Mandi reads a Cracky, Slightly Horrifying MC Book, and Lives to tell the Tale

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Have you ever read a book that you secretly guilty-pleasure loved, that you want everyone to read yet at the same time you don’t want everyone to read? This is me with Undeniable by Madeline Sheehan. This book came out last year and I remember general buzz – some loving, some hating – but all saying “whoa, this book has some crazy in it.” Last night my hair dresser went on and on about this book so I came home and thought I’d read the first chapter or so just to get a feel. But it was so cracky, I had to read the whole thing.

My definition of a “cracky” book is one that contains scenes or a trope or just a behavior by a character that would usually turn me off. But for whatever reason, the way this author writes it, makes it work for me.

Undeniable has A LOT of stuff in it that should have made me throw my kindle and turn me off. There is rape, there is derogatory behavior towards women, there is extreme violence, there are characters who do horrible things, there are no sweet, romantic scenes really. The hero makes out with the heroine for the first time when she is sixteen and he is 34. I KNOW I KNOW. Sounds great, yes? LOL

But. I couldn’t look away. I just couldn’t do it. This author somehow makes it work….. for me – I know there are a lot of you out there that it didn’t work at all.

Deuce is our hero. He is much older than the heroine, Eva. The first time they have sex, she is 18 and he is 36. Her dad is the president of a Motorcycle Club (MC). Deuce is the president of a different MC club. They have a fragile truce between them, and of course daddy does NOT want his baby daughter anywhere near Deuce. (he actually shoots him after he catches her at 16 making out with Deuce.)

Anyway – The book progresses through the years. Deuce and Eva have explosive passion. They come together hard, and then leave on a bad note. The book will jump forward a few years and they come together again with more drama and even more passion. This worked for me. I didn’t mind the jumping ahead. I didn’t mind them leaving miserable. Their lifestyle is very dark and gritty and rough. And their romance is that way too.

I should also note – Eva has an adopted brother who falls in love with her. He is truly certifiably crazy and becomes obsessed with her. Eva is abused by him – mentally and physically – and while for some time I think she realizes this, she also falls into his crazy weird psycho stuff. It’s hard to read at some points.  Eva also has a best friend who is crazy and just kind of weird. (did I mention there is a lot of crazy in this book? *wink*)

So yes – I was horrified at times, I was amused at times. It’s not like Kristen Ashley where she can write an asshole hero but by the end he is romantic and lovable. Deuce is hardcore rough. But overall it was a book I enjoyed reading. I didn’t want to stop reading it. It’s not a book though I can easily recommend because it will offend some people. And that’s okay if you hate it. And some, like me,  will really enjoy it. And that’s okay too.

There is a second book out which I’ll probably read tonight featuring Deuce’s daughter and Ripper (you meet Ripper in this book  – he has a very scarred face…yes..totally reading this one tonight).

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  1. jennifer w says

    Next one is even better!…there is one scene in book 2 that had my mouth hanging open like a fish..I had to reread it cuz it was so crazy

  2. Sarah M. says

    I like the train wreck analogy. I just couldn’t look away. I bought the book after several people recommended it as one of the best books ever (it’s not). It was ok for me. I felt like the author was constantly trying to shock the readers. Also, book 2 (yep, I read the 2nd book!) felt almost like a re-hash of the first book. It was far too similar for my taste. Cracky is an apt description.

    What really frustrated me was the lack of editing and crazy obvious grammar errors. I can overlook speech/dialect, but not the entire book.

    • Sandra says

      @Sarah M, totally agree with you 100%. ok, 95% as I haven’t read book #2. I received the same kind of recs. Over the top “you HAVE to read this” recs.. Grammar and editing issues drive me crazy. I am bad at both, so I expect a lot from books I read.

      • Mandi says

        It’s not the best book ever. It’s a fun book to talk about because it gets people all riled up ;) But there are other books that have far better quality. I agree with the editing too

        • Sarah M. says

          I didn’t think it was completely terrible. I just didn’t get the rave reviews. It was one of those books that could have REALLY benefitted from quality editing. Yes, the subject matter is a hot topic, the hero (antihero?) is an asshole, and the antics were over the top, BUT it did keep readers engaged. I am not a big fan and I STILL read book 2.

  3. Lucky says

    I read a lot of books and very few stick with me enough that I can recall a book by name. Most I will have to read the synopsis or even a few pages to completely recall. This book, HOWEVER, will be amongst the few that stick. I would normally be put off by much of what happens in this book but it all somehow worked. I’m with you — I don’t know that I would recommend it… at least not without a warning saying “it’s not for the faint of heart”.

  4. says

    Its a trainwreck of biblical proportions and I loved it. lol Book two was hard for me because A. it was VERY similar and I felt we were seeing the same story with different characters.

    Frankly, the best character in the book is Eva’s uber crazy bff, Kami (?. lol

  5. Phoebe Chase says

    I only finished this book because I was in the “Oh my god, what could possibly happen next” frame of my mind. I couldn’t click with either Eva or Deuce. I hated them both and thought they were both horrible people. Add that to the lack of editing and it was a painful experience for me. But I did enjoy watching you read it via Twitter yesterday. I’ll be stalking tonight while you read the 2nd one!

  6. Trish says

    I keep telling my friends they need to read this book because I HAVE TO TALK ABOUT IT! I’m glad I read this book because I absolutely loved book 2…and while Eva and Deuce are not the main characters in book 2, they continue to deal with the crazy ****ed up stuff that went down in book 1.

  7. says

    Hahahahaha I totally bought this book bc I saw several people “hate reading” it and then never started it bc I was afraid I wouldn’t have anyone to talk to about it. I’m totally reading it now LOL

    • Sandra says

      I was in a “mood” and went to 1-click Heat, apparently I own it already. News to me. Hope to get started this weekend.
      Obviously, I need a strategy to get my books organized, cause I have no clue what I have or don’t have :-X

  8. says

    Lol it does sound horrible story wise, and not something I want to read. But I am glad you enjoyed it so much Mandi. Hope the next one is to your liking as well.

  9. Alesa says

    OMG I read both of the books so far in this series. Train wreck definitely. I wanted to stop – the first one definitely – but couldn’t tear myself away. I couldn’t quite get my head around why Deuce carried on being such shit to her. Tack he was NOT. I actually thought Ripper was better in comparison! Despite the awfulness, still need to read Cage and Tegen’s story!

    Another not-for-the-faint-hearted-but-totally-gripping series I have read recently is C J Roberts The Dark Duet. Very Dark. However. Love will find a way …..

    PS Just finished Beyond Pain. So love this series. Roll on Ace, Rachel and Cruz :)

  10. Deb says

    I see your Smex Scene Sunday about Unbeloved and I’m thinking why the heck haven’t I read these books?? I’m like a year behind! So of course I have to get on that right away. Undeniable is better than a train wreck. It’s like that movie Tornado (I think) when the live cow is swirling in the air. Oh God, that’s just tragic and all kinds of sad but…can I see that again? Inhaled that book like a tub of Ben & Jerry’s.

    • Mandi says

      Right? Book two is better (although still totally crazy). I didn’t love book three but book four is much calmer and more mature.

      I like that you called it a movie tornado. LOL. You can’t help but keep looking!

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