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We are happy to have debut author, Leigh Evans at Smexy today to talk about her upcoming December 24th release, The Trouble with Fate.

Leigh_authorshotWill you tell us about The Trouble With Fate?

Hedi Peacock’s life is simple—avoid the Weres and make enough money to keep her amulet and her 9/10′s batty aunt knee-deep in maple syrup. And that pretty much works, until the day the Alpha of Creemore kidnaps Lou, and Hedi is forced to steal another amulet to get her back. Only one wrinkle in the plan—that particular jewel hangs from the neck of the one Werewolf she promised never to forgive—Robson Trowbridge, a rogue werewolf who’s six feet of too-pretty-for-words.

I saw on your blog you just decided one day to write a book. Had you always wanted to write? What was the catalyst that pushed you to start writing this series?

I was worried that they’d have nothing interesting to write for my obituary.

Okay, a little backstory. Though I’d entertained short-lived thoughts of writing the Great Canadian Novel when I was younger, there always seemed to be something standing in my way. (Mostly obstacles that I rolled into my own path.)

Anyhow, for the longest time I was preoccupied with my job as Wife, Mother, Cook, Chauffeur. But, by the age of 50,the kids had flown the coop. It was knitting, and the garden, and whatever else I could do to fill the hours.

Cut to the Mom laying on the couch watching Oprah.

I’d seen the episode before. But even so, there I was. On the couch, watching Oprah. That’s when it occurred to me—I could spend the rest of my life laying on that couch, watching television, essentially waiting to die.

It was a powerful thought—and in some ways almost tempting. I could just let my life unwind. Retire into the background without a murmur.

Oh hell, no.

That’s the day I decided I’d write the book. No matter how lousy it was. And you know what? I think that last statement is almost as powerful as the ‘hell no.’ I gave myself the right to suck at writing. Words of wisdom? Don’t try to write THE book. Just try to write A book.

What type of research was involved in writing The Trouble With Fate? Do you base your characters on any real people you know?

It amuses me no end to read that I bravely upended everything readers knew about the Fae. You want to know the real deal on that?

Well, once I’d decided that Hedi was going have both Fae and Were blood, I hit google, looking for the lore. Oh, my. There were such a lot of myths. How would I ever keep track? Reading up on all that stuff could take six months. Okay, maybe not six months…six weeks…okay, maybe not that either, but definitely six days.

I sat there, filing my nails, thinking it over.

Meh. I’ll make it up.

So everything I write about the Fae or Were world is whatever happens to please me. Or fits the story. Or makes it easier for me to get to the next chapter.

Yes, I am that lazy.

And no, none of my characters are based on anyone I know.

How many books do you have planned for this series?

One + one + one + one = Four. That’s what they’ve contracted me for!

What do you love/hate about writing?

Hate: The large callus I have on the top of my left foot. I have the rotten tendency of folding one leg up and sitting on it while I write. And now? Friction from the seat of the chair has given me a callus on the top of my foot. It’s as rough as a rhino’s hide and about twice as ugly.

Love: When I know I’ve finally found that hook—it’s always a piece of truth that has eluded me—and now, the scene has come alive. I know it. I can feel the music in the scene, the string instruments building to a tension like a movement in a symphony.

Is there any particular playlist or group you listen to when you write?

I have a different playlist for each book. While I was writing The Trouble With Fate, Pink’s Fun House was practically on auto-play. Also, Johnny Lang, Ray LaMontagne, Chris Cornell, and Eddie Vedder. Occasionally a bit of Kid Rock too:-)

Is there anything more you’d like to say to our readers?

I’ll keep chipping away, tossing out words, until I hear the symphony play. Because I know you’re there, turning the pages, when you should be putting the book down. And really? I don’t want you to sleep…

Trouble with Fate

.The Trouble With Fate releases 12/24/12.

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    Thanks for the fun interview, the book certainly tempts me. I wish you good luck with it Leigh. And I do admire you for turning your life upside down and taking charge of it!

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