Smex Scene Sunday


Hero: Travis. A mechanic who decides to make good use of a customer’s repair bill to fulfill a long standing fantasy.

Heroine: Bella. Former heiress with a slight cash flow problem who needs her car… now.

“Where do you want it? One blink for yes. Two for no. Understood?” Bella blinked once.
He moved slowly over her tongue. “On your chest?”
Two blinks.
“Maybe later for that one. All over your beautiful face?”
Two blinks.
“Again, maybe later, but likely not. Down your throat?”
One blink.

“Naughty girl. But that’s my preference too. Want my cum flowing through you, a part of you.”

Bella moaned at the visual. It was a kinky one, but she loved it. She’d always believed cum was wasted when it was deposited on a body or inside a condom. She understood safe sex and practiced it, but the feel of a lover’s cum down her throat, inside her cunt or ass… It was hot as fucking hell. And it had been way too damn long since she’d felt that kind of freedom with anyone.

But with Travis? Oh God, yes.

“Look up at me.” His voice was like gravel, rough and uneven, and she lifted her gaze.
Their eyes locked as he picked up the pace. Frantic, unsteady, unmeasured. His thrusts tested the depth of her mouth and her ability to stand on her knees. He forced himself past her gag reflex and the light in his eyes held her mesmerized.

The first spurt hit her tongue on the downward plunge into her throat. She held him against her face, his pubic hair tickling her nose. He grunted and poured himself into her. Swallowing around the head of his cock awarded her an additional tug on her hair.

“Damn, woman.”

Bella tried to smile with her eyes but she didn’t know if the message was conveyed or not. She loosened her hold on his hips and licked him clean, held him in her mouth until he began to soften.

“Now I know you need to come,” he began as he removed himself from her lips, “but I think we’re going to wait, see how long you can hold out.”

Bella’s eyes widened. “Trav—”

“This part isn’t negotiable, baby.”


“You’ll thank me in the end.” He helped her to stand and slipped his hand into the vee of her thighs at the same moment he kissed the top of her head. She leaned toward him, started to spread her legs, but he shook his head. “No. How ’bout we have dinner? I’m starving.”

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