Review: Lost to the Desert Warrior by Sarah Morgan

Lost to the Desert Warrior;

Lost to the Desert Warrior by Sarah Morgan
Released: August 20, 2013
Contemporary Romance

Reviewed by Mandi

I adore Sarah Morgan’s voice and Lost to the Desert Warrior didn’t disappoint. Layla, princess of Tazkhan’s father just died. But there is no love lost. Only seeing her father a handful of times in her twenty-three years and knowing just how cruel and evil he was, she is relieved to see him dead. But now she has more pressing problems. A man named Hassan wants the throne and her father’s dying wish is that he marry Layla and send Layla’s beloved younger sister to America to be rid of her. Scared of both the impending marriage and losing her sister, the sisters jump on a horse and race into the desert. It is there Layla finds her family’s enemy but the rightful heir to the throne, Sheikh Raz Al Zahki.

Raz is loved by the Bedouin people, and has been waiting quietly in the desert for Layla’s father to die so he could make his move for the throne which belongs to him. When Layla comes limping into his camp, injured and desperate to find her sister who is lost in the desert he is not sure what to do. Raz lost his wife and is still devastated over it. But Layla has a crazy plan makes sense – they get married, saving Layla from the evil Hassan and helping his chances to make it to the throne. They tell each other it will only be a political marriage, but as the days go by and Raz saves Layla from danger and Layla shows him just how un-princess she can be, they start to fall for each other.

This book is fun. How can you not like a desert romance? Raz is all fierce with his black eyes and good looks. He has a bit of a tortured soul ever since his wife died. Layla surprises him with how practical and smart she is. He initially takes her lack of knowledge with horses and the desert people as ignorance, but he soon learns she grew up in a palace that was a prison. With a cruel father who never let her leave the gates, she yearns for knowledge. She is brave and loyal and a hard worker.

Raz is very patient with her romantically. He is not looking for love but can’t deny the chemistry they share in bed. Layla is a big virgin – and by that I mean – she really knows nothing about the bedroom so he goes very slowly with her. It’s quite sexy indeed.

The plot and the action is pretty straight forward in this one with no big surprises. It’s a quick and fun read from one of my favorite authors.

Rating: B

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