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A guest review – Quid Pro Quo by LA Witt and Alexsandr Voinov (m/m)
A- review – How Hard Can it Be? by Robyn Peterman (contemporary)
A- review – Winterblaze by Kristen Callahan (historical pnr)
B+ review – Sins & Needles by Karina Halle (contemp/rom suspense)
B review – Screwing the System by Josephine Myles (m/m)
B- review – Recipe for Satisfaction by Gina Gordon (contemporary)
C review – Hip Check by Dierdre Martin (contemporary)

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News from Mandi: I had a good week of reading, kicking it off with both Sins & Needles and Recipe for Satisfaction. Both reviews are listed above so I won’t repeat what they say. But I recommend both.

Diversion by Eden Winters is a m/m romantic suspense featuring Lucky, who works in the Narcotics Bureau’s Department of Diversion Prevention and Control (going undercover with pharmaceutical companies) and his brand new partner Bo. Being fans of the Cut & Run series by Abigail Roux which features two FBI agents, I thought I’d give this one a try. It was okay. Lucky is a little much to take  he is abrasive and a character that talks a lot. He grew on me, but at the same time he wore me out. But when do we see glimpses of his vulnerable side. Book two comes out soon and I’ll probably pick it up.

I got a sneak peek at Bad Attitude by KA Mitchell – the third in her Baltimore series. Nice story about a very wealthy hero who gets rescued by a police diver. And they start a physical relationship. I wanted a little more romance between them..besides just sex – but I liked this one. Review coming later.

I also reread book one in one of my favorite series, The Rest Falls Away by Colleen Gleason. This five-book historical paranormal series just gets better in each book. It features a female vampire hunter, Victoria and her battle with the supernaturals and two men, Max and Sebastian who each have many secrets. I just adore it. When I’m finished the whole reread I’ll blog about it.

Tori’s news: I did some TBR clean up this week. YEA ME!! Jaci Burton’s Thrown By A Curve wasn’t quite up to par with her earlier releases. The characters were a bit too formulaic for me. Review to come.

When She Said I Doby Celeste Bradley is an adorable historical retelling of the classic fairy tale, Beauty and the Beast. Extremely romantic with some pretty steamy love scenes and a heroine that will keep you in stitches. What?? lol Review to come.

Blood Howlby Robin Sexton is a PNR M/M with two engaging protagonists and an interesting storyline. Plenty of humor and action made this a fast read.

Erin Downing’s None Of The Regular Rules is a sweet, funny coming of age YA with hints of romance about a high school senior who discovers herself when she attempts to finish up a bucket list she finds in her car. Light on the emo angst, this story celebrates the heroine and her journey.

Fallen Crest Highby Tijan is a YA version of Payton Place with some Mean Girls thrown in for good measure. A campy soap opera style book that sucks you in regardless of it’s many flaws. I’m still baffled by it’s appeal for me.

I won Amber Lin’s Selling Out and was pleased by the maturity of this installment compared to her first book. The writing is smoother and the characters better fleshed out. Emotional, angsty, and just enough suspense to keep you hooked to the very end.

I went on a Biker/MC romance read a thon and II read some good, some bad, and some just plain ugly ones. Satin & Steel by Jayne Vixon is total SOA fanfic. With a cliffhanger to boot. :( Rebecca Avery’s Riding With Honor series isn’t bad. Book one-Rough Ride, was pretty good. I enjoyed the fact the H/H were older and their romance was slow going-all due to heroine. Hero was a horn dog. A little conflict and suspense rounded out the story. Book two, Slow Ride, wasn’t as well done. I just found the heroine to be too Mary Sue and her “big” problem was anti climatic. The storyline was overtaken by the romance and the “I love you-s” can far too soon. Bec Botefuhr’s Erotic/Biker Rockstar series is another one where I liked one book and was meh about the rest. Chief’s Angel, which is a spin off and technically the third book-should be read first. Okay overall but again, we are given a Mary Sue heroine who wants the man but not the life and can’t seem to go through the week without having hysterics about something he has done. Phoenix Rockstar and Heart Song (books one and two) I could have lived without reading. Poor writing, unappealing characters, and a ridiculous storyline.

I found The Ruth Valley Missing by Amber West on Amazon for free and decided to take a chance. Glad I did. A wonderful mystery thriller with an engaging mystery and well defined characters. Kept me guessing till the end.

Rhea Rhodan’s Finding Graceis an interesting book. A romantic thriller with a military bent. A bit rough and underdeveloped in places, it nonetheless kept me engaged as the theme here is also Beauty and the Beast but with a unique and somewhat sad twist.

I am currently reading Amanda Bonilla’s Crave The Darkness. I also have Caitlin Kittredge’s Dark Days and Rob Thurman’s Slashback on the reading pile for this weekend.

News from May:  I am three books into the Gardella Vampire Chronicles and wow- Mandi really was right when she said this was an amazing series. I’m loving it!

In keeping with my no reviews just for fun reading week, I’m currently working on White Night by Jim Butcher. Harry Dresden is at it again and oh, this is epic.
Also this week I began Tessa Dare’s Any Duchess Will Do and already I am in love. Oh- I can hardy put it down! Review to come here at smexybooks. 


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    / This sounds ralely good, and I could use a paranormal fix, so I am adding this one to my list. glad the MC became likeable and the vamps sidekicks sound great. I love dual pov’s too cupcake!kimbacaffeinate recently posted..

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