Review: Fury of the Demon by Diana Rowland

15833153Fury Of The Demon (Kara Gillian, #6) by Diana Rowland
Urban Fantasy
Paper back
January 7, 2014

Reviewed by Tori

Favorite Quote: Some things are worth the price you pay.

Though upset with the kidnapping of fellow summoner, Idris, Kara had to take precious time to recover from the events in Touch of the Demon. Now, Kara and her demon lord lover, Mzatal, have begun the search for him. This leads them back to Earth and FBI Special Agent Ryan Kristoff. We have already learned that Ryan has secrets of his own…secrets that are buried deep in him and are causing a disruption between the two worlds. Loyalties will be tested and friendships held under the blade. As Kara and her posse search for Idris, they find themselves embroiled in a gruesome murder mystery that intertwines with Rhyzkahl and his goals. Goals they learn are far more insidious than they suspected. Goals that prove his betrayal and subsequent torture of Kara, though stopped for now, is far from finished.

As enemies and ancient secrets come to light, Kara will need everything she possesses inside her to save herself and everyone she cares about. Losing is not an option. Because losing means death.

First off, I’d like to say that this book is definitely not the best place to start this series. It’s long, convoluted, and Rowland doesn’t spend much time recapping previous events. I have been a fan of this series since the beginning. An action packed ever evolving UF with a strong base in police procedural. Our heroine, Kara Gillian, has gone from a simple demon summoner to a catalyst in the middle of a centuries old battle. Two worlds, balanced on a precipice, each one struggling to survive. This is just the beginning for Kara and her allies. The beginning of the end.

Fury of the Demon, book six in Diana Rowland’s action packed Kara Gillian series, picks up right where book five, Touch of the Demon, left off. In Touch of the Demon, Kara went through the proverbial wringer. Betrayal, deception, and torture forged a new destiny for Kara. A destiny that is beginning to open up about her past, her future, and the part she is to play in all of this. The ending left us hanging from a cliff, shaken to the core by the machiavellian turn of events. Though Fury of the Demon is a strong viable story in its own right, I do feel like this book is an indepth exploration, explanation, and continuation of book five. Some readers may call it filler but what I read was some much needed exploration of certain scenes and comments while characters previously regulated to the background are brought forward and their actions compounded upon.

Rowland continues to excel in character and world evolution. There is a distinct break from traditional UF in here that may lead some long time readers feeling uneasy. Frankly, I like the path Rowland is taking. Often in a series, once you reach a certain point, the storylines begin to read the same with minute changes. In this book, the entire base has flipped, giving us a sense of seeing everything from another viewpoint.  A fantastic balance between the fantasy and modern real life aspects continues to pulse through out the story. Complex and diversified; the world and characters draw you in and hold you hostage till the end.

Character evolution is also at a premium. I love the slow consistent evolution of all of them; especially Kara. Nothing is rushed or forced. Kara is a tough no nonsense woman who went from being a social hermit to having friends and a lover. While always a strong warrior, every book divulges deeper into her core, bringing forth a strength, compassion, and loyalty that is consistent with UF. The dialogue flows smoothly and while complicated at times, it doesn’t leave you confused or unsure of the direction we are going.

The romance continues to have a strong hold on the storyline, which in itself is unusual for UF. It doesn’t war with the arc but rather goes far in helping to move it along and reveal certain characters’ motivations and emotional grids. There are a couple of small points that bother me. One, Kara falls in lust/love quickly and often with anyone who shows the slightest interest. I have yet to buy into any of her relationships but not sure if that is because of the on going storyline or lack of chemistry. Her affairs feel convenient at times. My other point of contention is the seeming flip flopping on the differences between humans and demons. You get the feeling that demons are far more open sexually than their human counterparts. Love and desire between two people is celebrated and there are no real need to label it on this realm. If you like someone, or more then one, there are no issues to work out. You just enjoy one another.  I also get undercurrents of open and accepted homosexuality that only reinforces that feeling. Yet, we have seen jealously, name calling, and long term mating which almost seems a direct contradiction of that openness.

Multiple story lines, the introduction of new characters and plot lines; all dropping tantalizing hints as to what is coming for us now and in the future. You really need to pay attention to what’s not being said as you are pushed, pulled, and tossed around right along with Kara. We are made privy to some long anticipated secrets and stunning revelations that left me reeling and wondering where will we, where can we, go from here? And also who stole the rest of my book? Because it can’t end there! Can it?

Yes, it can. *grumble*

Diana Rowland continues to shock and awe me with this dynamic series and I can’t wait to see what she has in store with book seven, Vengeance of the Demon. Release date to be announced.



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  1. says

    Good review, it’s hard to review this one without spoiling it. I was surprised how many people didn’t like it on goodreads, I LOVE how Diana Rowland is not afraid to piss off her readers, by totally changing a character, especially if it makes sense, which it TOTALLY DID.

    • Tori says

      Thanks sweetie. Yes, so hard to not spoil and there was ALOT to spoil. lol

      I think a lot of readers wanted Rowland to redeem Rhyzkahl and/or push Kara towards Ryan. Mzatal isn’t an exciting OTT hero and their romance, at this time, is soft and sweet. Which I think Kara needs right now. Too much other drama happening in her life. I also think the change up dismayed some readers as the book really spent a majority of it’s time exploring the reasons behind the events in book 5. In my opinion it was needed and I for one loved it.

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