Smexy’s Top Ten–February 15th

whoreblunt10. Do we all feel extra loved now that Valentine’s Day is behind us? I know I feel extra bloated from all the food I ate last night. Throughout the week, I collect things for each week’s top ten, so when I open my document Friday morning I usually have at least a dozen items to sort through to create my top ten. This morning I have three. Apparently the internet was not fun this week. So we’ll see how this top ten goes. I do know my friends sent me some verra naughty things yesterday in honor of VDay, which of course I’ll share with you. I’m so giving that way.
unholyghosts9. Stacia Kane has announced that a novella (more like a short novel she says) in Terrible’s POV is coming soon! It is titled, Wrong Ways Down and takes place between Unholy Ghosts and Unholy Magic. This excites me. If you have yet to try this series and you like darker UF, I highly recommend it. The first book, Unholy Ghosts is only $2.99.
entwinedwithyou8. Sylvia Day has released another small snippet from my crack aka Gideon and Eva aka Entwined by You. Go to her site to read it.  The angst. The smex. The angst again. CRACK I tell you.  Also, the luggage tags on the cover are so sexy! (not)
loveratlast7. Speaking of snippets, JR Ward released another one on Facebook yesterday. Here it is:

God . . . his eyes . . . they were moonlight and shadow intertwined, an impossible color somewhere between silver and violet and navy pale blue.
“Just so you know . . ." he growled, "you will give yourself to me—”
“Excuse me—”
“But you will beg me for it, first.”
She jutted forward on her hips, her temper blowing all her let’s-be-reasonable right out of the water. “Over my dead body.”
“Sorry, not my to my taste.” He dropped his chin and stared at her from beneath lowered lids. “I prefer you hot . . . and XXX.”

-Lover at Last, pg. YouShallSee

Who I this?? Layla (That hooker!) and Throe or XCor? Someone look up their eye color immediately! Are there other single females we’ve met?  My guess has been the next book will be a Layla’s book and she will end up with Throe and Xcor permanently. Verily. Will I be able to stand an entire book with Layla as the heroine? I shall not think about it yet! Verily. I have my boys to get to first. 39 days.

pauladeen6. You guys. That is Paula Deen’s head with Katy Perry’s face. What does this mean for us?? I can’t stop staring at this. (Btw – I made her gumbo last week and omg it’s amazing)

5. 27 seconds of a half naked Adam Levine. You are welcome.


4. Author Sarah Morgan shared with me this really cute commercial for Diet Coke. It’s verra smexy and made me smile! The model is named Andrew Cooper – here is a google image search for him. Yeah, he is hot.

whoreo3. Alright pervs! I had to pull out the Whoreo card again for this one. I promised you naughtiness in this top ten so here we go. The Huffington Post has a comprehensive video of many (and I mean MANY) clips of actors that have done full frontal. Clicking this link will take you to the article, and from there you can click on the very NSFW video. It starts with “Sad Peen” aka Fassy in Shame (if y’all have seen Shame, you’ll understand why we call it ‘sad peen’). At the end of the article is lists all of the movies shown. It’s 2 and a half minutes of peen y’all. Happy day after Valentine’s Day. Happy Peen Day!


hapenis2. But wait! The peen isn’t done yet (is it ever?) And yes – I’m pulling out the ‘Hapenis’ card again too! Since I’ve declared this Happy Peen Day my friend Selena sent me a link to this article on Buzzfeed – The 14 Most Notable Celebrity Dongs. If you click the link, it takes you to the article where the peens are censored. But by clicking again, you can go to the uncensored version. And let me just say this – #6 Tom Hardy, who I love and find verra sexy – not the best shot of your peen my friend. *squints* Maybe he rises to the occasion?

1. Alright hookers. I mean, my lovely friends. *wink* It’s Friday! I hope you have a fabulous weekend. If you read something good, be sure to tell me. I’m sneaking away with some girlfriends for a little getaway this weekend. We won’t get into any trouble! *shifty eyes* Have a great weekend!


  1. Missie says

    ZOMG! Adam and Andrew! YES!! Thank you very much, whoreo! Now I’m off to go check out those peens, even though I’m at work. ;)

  2. says

    I like it when you pull out the Whoreo and Hapenis cards :) You can do that every Friday, if you’d like. And yes, I unashamedly admit to checking out the peens.

  3. Helyce says

    So, Tom Hardy, huh? Confirmed? Is it the same pic from the movie?

    BTW, I think we may hv seem Adam’s cum face in that video. ;)

  4. Marquetta says

    I’m always down for male full frontal nudity. We never see enough of it. Even if it’s a teeny, tiny peen, it’s better than seeing no peen at all. LOL!

  5. Mzcue says

    Help! Help! I can’t find the link on the Huffington Post page. Could it have gotten overloaded and removed? Oh, please, say it isn’t so!

  6. Selena Mc says

    You are very welcome my friend! When I think of penis -which I do often- I think of you!!! I am a fan of this article ;) And of course, it gave me hapPenis!!!

    Ahhhh! 39 days!!!!!! *Squeeeee*

  7. Izzy says

    Why oh why couldn’t we have had peen in the Adam vid? Then again, I might actually have burst into flames if that were the case.

  8. may says

    adam video: BOO for too much above the neck and no below the belly button.

    huff post: I almost peed myself laughing. The music is supurb for all those flapping peens.

    have a peen-tastic weekend!!

  9. Lisa B says

    Verily! lol I have been listening to the last two book on audio book then went back and listening to Rev’s book now. I am tired of Verily and oh thank the virgin scribe. To much. The woman has a way about her slang prose though.

    Lisa B

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