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I actually won Wild Burn a couple of months ago but being the slack loser I am, I set it aside to read when I had some down time. Plus, you all know how I feel about Westerns. They scare me.

I started hearing the buzz from other readers about how FREAKING GOOD it was and thought to myself, HEY! I have this book. I’m going to give it a shot.” Imagine my surprise when I started reading at 11pm and didn’t stop till I was finished. I absolutely LOVED this book. Our hero and heroine are delightful protagonists whose witty banter and sexual chemistry hooked me from page one. Plus, he shoots her in the first few pages and watching him try and make it up to her will keep you giggling. A solid story line and equally impressive secondary cast makes this a fast read that will stay on my keeper shelf.

As noted earlier, the chemistry between Delaney Crawford  and Moira Tully is a tangible presence. Smoldering looks, steamy thoughts, luscious kisses. Their romance simmers slowly, gaining strength till in one explosive moment, these two discover the other half of their souls.


She froze, her spine stiff and shoulders contorted as he flexed his wrist to delve his fingers deeper into her. She broke out in a sweat when he tore his mouth from hers to bite down on her chin with a moan. “You’re so tight, Moira. So fucking wet and tight, and, God, I need to be in you. Now.”

The fingers inside her stroked and manipulated her, drawing her closer and closer to the edge of blissful oblivion until they disappeared, and she whined in protest. “No—”

But then the head of his cock was there, blunt and satiny, and her mouth watered and her limbs burned. “Take it. Take me.” Both of his hands returned to her hips under her skirt and pulled her down over him.

She sobbed as he entered her, inch by thick, excruciating inch, and she felt the tremors start, blooming from the base of her spine to whip through her bloodstream. She clenched around him as the roaring in her ears deafened her, sliding down his length until she was filled, completely filled with him.

Her head lolled back, but he commanded her attention. “Look at me.” She blinked at his stern, rugged, beautiful face as he thrust into her. “You’re not done,” he growled, snapping his hips.

The thick glide of him, reaching so far inside her, sent a fresh round of spasms snaking down to coil and curve around his invasion. “Ride me,” he demanded.

Wild Burn by Edie Harris-Goodreads l Kindle


  1. CC says

    I loved this one too! Del was yummy. Heads up for those who want no rape in their books, there is a rape that is fairly central to the story, but it’s not committed by the hero. Just throwing that out there for the easily triggered.

  2. says

    OH MY! This is going on my kindle and in my carousel of next reads, ASAP!!!! Thanks for the delicious review and oh so hot excerpt that makes my mouth water and my blood heat up! Cant wait!

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