Top Ten Reasons to read Asking for Trouble by Tessa Bailey


“I’m going to kill you,” she whispered.

He sat up once more, wrapped her hair around his fist and growled. “Fuck me instead.”

Dare I say Tessa Bailey is the Queen of the Dirty Talking Hero? Yes, yes I dare! I really enjoyed this one. Brent Mason is an explosive expert (*good shivers*) or as he says “blower-up of shit” and Hayden Winstead is a heiress who plans parties for charities. Their best friends are in love so they are forced to hang out a lot – and they kind of hate each other. But they also kind of lust after each other. This book not only has dirty, dirty sex but great banter. So onto the dirty quotes – please note that they are explicit.

10. Did I mention they hate each other?

“So tell me,” he started, his voice taking on a deeper tone. “Assuming we didn’t make it to your professionally decorated bedroom, how far would we make it?”

She doused a flare of annoyance. He never let her forget her status, not for a second. Or that she’d done so little to earn it. “Something tells me a man like you can’t hold out long enough to make it past the entryway. Just wham-bam, let me get back to playing Grand Theft Auto, ma’am.”

“I prefer Halo,” Brent said in a tight voice. “And let’s be honest. The real reason you don’t want me in your bed is because I’ll sully your lily-white sheets.”

9. With all of their hate-banter, we know they can talk the talk, but can they walk the walk?

“You’re testing my patience here, duchess,” he growled. “If you have any doubt about my ability to fuck the ever-loving sarcasm right out of you, I’ll be more than happy to clear it up.”

Hayden sucked in a breath. Until now, they’d been dancing around any talk of the main event, but he’d just put it in black-and-white terms. Was she willing to let it get that far? This wouldn’t be the kind of one  night stand you walked away from unscathed.

8. Yep. They are going to do it.

Involuntarily, her attention dropped to his arousal, heavy and insistent between them.

Brent kept his gaze on her face as he worked himself against her. “I’ll let you ride it, duchess. And I’m going to keep your tongue busy in my mouth the whole time.”

7. Hayden decides to torture Brent a bit, and handcuffs his hands behind his back…

“Seeing your breasts is not the worst form of punishment.”

“It will be,” she said huskily, undoing the front hook of her bra. “Because seeing them is all you get. And, Brent?” She kissed him fast and hard. “I’ve got a fabulous pair. So that’s really going to suck for you.”

6. But before we can get to the good stuff…knock knock…

“I don’t give a good goddamn who is on the other side of that door. I’m in pain, woman. Fix it.”

The hand still resting on his thigh tightened as if to soothe. She moved in toward him, gaze fixed on his mouth.Yes, yes, yes. Please. Just a little closer.


She froze. “Oh, freaking shitballs, it’s my mother.” Handcuffed and with a hard-on to cut steel, Brent almost, almost, started to cry. .

A page later..

Tentatively, she walked toward the door, pulling her skirt back down to her knees as she went.

Unmanly tears threatened once more as he watched her beautifully shaped ass disappear from view. I’ll never forget you, ass. Don’t forget to write.


5. No comment needed.

“And Hayden?” He dangled her ripped panties in the air. “Later tonight, when I’m alone in my bed, stroking one out and thinking of the way you came like a freight train on my mouth, I’m going to make very good use of these.”

4. Brent always makes sure Hayden knows what is planned. He is so considerate.

Once he had her resting on top of his erection, he gripped her ass and slid her up and down, so she could experience every inch of it against her core. “Baby, I’m going to fuck you tonight. You know that, don’t you?”

3. Brent has high self esteem in his crotch area.

“No. It’s just you…you’re…”

Brent sat up, putting his face right in front of hers. He bit her bottom lip and tugged. “I’m what?” When she tried to kiss him, he dodged her mouth.

“Say it. What am I?”

“Huge,” she whispered.

“That’s right.” His hands slipped up her back and gripped her shoulders. “And you’re going to take it.”

2. And just in case you still have doubts about Brent’s self esteem…

He kissed her hard, thrusting his tongue deep. “I’m a big man, Hayden, and I fuck twice as long, and twice as hard. You’ll get used to it. And then you won’t be able to stand in the same room as me without wanting a ride.

1. Brent gives Hayden a quiz, but he tells her the answer. Kind of cheating but whatever Brent.

“I’m going to ask you some questions now. The answer to all of them is my name. You following me?”

She made a breathy sound of agreement, but apparently unsatisfied with her answer, he tugged on his fistful of her hair. “Yes. Yes!”

He filled her completely and held his hips still.

“Who gets the deepest, Hayden?”

“Brent,” she moaned.

Two quick thrusts. “Who gets fucking hot when his naughty little bad girl makes him work hard for it? Makes him wait?”

Oh God, that nearly sent her hurtling over the edge. Her muscles clenched, her thighs shook. Any minute now. “Brent!”


He asks more questions…but we all know the answer, right? *grins*

I enjoyed this one a lot. It released yesterday. Go read it and then you can sit around your Thanksgiving table and share quotes. Or maybe not. *wink*

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  1. Helyce says

    That was awesome! Guh, so sexy! I had to LOL big time at the mention of chatting it up around Thanksgiving table. My family?-no problem, but we’ll be at my husband’s sister’s–and so no, just no.

  2. Diana Doan says

    Asking for Trouble sounds great; can’t wait to read it! Thank you for the chance.
    Email: ddoan_526 [at] yahoo [dot] com

  3. says

    One of her earlier books (I think it was the same series, not sure) is reduced on amazon just now, so I downloaded that earlier to read – these ones sound great, some very sexy heroes!

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