Smexy’s Top Ten – Valentine’s Day!

plow10. Love is in the air bishes! Or maybe it’s just snow, and sleet and in general miserable weather.  Hold me.


joem9. We are kicking V-Day off strong in the top ten today. Joe Manganiello in bed. OH HI JOE! Roll over because I’m comin’ in. Look at that face – he is thinking something really dirty right now.

Joe isn’t the only one in bed half naked in the new issue of W magazine. David Gandy and others… LINK.


dorito8. Perfect Valentine’s Day in my fictional world – in bed with Joe M eating the new Fried Dorito stuffed cheese stick.  Apparently this is a real thing. They are called Doritos loaded and they are testing them at certain locations in the US. You get 4 for $1.99. I’d need about 7 orders to satisfy myself.  Joe M could feed them to me in bed. And then I’d burp up Dorito breath. Wait! Not in my fictional world. *acts sexy holding a Dorito*


gus7.  Gus Kenworthy isn’t just an Olympic Skier over in Sochi right now. He is also a PUPPY SAVER. He is not only feeding them but lining up vet appointments and trying to find homes for them. You are a gold medal winner in our hearts Gus. – You can follow his story on his twitter feed.  (thx Pamela for the link!)


dumdums6. You guys. This guy and his wife stick random things in his beard and take awesome pictures.  DUM-DUMS.


Didn’t have time to make you a cake babe, so blow out my beard.



Let me clean your ears with my beard!

The fun never ends!!!  See a ton more at his Instagram account.


abiroux5.  Abigail Roux’s 2014 schedule. *grabby hands* – Both Ball & Chain (ty/zane) and Cross & Crown (nick/kelly) are up for pre-order.  We only have one more month for some new Ty and Zane! Can’t wait!!!!!


snowshakes4. Yesterday when it snowed ALL THE SNOW, my neighbor invited me down for a Whiskey Snow Shake. Mix a little sugar and milk together. Add some vanilla. Add some snow. And then a shot of whiskey. It was SO good. The kids can drink them minus the whiskey and plus chocolate syrup. And you are helping with chores by removing snow outside. The more whiskey snow shakes you have, the less you care about the hours you have ahead of you shoveling. It’s a win-win all around.  Recipe.


heartpizza3. I don’t need roses or wine or grand gestures this Valentine’s Day. I just need heart shaped pepperoni!!! True love right there.


legomovie2. We saw The Lego Movie last weekend. I’m not a huge fan of kid movies but this was sooooo cute. I want to see it again. I highly rec it! Go HERE to see a cute ‘blooper reel’ from the movie.

1. Our Valentine Day celebrations will include fondue with our kids. They are very excited. And I’ll probably get to shovel more snow. Maybe I’ll make a romantic snow-couple or something. Have a great weekend. Read something smexy! I’m just starting this boxed-set of romances – the first features an olympic skier stuck in a snowstorm…whatever will they do? *wink*


  1. says

    HAPPY VD, Mandi!!!

    Dang it. Once again I am thwarted by Florida’s inability to grow snow. I want a Whiskey Snow Shake.

    Is it bad Im not a bog fan of Doritos?

    More Ty, Zane, Nick, & Kelly. *happy sigh*

  2. Snafuzled says

    I have too many dogs to risk a Whiskey snow shake!! Live and learn, friends. I’ll stick to straight whiskey.

    I’m seeing the Lego movie with my kids this weekend for mah birthday :-)

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