Smexy’s Top Ten–December 7th


10. Palm tree or……Happenis?

(thanks Kate for the pic)

9. Lauren Dane had some announcements this week. First, she is going to have a  new series for Berkley called Ink and Chrome.  In her words, “Ink and Chrome is set in a motorcycle and hot rod shop called Twisted Steel, set in Seattle. The first book is The Long Haul (tentative)” Doesn’t come out until 2014, but still. I’m excited.

The second announcement from her is that she is one of the launch authors for the new Red Hot Reads series coming from Harlequin and Cosmopolitan. From this article:

The snappy eBooks will all be about 30,000 words apiece.

Starting in May, the series will release two original eBooks by Harlequin authors every month. They will feature “modern young women living the free-spirited and outgoing lifestyle espoused by the international magazine.”

Lauren Dane’s story will be called Cake and come out in May.



8. The Spindle Cove series by Tessa Dare is on sale. Y’all – I love this series. They can be read as stand alones. A Lady by Midnight is one of my top reads of this year. I demand you all read it. *wink*

A Night to Surrender – Kindle l Nook
A Week to be Wicked – Kindle l Nook
A Lady by Midnight – Kindle l Nook

Also found this tidbit on Goodreads – the next Spindle Cove book coming this May, titled Any Duchess Will Do will feature a new hero and the heroine is Pauline who is the serving girl at Bull and Blossom’s. Excited.

beckscoffee7. David Beckham went to Starbucks and his Barista wrote “Champion” on his cup. Let’s get real people. If we were a Barista at Starbucks, and Becks ordered a coffee, I believe a pervier word would come to mind to write on his cup. Yes? We would let our immature perviness shine through.

What would we write? “Hump Me.” “Drink This Naked.” “You Have an Attractive Bulge.” ???

6. My friend Claudia on Twitter shared with me this post on Oh No They Didn’t. It’s NSFW, titled 2012 the Year of the Penis. Of course the Hammaconda leads it off. If you scroll way down into the comments, there are some more pics. Just sayin’. Y’all know you are going to look. Don’t front.

What will 2013 be? The Chinese Calendar says 2013 is the year of the snake. Does this mean the Peen theme keeps going? Should we focus somewhere else?


riggins15. So this is it. I have one – ONE – episode of Friday Night Lights left. I started watching this show a month or two ago and it has become one of my all time favorite shows. Coach Taylor (oh those green eyes). Tami Taylor. RIGGINS!!! (Texas Forever). It’s so well written and so well acted. Coach and Tami’s marriage is so well done. The angst. Oh the angst. I just adore it. Sophia has glommed it recently and wrote up her thoughts this week. She actually thinks Riggins is hers. HA! FNL is streaming on Amazon Prime (maybe Netflix too?). Definitely recommend!!

4. Speaking of TV – first of all, The Walking Dead has entered its mid-season break. I just need to say – the Governor is gross and I can’t believe Andrea is with him *shudder* Also, Michonne is my favorite character!! Love her.


Saul, my one true love.

Any Homeland fans out there? I’m so obsessed with this show I can barely stand it. My only complaint – well I have two. First – Carrie. Why is it every episode in season two I end up screaming at her for being so stupid at some point? Like her running into the warehouse with the pipe at the end of last episode. Really Carrie? And Brody’s daughter. I want to shave her eyebrows off. Is that wrong?

I’m also in love with Quinn/Rupert Friend. Just sayin’.

And if anything happens to Saul, I won’t  be responsible for my actions.

3. Ten shirtless scenes from Vampire Diaries. You are welcome.

photo (92)2. So this is the first year we are doing the whole Elf on a Shelf thing. The story behind the elf is that he watches over you and reports back to Santa. Every night he moves to a new location. Which means every night, I forget to move the damn elf and find myself sprinting down the hallway in the morning before my kids discover that the elf hasn’t moved. This is exhausting! Who thought of this evil thing?!


I’m going to make these Melted Snowman Cookies next week. I think they are so cute!! Recipe is here.


wineadvent1. A Wine Advent Calendar. *head explodes*  (Thanks Nicole!)

Happy Friday!! Have a great weekend *cheers*


  1. says

    “Drink this naked”. Yes, that is what I would put on Becks cup. HE HE.

    I want to make those cookies. Actually, I just want to have YOU make those cookies and I will take all the credit. Get on that Mandi.

    I’m still healing from the season finale of season 4 of Friday Night Lights. I need some time. I need a hug from Coach. And Tim Riggins. At the same time. I feel dizzy…and hot.

  2. Lege Artis says

    Homeland obsessed here!
    FNL- we’ll miss those guys… Taylor Kitsch- nom nom! Canada sure knows how to make them gorgeous…

  3. says

    The Elf. My son cleverly named him Elfy about 2 years ago. I got a talking to Tuesday because Elfy was hanging from the ceiling fan string. My kids swore than Elfy was not able to breath. It was all they talked about for days. Elfy will not be visiting the fan string again.

  4. says

    #7? That would be my phone number. The fab Mr. Flynn would understand. Of course, I think Vicki would kick my ass.

    Also, that advent calendar is soooooo much better than the chocolate one we have that has two 16s and no 12. Hey, it was on sale!

  5. ClaudiaGC says

    I would have asked Becks if he wants to do a jersey exchange. :P

    The gif-peen collection is pretty amazing. I might have had a look at them again today. I didn’t need the gif of Hulk Hogan though. *shudder*

    I have already *cough*three*cough* calenders this year but the wine one looks awesome, too. You could get drunk every day till Santa arrives. Not bad!

  6. says

    I blame you for getting me hooked on FNL. But I am very happy about it because it’s so damn good. I don’t even fast forward through the theme song – I love the show that much. And yes, it’s on Netflix streaming. I can’t wait to start Homeland.

    Is it just me or did that barista spell Champion wrong?

  7. Angela says

    I have got to stop reading your Top Ten posts at work. I want to open the 2012 year of the penis link soooooo badddddd…..

  8. says

    Equally obsessed with Homeland and gave serious thought to throwing something at the TV when Carrie did that. Almost like watching the half naked chick go into the creepy basement to “investigate a mysterious sound” in a horror movie.Please.

    Hate the wait for more Walking Dead but will try to console myself with Spartacus next month :-)

  9. Helyce says

    “Champeen” awesomely brilliant!

    Those cookies are darling, but seem like a lot of work! You’ll have to tell me how it goes.

    Best Advent calendar EVER!

  10. Ferishia says

    I TOTALLY would write champion on Beckham’s cup! But I’m thinking of another kind of cup. :P

    I was under the impression Vamp Diaries was a tween/teen show. I might have to start watching tv again. Lol

    Elf on the shelf sounds totally fun! I don’t have kids though, unless you count my husband. Haha :)

  11. says

    *gasp* you’re not seriously going to eat poor little melted snowmen? Mandi, that’s evil. So evil I may have to take Saul hostage until this festive madness passes. What happens to him is up to you. I’m on bake alert!

  12. bookster says

    This is the second year that damn elf is in my house and you should see how many days he hides SOOOOO well we simply can’t find him ;)

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