WALLBANGER’S 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway from Alice Clayton

Smexybooks is pleased to welcome the always funny, never shy, Alice Clayton to celebrate her new release, Wallbanger.

Welcome to the 1st Day of the 12 Days of Wallbanger! Each day will feature a different gift, most of them themed right out of the book. Le’ts get banging!

I loves me some apple pie. I loves me some baking. I loves me some smexy times. Put ’em together…you’ve got Wallbanger.

I bake apple pies all year round, and this time of year especially. I started making my own pie crust about 10 years ago, and while it used to scare me to death now I could never NOT do it! The key to any pastry is the colder the better, chill your ingredients, use ice cold water, and if you have a marble board to roll out your dough on, even better. I have tested lots of different pie crust recipes, but my favorite it still Martha Stewart’s Pate Brisee.

All butter, all amazing. I have made this by hand with a pastry cutter, and now I use my food processor, makes it soooo much faster. But either will work. If you don’t have a pastry cutter, you can use a fork!

My apple pie filling is a little harder to pin down, but I do have the recipe for 1 lucky winner, along with my favorite Emile Henry deep dish pie pan. Here’s hoping you have a Wallbanger following you around your kitchen too.

Come see us tomorrow over on girlsinthestacks.com for Day 2 of 12 Days of Wallbanger! And follow us on twitter, look for #12DaysofWallbanger


Alice is giving away, to one lucky winner, a copy of Wallbanger in any digital format, a copy of her Redhead series (2 ebooks) in any digital format, a copy of Alice’s famous Apple Pie recipe AND a baking pan in which to make it!

To enter, just leave a comment. Contest open to USA only. Open thru December 16th.



**UPDATE: Winner Has been chosen and will be announced tomorrow. Thank you everyone who has entered. **


  1. Rebe says

    Wow, this sounds so yummy!!! I’ll have to try the recipe out, although I’m not holding out much hope. I’m a terrible cook, lol!

  2. Justine says

    Catering orders from Bertucci’s, an Italian restaurant chain on the East coast, include a big bagful of individually wrapped butter packets with their bread rolls. Since the butter packets never get used up and clutter up the work fridge, I bring them home and bake with them. If I freeze them, I already have pre-measured, pre-cut cold butter cubes for pastry. No co-workers have complained about me hoarding the butter packets because they’re too busy eating the baked goods I bring in! :)

  3. Tiffany M says

    What a fun giveaway! I’ve never made a pie before. I am hearing really good things about your book & look forward to reading it.

  4. Maria Malaveci says

    Thanks so much for this amazing giveaway! I am an amazing baker! I would make an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G pie!


  5. Cathy Adam says

    not a big fan of Apple Pie, I know it’s un American I can’t eat cooked apples, but I love me some wall banging

  6. Lisa Hutson says

    Only interested in the pie recipe! (just kidding) I WANT this book!! LOL Read about a million great reviews on it. :-)

  7. Desiress says

    Read the book and loved it! Woke my husband up at 1:30 am screaming Meow and shaking the bed from laughing so hard!

  8. Kristin says

    I LOVED Wallbanger!! I can’t remember being so happy while reading a book!! And truth be told I may have even shed a tear in a certain part. It has become my one of my favorite books!! And Simon…SIGH!!! Looking forward to reading your other books!!

  9. Tara (50sFavFan) says

    I love Redhead! I love Wallbanger! I love you! Keep up the awesome work! Waiting (not so patiently) for Redhead #3!

  10. Nicole says

    Ohhhh!!!! I want!!! Long time fan, discovered you through fanfiction and have adored your work since the first read!! perfect mix of sexy and comedy and now with the cooking!!! must have the recipes so we can make it for our next #wallbanger ladies night!!!

  11. Angela3 says

    Wallbanger was hilarious!! Love your style of writing. It had me in stitches! Ready to start the Red Headed series!!

  12. Tammy Hanson says

    I loved this book and I can’t wait to read Alice’s other books! I laughed out loud and couldn’t put the book down! One of my all time favorites.

  13. Keslynn says

    Reading about apple pie recipes is making me really hungry! The book looks really tasty too.

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  14. Maggie says

    Wallbanger has quickly become one of my favorite books, and Alice a favorite author! Can’t wait to read the Redhead series.

  15. June M. says

    From everything I have seen of WALLBANGERS, it looks like it will be a great, sexy read. I have definitely put it on my must buy list!

  16. pc says

    Book looks like a steamy read and just reading about the recipe makes me crave apple pie!
    Thanks for sharing and maybe I’ll get to make this great pie!
    Happy holidays!

  17. Becky M. says

    I read Wallbanger in a single day, and loved it! The Redhead series are on my TBR list now, so I’d love copies. (subtle hint) I’ve always made an oil pie crust–my dad couldn’t eat butter because of dietary restrictions–but my crust is awesome, and I do love to bake. I’ve sadly never had a baking incident like the one in Wallbanger, but am eternally hopeful.

    Thanks for the giveaway, and happy holidays!

  18. Bee says

    Thanks for the give away! I have never made an apple pie from scratch, but as I’ve been craving pie lately, there’s no time like the present to start :)

  19. says

    Mmmm apple pie. Am I too late? Been in twitter jail as well. Cell block 8 w/ Alice? ;)thought I’d leave a comment but what I really want for Christmas is the Zucchini Bread recipe. x

  20. Marianne says

    Read Wallbanger yesterday and loved it! Was sad to have to say goodbye to the characters–I love Caroline and Simon! Please tell me you are writing a sequel! Also loved the references to Ina, she’s my favorite!

  21. Bridget Butterfield says

    I LOVED Wallbanger! Just my type of crazy! I couldn’t stop laughing and tears and snorts and chuckles! LOVE IT, Can’t wait to read the Redhead series!

  22. Zippy says

    Ok, holidays means pumpkin pie to me but I like a good apple pie when it comes with a scoop of ice cream! I love the title of your book – makes me think of ‘hard up against the wall’ sex. Yes please.

  23. Isabelle Pitcher says

    Reading Wallbanger now and cannot wipe the perma-smile off my face. I think there might even be an imperceptible skip in my step…..

  24. Tanya Hinson says

    My husband hates Wallbanger he says my laughing has kept him up the last two nights…I told him to deal if he knew what was good for him! Thankfully he does and I am getting ear plugs for his Christmas stalking…Nothing like an amazing book to keep you laughing all night!

  25. Karin Coulter says

    OMG!! SO GOOD!!! I finished Wallbanger today and I really want more of Caroline and Simon. Can’t wait to read the redhead series!! Alice you are wonderful!!

  26. Lili Llanas says

    I just finished this book and now I’m googling everything Ms. Clayton has ever written! Loved me some Simon Parker and Caroline Reynolds!! I would love to read the Redhead series!!

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