Review: Drive me Wild by Christine Warren


Drive me Wild by Christine Warren (The Others #7)
November 27, 2012
Paranormal Romance
St. Martins

Reviewed by Mandi

Earlier this year I read the previous book, On the Prowl which featured a marriage of convenience and a super alpha tiger shifter. I couldn’t resist and I ended up enjoying it. Drive me Wild features Rafael de Santos, the head of The Others council, and a very arrogant, alpha jaguar shifter. If you like snarly, possessive, arrogant alphas, this one will work well for you. Plus he is might sexy – a very good combination.

Rafael notices someone is tailing him one night, and can’t believe someone would be so stupid as to attempt this. (Did I mention arrogant?) He quickly reverses roles and pins the suspect up against the wall. To his surprise, it is a woman, and after he sniffs her out he realizes she is a witch.

Tess was instructed by her grandfather to deliver to a message to Rafael. It should have been a simple delivery, except Tess got curious and decided to follow Rafael to see where he was going. The witches council is a super secretive bunch, and both Tess and Rafael don’t know why her grandfather wants to meet with him.

Tess and Rafael give into their lust quickly in this book but it worked for me. The romance scenes in this book are very sexy indeed! Including elevator sex and up against the foyer table. Such naughtiness!

The plot unfolds nicely as Tess’s grandfather has secrets and there is also a curse long ago that Tess becomes part of and the whys and hows are revealed at the end.

This is a pretty quick read. Fun and sexy. A nice break from reality.

Rating: B

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