A Wicked Peek Into the Future with Kit Rocha

Last year I read and LOVED Beyond Shame by Kit Rocha. Today the author duo is here to give us a peek at the blurb and an excerpt from the next book in their series, Beyond Control (which is Dallas and Lex’s book! I just might die from anticipation.) I’ll turn it over to the authors now…

Hello, book lovers! I’m so excited to be here today, and not just because I’m always excited to be hanging with the fine folks of Smexy Books. Today I’m super excited, because we’re finally able to reveal the blurb for the next Kit Rocha book, Beyond Control. And since this is a place for very smexy things, we’ve brought along an exclusive excerpt of Dallas and Lex.


She refuses to be owned.

Alexa Parrino escaped a life of servitude and survived danger on the streets to become one of the most trusted, influential people in Sector Four, where the O’Kanes rule with a hedonistic but iron fist. Lex has been at the top for years, and there’s almost nothing she wouldn’t do for the gang…and for its leader.  Lie, steal, kill—but she bows to no one, not even Dallas O’Kane.

He’ll settle for nothing less.

Dallas fought long and hard to carve a slice of order out of the chaos of the sectors. Dangers both large and small threaten his people, but it’s nothing he can’t handle. His liquor business is flourishing, and new opportunities fuel his ambition.  Lex could help him expand his empire, something he wants almost as much as he wants her.  And no one says no to the king of Sector Four.

Falling into bed is easy, but their sexual games are anything but casual.  Attraction quickly turns to obsession, and their careful dance of heady dominance and sweet submission uncovers a need so deep, so strong, it could crush them both.

Just One Taste…

Lex held up the folded paper between her fingers.  "I have something for you."
Still grinning, he dropped to the floor and reached for a towel to wipe his face and neck.  "I wasn’t sure you’d do it."

"Then maybe you don’t know me very well," she said innocently.

"Uh-huh."  He tossed aside the towel and walked toward her.  No, not walked.  Swaggered, every line of him dripping self-confidence. "We’ll see."

Damn him, and damn his swagger, too.  "Did you make a list?"

"I know my list."  He stopped in front of her and touched her chin.  "You want to hear it first?"

"Sure, why not?"
He nodded toward the couch and waited for her to sit before sprawling out next to her.  "First rule. No sex without me."

A command that echoed the one scribbled on her own list.  "I figured as much.  Next?"

"The shows."  His gaze darkened a little.  "Though God only knows how much we’ll lose if I pry Noelle off you."

Plenty enough for them all to feel the pinch.  "You don’t act like it bothers you."

"Mmm, things change.  But I’ll let the shows stand for now.  Just the ones with her, though."  Leaning in, he traced a fingertip along the collar before catching her chin.  "No one with a pulse will wonder why I haven’t put a stop to that."

But he wanted to.  She could hear it in his voice, a low hum of tension and something else, a deeper rumble almost like possessiveness.  "Anything else?"

"No lying to me about sex."  He held her gaze, his own firm and unwavering.  "If I ask a question about what you can handle, or what you need, that means I want the truth, not what you think I want to hear.  Because believe me, I’ll be taking plenty without asking."

Unbridled honesty, no matter what.  Lex had been taught never to give it, because revealing too much led to deadly weakness.  "I can try." The admission alone made her gut tighten.  "I can’t promise.  Not always."

His jaw tightened, but the frustration in his eyes didn’t follow through in the soft way he stroked her jaw.  "Do you trust me?"

Honesty.  "As much as I trust anyone."

It seemed like studied her forever, his gaze roaming her face, his fingers still stroking.  The silence stretched on long enough to make her want to look away before he jerked his head in short nod.  "If that’s what I’ve got, I’ll work with it."

It sounded too much like a concession, and she bristled. "I am what I am, Dallas.  If you don’t like it, I can find the door."

That fast, his fingers clenched on her chin.  "Don’t you snarl at me. If I didn’t want you here, you’d already be out of here.  But if you think I’m not going to fight to turn that answer into yes, then maybe you need to rethink what you’re walking into.  I’m not a man who stops at almost."

In that moment, she hated him.  Her eyes and throat burned, and she ached to throw it all back in his face and leave, just to prove that she could.  Not even to him, but to herself.

She told her brain that it was time to move, but words spilled out instead as she shoved her crumpled note into his hand.  "You want the truth?  I don’t know why I’m here, but I don’t know how to leave.  Not until I find out what this is."

His fist closed around the paper, and he released her with a deep breath that turned into a chuckle.  "I guess we’ll learn whether I can handle the unvarnished truth, won’t we?  Not many people will give it to me anymore."

Lex pushed her fingers through her hair, bereft without his touch. "Do you blame them?"

"Sometimes."  He smoothed the paper out on his thigh and glanced at it. A frown creased his brow as he studied what she’d written.  "What is this?"

"It’s my list.  My rule."

He read the words aloud, all seven of them.  "Whatever we do, we do it together."

No inflection, nothing.  She shifted on the cushion and cleared her throat.  "That’s all."

"What happened to not liking punishment like Noelle?"

"It’s not my thing, but it’s not a deal breaker, either."  She arched an eyebrow.  "If you expected me to list everything that gets me off and everything that doesn’t, forget it.  You can figure it out like any other mere mortal."

For a second, he looked so irritated she thought he might snap.  His hand clenched tight around the paper again, and that dangerous heat she knew so well gathered in his eyes.  "So you’re saying I can do any damn thing I want to you."

The pendant woven into the center of her collar was warm on her skin, warmer still when she touched it with nervous fingers.  "That’s what it means for me, wearing this."

"Stand up."

* * *

Want to know when Beyond Control will be available?
Find the link at the bottom of the post!

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  1. Trina says

    Can’t wait. Can’t wait. Can’t wait. These characters – all of the O’Kanes, actually – are simply awesome.

  2. Dontaná says

    Those ladies have been teasing us for weeks on Facebook. I can’t wait for Beyond Control. It is well on its way to being my favorite book of the year, and it isn’t even out yet!

  3. Readsalot81 says

    Ooo.. I’m so excited for Beyond Control!! :D I loved Beyond Shame. I know 47 days isn’t a very long time.. but eeeep, I can hardly wait!! Thanks for being so generous with the swag ladies, it’s very nice of you.

  4. Anna says

    I’d love to win The Broken Circle. I’m always looking for a solid shade of black that doesn’t look watery and this fits the bill. I’m heading over to get Beyond Shame right now!

  5. Katherine says

    Yippee! I can’t wait for this book!
    And I love the custom swag. Which reminds me that I still need to go out and buy myself an O’Kane mug. Love the design.

  6. Annie says

    I’m such a sucker for this series! Can’t wait for the new book! And the nail polish is my other obsession other than books!

  7. says

    Here I was just minding my own damned business drinking my late afternoon coffee from my favorite mug… my O’KANE mug… and now you guys are giving away one of my other favorite things… nail polish. I don’t wanna even look at the release date ’cause it’s not soon enough! Can’t wait!!!

  8. Leni says

    I like the way the book cover and swag packaging work so well together. How long did it take for the concept to come together?

  9. Tracy M says

    Fab teaser and really great swag.

    Looking forward to release day of Beyond Control…

    Thanks for a great post & giveaway!!! :D

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