Review: Under the Mistletoe by Jill Shalvis


Under the Mistletoe by Jill Shalvis (Lucky Harbor #6.5)
Contemporary Romance
December 4, 2012
Grand Central

Reviewed by Mandi

I really enjoy the Lucky Harbor world Jill Shalvis has created. Under the Mistletoe is a short novella (and my copy from NetGalley ended at the 67% mark) featuring Mia, who is Ford and Tara’s biological daughter. We learn in Ford’s book that they gave the baby up, as they got pregnant quite young. In their book they are happily reunited with Mia.

Under the Mistletoe starts years later as Mia is 23 and has been happily dating Nick for six months. They are at a bit of a crossroads, both ready to start their careers and both ready to say I love you. Just not sure how to mix them together to make things work. Mia invites Nick to Lucky Harbor for a wedding, but Nick freaks out and can’t go. Nick is adopted as well, although he doesn’t have the kind family, both adopted and biological that Mia has. But Nick comes to his senses and surprises Mia in Lucky Harbor, and their romance is cemented.

We quickly revisit Jax, Ford and Sawyer along with their heroines which I enjoyed. My main nitpick of this story is that Mia is fawned over – again and again. Things like – “Baby, you’re so lovable you don’t have to worry about it.” Or Carlos, Mia’s ex, who is now in love with someone else but soooo protective over Mia. It’s like Mia could do absolutely no wrong, and all the boys have to get in line to make her happy. I really liked Mia in The Sweetest Thing, and her actions in this book are fine. It’s how everyone else treated her that got annoying. What about Nick? He is the one with the crappy family and no one who really cares about him. But we don’t get his story really. It’s all Mia’s story. I needed a lot more from Nick.

As I said, it’s super short and has cute moments. But overall a bit disappointed.

Rating: C

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  1. May says

    Great review- sorry this one disappointed. I couldn’t get into the first lucky harbor book and I never tried others. Might have to revisit that!!

  2. Tabitha says

    If only I had read your review before I purchased the book. The content was far too short for the price. I think $0.99 would’ve worked better considering almost half of it were promo/excerpts from other books.

  3. says

    I so hate it when you think there are plenty more pages, and the book ends. With promo in the back, or other stuff I am not interested in.
    Still, this series is on my wishlist and will one day be read.

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