Smex Scene Sunday


Hero: Winter Magnusson. Bootlegger. He is a very large, sexy man who has “impossibly thick thighs” (I approve of this)

Heroine: Aida Palmer. Spirit medium. Heavily freckled – which Magnusson finds “wildly exciting.”


“I’m considering kissing you.”

“I really wish you wouldn’t.”

He lowered his face very close to hers and smelled violets again. That drove him a little mad. His breath was coming faster. So was hers; for a moment, he watched her breasts rise and fall beneath the weight of her coat. “Why not?”

“I’m sure I have a really good reason, but you’re making it awfully hard for me to remember it.”

He chuckled.

She gave him a sheepish smile.

“Maybe you’ll even kiss me back,” he said, becoming greedy.

“I doubt that. But if you insist on trying, what could I do to stop you?”

The heated look she gave him sent a bolt of heat through his already hard cock.

Jesus. She was teasing him. For a crazed moment, he wondered if he’d been the one to start this or if she’d manipulated him. Maybe she wasn’t skittish after all.

He leaned in closer. She smelled so good, he worried he might pass out and crack his head open on the sidewalk. He could see the gossip headline in the newspaper now: Suspected Bootlegger Succumbs to Spirit Medium’s Seductive Charms, Makes Idiot of Himself. He put a hand on one of the brick posts to steady himself. “This is what’s going to happen,” he said in a low voice that sounded far surer than he felt. “I’m going to kiss you—just a kiss. I won’t lay a finger on you. And if you find you don’t like it, if you find my worth lacking, you can shove me back down the steps. Deal?”

She hesitated, just for a moment, before answering him in a threadbare whisper.

“All right.”

Something between victory and vertigo raced through his veins. He swallowed hard and lowered his mouth—near hers, but not touching. Not yet. Her breath was warm against his lips. Their noses grazed. He tried to hold his eyes open, but his eyelids were heavier than wet sand.

Her mouth was so small. For a moment, he worried over this, feeling oafish and hulking. But he was too hungry to withdraw. His pulse swished and pounded inside his ears. He closed his eyes as his lips brushed hers, testing. So soft. He felt her mouth open against his as she breathed out the tiniest moan. The reverberation that went through him was wildly disproportionate, like a whisper causing a landslide.

Keeping his promise not to touch her with his hands, he pressed careful kisses on the corner of her lips, on the big freckle he’d first noticed that afternoon when she was in his study, then on her bottom lip, tasting salt. Her mouth opened wider, and that did him in. He was lost. He kissed her fully, trying not to swallow her whole, but unable to restrain himself when she pressed back.

She was kissing him.

Every cell in his body vibrated. Warm chills ran down his arms. He lost all good sense. His tongue slid inside her mouth before he could think that this might be crossing a line, but for some miraculous reason, she didn’t resist—she moaned into his mouth and joined him.

My God, she was kissing him in the slowest, most erotic fashion that he momentarily forgot where they were. He was hard as iron, barely able to stop himself from grabbing her around the waist and pushing his hips against hers. He’d never wanted to touch anyone so badly.


I’ve talked about this book a lot this past month and realized it deserves a Smex Scene Sunday Post because some of the scenes in this book are hot! Plus the hero and heroine are so adorable together.

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  1. Michele Mills says

    What a darling kiss scene! This is that book everyone’s talking about and loving, isn’t it? *sigh*. I know I should buy it, it sounds terrific, but I can’t get past her being a “spirit medium”. My bad. :)

  2. LaurieF says

    Thanks for your rec. You convinced me. Just ordered this one as well as book one from her other series. Looking forward to both. Thanks again.

  3. JoannaM says

    Loving the excerpt. For me, the fact she’s a Spirit Medium makes this a goes-to-my-TBR . I’m a PNR addict. Thx for the excerpt ;)

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