Review: My Nora by Holley Trent


My Nora by Holley Trent
November 26, 2012
Contemporary Romance
Crimson Romance

Reviewed by Mandi

Matt works at the local fishery and on his off-time still looks after his sister, who he took in when she was ten years old after their parents died in a car accident. Ten years later, his sister doesn’t need watching over, but they still look out for one another. Matt has a new neighbor, Nora. He is immediately attracted to her. Nora is from Baltimore but moved to the North Carolina country when she discovered a relative had a fixer-upper house that interested her. Nora is a successful painter, who has the opportunity to have some of her work displayed at a big gallery. Getting ready for the show has her very busy, and doesn’t leave much time for her big, sexy neighbor. But that doesn’t stop him from trying to seduce her.

I have mixed feelings about this book. I like this author’s voice in the sense that the book flows well and I think she does a nice job getting us to know the hero and heroine. The story itself though never fully developed for me. Nora is a very cold character. She is more of a loner/work-aholic who is coming out of a divorce and just not looking for a fling. She never warms up the entire book so it was hard to take a liking to her. I enjoyed Matt much more. He is just a normal guy who is smitten with a woman. I like the simplicity of that.

As I read, although the romance develops (slowly, but it does come around) the sexual tension is lacking. The build up to the romance is one of my favorite parts of a romance book, and it was hard to find that tension here. I think Nora not being receptive to Matt over and over was part of the problem. I also think the author fails to take an opportunity to really dive into some deeper emotional issues the story provides. She puts some big twists into the book that have great repercussions, yet we never get into the nitty gritty. It’s like – here is this big shocking thing but let’s scoot it aside and not really get into it. I It felt way too safe. I wanted a bigger emotional payoff from the romance and the drama in the story.

Rating: C

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