Smexy’s Top Ten-April 19th

Tori is taking over the Top Ten today!

10. I seem to be suffering from some kind of allergy attack and only Benadryl relieves it.
Unfortunately, I lose major brain function when I take it.

9. I adore Dippin’ Dots. Now that they have added alcohol…I even adore them more.
(Thanks Selena)


8.  K Mart’s trying to revamp its image and their new clothing commercial does that and much more.
It had me laughing so hard, I just had to share.
I’m curious to know just how many re takes it took to complete it. :P


7.  Ummm, when your giving a web cam interview, you might what to hide the unmentionables. 0_O *giggle* (courtesy of Jane_Bradley via twitter)
This guy will NEVER live this down.

6. Here is Jaci Burton’s cover for book one in her new Romantic Contemporary Hope series.
Hopes Flame.
Per usual, Burton manges to find the most yummy men EVAH for her covers.  

From Burton’s website:

Hope Flames
Book One in the Hope contemporary romance series
Coming Soon
September, 2013

Veterinarian Emma Burnett won’t let anything or anyone sidetrack her from her job as new owner of the vet clinic in Hope.
She let a man distract her once, with disastrous results. But when Luke McCormack brings in his injured police dog, Emma can hardly ignore him. Despite Emma’s best efforts to keep things strictly doctor and owner of the patient, Luke’s one hot distraction.

I just want to lick him all over. *sigh* Oops, did I just say that outloud?

 5.  BuzzFeed give evidence (and pictures) to the beautiful and super hawt bromance
that exists between Chris Hemsworth and  Tom Hiddleston

They dance together…

Indulge in subtle touching…

Whew…is it hot in here or WHAT?? Read and see more here.

4.  Just for Mandi. Or should I say….DR. Mandi LOL  (thanks Jen)

 3.  Karina Hale, author of the mind blowing NA Artists Trilogy announced on twitter
that she has signed a 4 book deal with one of the big 6. WOOOHOOO and congrats!

2. Giggle…when book covers go bad. 

 I think I saw this guy and his tractor on My Strange Addictions. 0_O

I die.

 Everyone I know is getting this for Christmas.

You can view more here.

 1.  This just says it all.


  1. says

    This was totally LOL top ten.

    How sad is it that I immediately thought of Mandi when I saw that wine ecard? Dr Mandi.

    Chris Hemsworth’s is just purtty. I want to tap that. What? Did I say that out loud….

  2. Selena Mc says

    Bwahaha! Those cat books are hysterical! Now you know what you will be regifted the Christmas after next ;)

    I’ve re-read & re-watched this Bromance article many times this week. It is lovely & they are now known by my friends & I as “Hiddlesworth”! LONG LIVE HIDDLESWORTH!! Lol

    Great Top Ten, as usual!!

  3. Krista says

    #6: I don’t know… he looks kinda fat compared to the guys on her other covers… maybe I just need to see him with his shirt off.

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