) I went – Aaargh! No way!!! Is that even possible? No one can eclipse Barrons IMO. But I’m willing to accept KMM’s challenge. Game on KMM. Game. On.

  2. Bells says

    Girrrrrrrlllll KMM is going to drive us crazy with the wait! I can’t wait to discover more about the characters and what’s going to happen. We need to know what’s going to happen with Ryodan and Dani. ;)

  3. Selena says

    She answered my question, but didn’t give an actual answer. Gotta love her evasive ass :) I seriously worship her!!

    -Selena Mc

  4. says

    She also stated that Mac knows Ro.
    So she knows how Ro was manipulative.
    So I think yes, she will end up forgiving Dani.
    I would eventually. ;)

  5. Krista says

    I’m glad that I’m not the only one who didn’t realize that there are no descriptions of Ryodan!

    As a huge Barron’s fan, I was a little offended that she wants to make him look like chump change next to Ryodan… but I can’t wait to see it happen ;) I get the feeling KMM is going to leave me sobbing and clinging to the book when it’s all over. People blame Disney movies for giving girls unrealistic expectations of love; I blame KMM.

    I loved that KMM said “Mac had all the love in the world but had no spine. Her story was about finding strength. Dani has all the strength in the world but has never known love. Her story is about discovering it.” Perfect description for the series :)

  6. jaymzangel says

    Those last two things scare the ever-living shit outta me! Well, pretty much just the next to last thing. To the Ryodan eclipsing Barrons thing I say: BRING IT! I don’t really think it’s possible but if anyone can do it, KMM can. Yeah, I’m scared =/

  7. bookster says

    Wow this is sooo much information!! oh YAY!! Now I feel like re-reading AGAIN :)

    oooh this is going to be a fantastic three books. but did we get some type of CONFIRMATION about Ryo/DAni? and why does it sound like she LIKES jo?? arghhghggh….

  8. bookster says

    side-note: at the very end of shadowfever when Mac is on the roof looking down at her parents she’s thinking of all the things that have changed after she arrived in Dublin. She thinks of finding Dani and not of killing her but of fighting NEXT to her. she says Alina would understand. So Mac being mad at Dani has never been a concern for me. The end of this book was not a cliffhanger in my eyes. FU$%^%$ Jo was the damn cliff hanger to me!! ;)

    • Krista says

      Exactly! Rowena admitted that she used her superpowers on Dani to make her kill Alina, so I didn’t get why people are so fired up by the ending.

  9. says

    I asked two questions- One was questioning why we didn’t know what Ryo looked like and the other was asking if we had to worry about one of the nine being kvrucked. You know how Christian was saying he knew about Barrons’ son?

    You saw her answer for what Ryo looks like but she never answered the kvrucked question and that makes me verrrra nervous.

  10. Ramona says

    I saw somewhere that KMM has, and I quote, “plans for Lor”. Isn’t that crazy exciting?! I cannot wait for the next book!!
    Any idea what it’s going to be called?

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