Smexy’s Top Ten–January 31

mittenjob10. what?

9. I’ve been going to Maryse’s book blog for a long time. I just noticed she came out with a list of romance books featuring older women with younger men. Well  hello there. She also has lists for bad boys, fighters, student/teacher etc… Definitely go check out her site.


becks118. Should we just get right to it? David Beckham is returning to the Super Bowl commercials. This year you get to vote if David Beckham should be covered or uncovered for his commercial. Ummmm. If anyone votes covered, you have lost your smexy card. I mean it. I believe you have a few more hours to vote! Go HERE.


7. Speaking of the Super Bowl, Anna Kendrick (you know from Twilight but now she does awesome movies…) has a commercial that made me giggle so much. She is so damn cute! My girl crush on her rivals that of Jennifer Lawrence.


fritolay6. Frito Lay is having a contest to come up with a new flavor of chip. They did this last year and I think Cheesy Garlic Bread won, which sounds super yum but not that far-fetched.

What flavor would you choose? As a funny, someone entered toothpaste and OJ. *we all cringe*

I’m thinking something spicy. Like horseradish and something. Roast beef? What? What would you choose? If you want to enter to win tons of money go HERE.


wannasee5. What? You can’t expect me to find appropriate Valentine Day cards. *innocent face* (link)


4. You know Jim Cantore from the Weather Channel – he is the guy that is always standing outside in 100mph hurricane winds or any type of extreme weather. Well, this week he traveled to Charlestown because snow was coming – and he ended up almost “attacked’ by a drunk college student. It really made me laugh. Jim Cantore has some moves! Never attack him! (this obviously opens the door for all drunk college kids to attack him)


AveryFlynn2PinkMaledancer3. Pink did this at the Grammys this past week. I have vowed to recreate this move with my husband for summer BBQ entertainment. I think we almost have it. (also, why is Pink so cool? I have Pink envy!)


superbowl snacks2. I googled Superbowl Snacks to see if I could find a good appetizer to bring to our party this weekend – and I was a little shocked. Half of the sites linked to superbowl snack stadiums. Do people actually create these? They are awesome – but wow. That’s a lot of effort. The other half were ‘healthy’ snacks. Umm..I don’t want to eat carrot sticks during the superbowl!  I want cheese and wings and all the fatty fatty. The superbowl lasts what – six hours? I think we can eat junk and live to tell the tale.

Then I found these:


Lil’ Smokies dressed up as football players. Yes this is happening.

1. Big weekend. Superbowl. I plan to read Jaded by Anne Calhoun. I plan to eat Lil smoky football players.


  1. CK says

    “Pink Envy” I loooove that! She’s awesome. The whole performance was great but the really jaw dropping one is her recreating the whole video of Try at the 2012 AMAs. I don’t get it, how could the toothpaste/orange not win? ;)

  2. Amanda says

    As I a novice when it comes to all things football I usually avoid the Superbowl if I can but an uncovered David Beckham may have me changing my tune.

  3. Helyce says

    I totally missed the Grammy’s last week. I Fail.

    #5-Perfect. Says it all.

    Re: Superbowl snacks-we do same old all the time. Husbo is trying something new with the wings, but I’ll make my 7-layer taco dip and call it a day.

    Get somebody to take a picture of you and K when you recreate that Pink move-cause I’ll never believe you otherwise…;)

  4. says

    Loved how Jim Cantore just keeps talking about the weather as he knees the drunk college the kid away! I watched that part like 5 times, and laughed each time.

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