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Hero: Rafael De Santos. Leader of the Council of the Others. Jaguar shifter. Alpha. Arrogant. And damn sexy.

Heroine: Tess Menzies. A witch who is instructed to deliver a message to Rafael, a message he doesn’t take a liking to. He also refuses to let her go without rubbing his…whiskers…all over her. Tess can’t deny him for long.

After they have elevator sex…..

“Stay with me, damn it. I’m not done with you yet.”

He got no answer, but he didn’t think she was capable of one. Growling, he peeled her off the wall and carried her through the doorway into his entrance hall. He kicked the door closed behind them with no care for the resounding crash. He looked down at her, saw her eyes drifting shut again, and roared in frustration. Damn it, she could not fall asleep on him now. Fuck the bedroom, He needed to get inside her in the next fifteen seconds before she drove him over the edge. His head jerked up and he looked around him for one frantic moment before he saw his opportunity.

She gasped, her eyes flying open when she heard glass shattering on the gleaming parquet floor. He saw sleepiness evaporate and grunted in satisfaction, causing another crash of debris as he swept his arm across the surface of the inlaid art deco console table in the middle of his entry hall. He saw her look around, take in the gleam of the mirror behind the table, the smashed vase of tulips, the puddle of water, and the litter of broken pottery, and dented silver at their feet. Then her gaze flew back to his and her eyes widened.

“Rafe,” she began, looking uneasy and hesitant, and he snarled again.

“Now, Tess. I’ll have you now.”

He set her down on the edge of the table and pushed her backward, stripping off her jacket and sweater as she went. He heard her gasp at the impact of cool wood against her suddenly bare back, but he didn’t care. He wanted her bare to him, and he intended to have her that way.

He followed her down, leaning over her and setting his teeth to the narrow spot that joined the cups of her bra. He sliced through it and the lacy fabric fell away, exposing her nipples to his avid mouth. He latched on immediately, curling his tongue around the hard little point and tugging it into his mouth to suck hard. He heard her cry out, felt her hands bury themselves in his hair, and he grunted in satisfaction. She tasted like spice and warm cream, and he wanted to lap her up until he lacked the strength to lick his whiskers.

“Rafe! God, how do you do this to me?”

Drive me Wild by Christine Warren – GoodreadsAmazonB&N

I enjoyed this one. Rafe is a fun, super alpha and arrogant shifter. I’ll be reviewing it soon.

(After poking around on Goodreads I noticed this is a reprint of a book called Fur For All published with Ellora’s Cave long ago. I actually think this entire series is rereleased. Just FYI in case you’ve read it under the other name! Go here for more info. )


  1. Helyce says

    I like this series. Need to catch up! Thanks for the link. Though, I have to say I just hate the whole re-release thing. I think I’ve bought two or three books that were re-released and I only realized as I started reading them that I had already read. New covers are sneaky ways for publishers to re-sell old books. Now, I check the copyright immediately. This one step has saved me some money!

  2. Karen C says

    While I’ve seen Christine’s books before, I haven’t read any yet. Drive Me Wild sounds really good. Thanks for the heads up about re-issues under different names. I did go to her website and have found lots new books to read.

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