Review: Entwined by Kristen Callihan


Entwined (Darkest London, #3.5) by Kristen Callihan
Historical Romance/Paranormal
November 5, 2013

Reviewed by Tori

Eamon Evernight has always lived in his older brother’s shadow. His large rough build and bright red hair is a stark contrast to his brother’s smooth polished and much preferred blond looks. When his older brother finds himself in an arranged marriage, he needs Eamon’s romantic heart and skills to help him correspond with his betrothed. As the letters flow between Eamon and the mysterious woman, Eamon soon finds his heart captured by the one woman he is not meant to have.

Lady Luella Jane Moran holds secrets of her own and does not want an arranged marriage. She tries to dissuade her betrothed but finds herself intrigued by what the man reveals of himself in each letter she receives. Tragedy strikes, forcing Luella to her betrothed side far soon then they had intended, she finds strange goings on in the Evernight household. When circumstances reveal themselves, Luella will have to decide if she is willing to follow her heart or lose the man she has grown to love.

Entwined is a deliciously sweet and romantic love story that is built loosely upon the tale of Cyrano de Bergerac. Two souls, filled with shame and secrets, find one another through a series of deceptions. Eamon finds himself having to write love letters to Luella on his older brother’s behalf. Though he was only supposed to write a few to provide her with proof of his brother’s interest, Eamon finds himself enchanted by her responses back to him and soon encourages a healthy correspondence with her. The years past and their letters continue, deepening the commitment between them until the time comes when Eamon realizes he has fallen in love with her.

I absolutely fell in love Eamon and Luella. Both are delightful in their intelligence, humor, and attraction to one another. In their letters to one another, they bared their souls and were able to communicate things that they could have never actually voiced face to face. One thing I love about Callihan’s writing is the honesty she imparts in her characters when it comes to romance. They don’t play games with the ones they love. They speak from the heart, even if it means losing the one they love. Strong chemistry and steamy love scenes only add to our overall enjoyment as we watch our lovers work through their problems.

The suspense and intrigue blends in well to the blossoming romance. As with this series, the paranormal is a strong base and Callihan can always be counted on to gift her characters with interesting and unusual powers that fit them to a tee. A well earned ending wraps up this novella and even includes a small epilogue ties it into the series. Kristen Callihan’s Entwined is a perfect addition to the Darkest London series.

Rating: B+

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