Smex Scene Sunday

Hero: Hunter Stephens. An audio book voice coach.  He’s sexy, independent, and blind.

Hero: Dillon Chambers. A high priced escort whom Hunter picks up for a night of debauchery only to find himself unwilling and unable to let go in the morning. He wants to see more of Hunter, but on his own terms.

This scene takes place after Dillon returns the money Hunter paid him for their one night stand.

He pushed Hunter’s t-shirt up, slipped his hands around Hunter’s waist, and fell upon his chest, chewing on Hunter’s tender nipples the moment they were in his mouth.

Hunter could only groan and arch up to Dillon’s hot mouth as he slammed his hands back to the bed and gripped the sheets on either side of him. He could smell the cigarettes in Dillon’s hair and suddenly he wanted to ride Dillon’s cock while he smoked one. He wanted to drag Dillon back to the couch naked as hell, straddle him, and lick Dillon’s chest while Dillon smoked one of those filthy cigarettes in his house and rammed that big circumcised cock up his ass.
Dillon pulled off of Hunter’s chest in a slow, succulent suck that puckered out the nipple he had in his mouth, and dropped his hands down to Hunter’s pants, tugging at the buttons on Hunter’s jeans like a cat pawing at a birdcage. Neither of them could get their clothing off fast enough, no matter how hard they tried.
“Want you,” Dillon panted as he reached down and stripped Hunter’s pants and jockeys off.

Hunter pulled his t-shirt over his head and heard the buttons on Dillon’s shirt pop off into the room as he reached forward and ripped the remainder of Dillon’s shirt from his chest. He heard Dillon’s shoes thud and then Dillon’s belt jingle before his pants dropped to join everything else. Dillon was crawling over him a quick moment later. The tip of his cock leaving a trail as Dillon crawled back up to meet Hunter’s mouth.

“How the fuck are you doing this to me?” Dillon demanded; the husky ache of his voice making Hunter wet with the strength of his need.

“You smell like prison,” Hunter whispered as he slipped his arms around Dillon’s waist and pulled his firm, round ass to him. And he did, Dillon smelled masculine and hot and scary and scarred all rolled into one. He smelled of feet and armpits and ball sweat and Hunter wanted to taste every single one of those flavors. He wanted to mingle with them and fuck in a sweaty, senseless lust.

Dillon drew back and paused for a moment at Hunter’s choice of words, but then dove at his mouth again, his tongue deep in Hunter’s throat, his lips hard and unforgiving, like he wanted to taste those words over and over. You smell like prison.

Hunter pushed him back just enough so he could speak. “Fuck me,” he commanded again.


Afflicted by Brandon Shire-– Goodreads – Amazon – B&N

An enjoyable sexy m/m that deals with two wary men who want a life with each other but aren’t sure if either of them are really ready for all it entails.

The continuing story of Hunter and Dillon’s relationship-Afflicted II-is available now.


  1. Vi Dao says

    Is this a duology? If not, how many books are to come? I really dislike starting a new series, especially when there might be cliffhangers.

    • says

      I believe its a duology but Shire could make it a trilogy. The authors website doesn’t say but it doesn’t have a long standing series feel to it. Plus it’s a fast read.

  2. Marina says

    I’ve heard a lot of peeps talking about these books and like the weak person that I am I’ve already added them to my TBR list!

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