Review: What Chris Wants by Lori Foster

whatchriswantsWhat Chris Wants by Lori Foster (Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor #4.5)
January 1, 2013
M/M Novella

I am a huge fan of Lori Foster. I loved this series and looked forward to each additional book as they were released. Throughout each of the books we got to know a character named Chris Chapey and we fell in love him. So when I found out that the author planned to release a novella giving us Chris’s story, I was overjoyed.

Chris may have come off as laid back in his too long hair, board shorts and ancient t-shirts, but looks can be deceiving. Chris is the heart and soul of the operation run by Dare Macintosh, and without him the men could not go out and do the jobs they do. He is an integral part of the organization. But because of the nature of this business, security is top priority and therefore, what Chris or any of the men involved do is on a need to know basis.

Chris met Matt through Priss, Trace’s wife and there were definitely sparks. Matt really likes Chris and with every encounter their bond grows, but Chris keeps pushing Matt away. This causes a lot of tension between Chris and Matt as Matt doesn’t understand what is going on. He sees Chris as a ‘house boy’ or Dare’s personal assistant and Matt can’t imagine how that alone can make Chris happy; not when Matt thinks he could do a better job.

Once the wives get involved and the husbands are made privy to what’s going on, they set Matt straight and things fall into place in a nice and tidy manner.

I’d guess that Ms. Foster never planned to write Chris’s story. I imagine she did it for her fans and that is why we only got a novella. While I was happy to revisit this series, see all the characters and get little updates and even see Chris get his HEA with Matt, there is really only so much that can happen in 44 pages. I have to admit I was disappointed; I simply wanted or needed there to be more. I didn’t feel the romance between Matt and Chris even though it had been built up and hinted at since Trace’s book.

I am thankful that Ms. Foster gifted us with this story, but it didn’t meet my expectations.

Rating: C

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  1. says

    I was so happy to hear she was writing the story for Chris. I wish it would have been a full length novel though. I needed some real drama for Chris and Matt. Ending was a little rushed as well. I still loved it though and I think the author did a great job of dipping her toes into M/M romance.
    Great review!

    • Helyce says

      Hi Amy! I think I’d have had a completely different reaction if this story was just a bit longer and gave us a little bit more with Matt and Chris falling in love. They seemed to jump from a few nights together to have a “relationship” and even taking into consideration that novella length, it didn’t work for me. I do applaud Ms. Foster for stepping out of her comfort zone to give us this story.

  2. says

    Thanks for the honest review!
    This series is new to me. I agree, short reads sometimes do more bad than good. Better to make up your own furture for characters. Kinda felt this way on Under the Mistletoe by Jill Shalvis

    • Helyce says

      I can highly recommend the previous four full length books of this series. They are awesome! I’ve read Jill Shalvis, but not the one you mention.

    • Helyce says

      Yes, it’s very short-but only disappointing because I didn’t feel the story was fleshed out enough. I needed more romance; it wasn’t there.

    • Helyce says

      There is always smexy time and romance between her straight couples. I don’t know that I’ve read another novella by this author, I’d have to check. I wasn’t disappointed that there wasn’t sex in this book. The attraction between the H/H was inferred in previous books in the series. But to take the time to highlight the couple in their own book, I have an expectation of more of a build up to them finally realizing that they want to be together. For me, that did not come across at all in here.

  3. says

    Thank you Helyce. I haven’t read any of this author’s books, but I’m kind of avoiding m/f ATM, so I will have to keep it in mind. It sounds like you need the background in the previous books to fully appreciate this. And IDK..for some weird reason I’m thinking of Suzanne Brockman series, one I so need to get back to :)

    • Helyce says

      I’ve only read a few of Suzanne Brockman’s books,but her Troubleshooter’s series has a stronger romantic suspense feel to it AND she has included m/m couples in some of those books though I think her H/H have primarily been m/f. I don’t think you’d get anything of just reading this novella if you were not familiar with the character from the previous books in the series. For one, it’s just too short and the problems used in the novella wouldn’t make sense if you were not familiar with the series.

  4. Lege Artis says

    Well, if it’s called “What Chris wants”, I think he would want more smexy times…. ;)
    I love this series and Chris is an awesome character, but I decided to give this one a pass since I’m not fan of novellas- I always wish it was longer, or I’m not convinced in romance…

    • Mandi says

      “Well, if it’s called “What Chris wants”, I think he would want more smexy times….”

      Giggle snort!

  5. Selena Mc says

    I absolutely love this series! LF is an incredible author. I did love this book, but mostly because I have wanted Chris to get his own book for some time. I agree that it was a little too short for me & that I would have loved a hot sex scene. However, my impression has always been that Lori Foster doesn’t do M/M. I believe that she probably wrote this because all the Chris fans pestered her daily about it (like me). I’m very happy that she decided to give Matt & Chris their HEA. Them falling in love so fast in the book didn’t bother me, I already imagined that had been in love, just never admitted it. My only real disappointment was that it wasn’t longer & they never “got smexy”. Overall, a great little read for me :)

    • Helyce says

      Yes, Lori Foster is incredible. I do love her work. I haven’t checked Amazon, but the few reviews I read on GR were very positive and fans were just happy to get this story. I’m glad you enjoyed it!

  6. says

    I am so happy and sad at the same time. I love Chris and this series so YAY! No smexidy smexy sex? Sad face. Still Lori Foster is on my autobuy list so you know I’ll be reading it soon.

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