Smex Scene Sunday – Olympic Edition


Note: This excerpt is from the first story in this bundle, Coming in From the Cold by Sarina Bowen. I have not read the other three stories in this bundle yet. But I really enjoyed this story and for the price, I’d buy the bundle just to read this one. I believe this story releases separately in May.  (I’ll be reviewing the entire collection soon!)

Hero: Dane ‘Danger’ Hollister. Olympic alpine skier. A bit reckless. Somewhat a loner due to a deep-seated fear of inheriting a deadly disease his mother and brother both suffered from. He pushes everyone away – but then he meets Willow. (He tears up when they have sex. Twice. God that’s hot.)

Heroine: Willow Reade. Getting her doctorate in psychology but also lives in a big house and raises chickens. Gets stranded on the side of the road during a blizzard with Dane by accident.

This is when they first meet – stranded in Dane’s Jeep and have ‘stranded in a blizzard sex’ because why not…


She slid nearer to him and stole his knit cap. This she tossed into the front seat, and then she scooped her hands into his hair. He wrapped her into a kiss, lifting the hem of her sweater. The sweep of his hands across her bare back combined with his tongue in his mouth was an exhilarating combination. He worked his thumbs up her torso, skimming her bra. “I want these clothes gone,” he said, his voice husky. “I swear I won’t let you freeze.”

“You first,” she whispered. Willow gripped his T-shirt in her hands and raised it over his head. Once he shrugged it off, her hands explored his chest. God, he was hard as nails under her hands. Athletes, wow. She skimmed his pecs, ducking her head to lick his nipples, which were hardened by the chill. Her hands ventured down his stomach, coming to rest on his belt buckle.

He interrupted her to tug her sweater upward.

“I said ‘You first,’” she whispered, grasping his fly.

Okay,” he said. He was probably used to being in charge. But the situation was too raw, too far outside her comfort zone to abandon all control. He cooperated, stilling himself while she worked to unzip his jeans.

When she’d managed the task, he pressed his hands down on the floor and lifted his hips, giving her free reign to tug his pants off him. She took his jeans and his briefs together, pulling them down around his thighs.

“Hell, it really is cold,” he chuckled.

She worked his jeans off of him entirely. “I’ll let you keep your socks, under the circumstances,” she said. As she said this, she let her hands begin to trace a path back up his legs, sweeping his shins, his knees.

She took her time exploring his massive quads. He was solid muscle, as if carved from wood. She pressed his thighs apart with her hands and was rewarded with a hum of expectation. Gingerly, she moved one hand further back and onto his balls, which she stroked lightly, earning a moan. Then, still not rewarding him with the touch he really wanted, she climbed onto his legs, wrapping hers around behind him. Only then did she reach down between their bodies and slip her hand around his cock. He gasped, and she nearly did, too. Because Dane was a very big boy.

“Cold now?” she whispered.

He didn’t answer. Instead he wrapped her in powerful arms and kissed her like a starving man, crushing her lips to his. As his tongue plundered her mouth, she stroked his shaft. When he groaned, she straddled him even more tightly, hugging him with her legs. The feel of his cock through the fabric of her jeans was tantalizing.


They go on to steam up the Jeep quite well *wink*

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  2. Tessa F says

    Got this when I saw your review. Love it! My favorite quote is “You and I in a vehicle together? Sounds dangerous. But I like to live on the edge.”

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