Review: High Seduction by Vivian Arend

highseductionHigh Seduction by Vivian Arend (Adrenaline Search & Rescue #3)
Released: February 4, 2014
Erotic Contemporary

Reviewed by Mandi

As the chopper pilot for the elite Search and Rescue team Lifeline, Erin Tate is used to handling power. Calling the shots in the air is one thing—in the bedroom it leaves her cold. What she wants is a man strong enough to strip away her control.

Paramedic Timothy Dextor has a wildcard reputation, and the dark appetites to prove it. The only thing missing is a woman he can share them with. Landing a position on the Lifeline squad puts his old flame back within reach. He already knows what Erin needs, and this time he’s not letting her go..

But when an emergency throws Erin and Timothy together in ways they hadn’t anticipated, the stakes are raised—on the job and off. Now they’ll both discover the real meaning of control…and the risks that come from falling in love

I’m going to label this the ‘I don’t know’ review. This action packed search and rescue series is definitely more on the erotic side. So, high action and dirty sex should be hitting all my buttons but this book didn’t – and I don’t know why. Erin and Tim reunite in this one and both end up working for the same search and rescue team. Maybe part of my problem with this book is that there isn’t a lot of build up to Erin and Tim getting physical. There is a hint that they share a bad past together, but it isn’t explored that much before they hop into bed. Also introduced in this story is a BDSM theme, in a club and outside in their own bedroom. It’s actually not heavily BDSM although they both like to live that lifestyle. Personally I didn’t like this aspect – maybe because it was a lighter theme – if felt too cliché with the bdsm club and Erin saying she wanted to surrender but then not being all that fleshed out.

There is some fun action in this book – both rescues and bad guys. The sex scenes are plentiful and long. But, I found my eyes wandering a bit through the sex scenes towards the end.

I guess I just wasn’t that invested in these two. It’s not a bad book by any means. I think a lot of people will like it. It’s just an okay read for me.

Rating: C+

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  1. Helyce says

    I have not been able to get into this series either-though I really love this author and am a huge fan of her Six Pack Ranch and paranormal stories. But I struggled with book one and didn’t make it through book 2. *sigh*

    • Mandi says

      Yeah – I like her Six Pack Ranch series a lot too. This series sometimes feels too forced to have lots of sex in it.

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