Smexy’s Top Ten – March 21st

winter10. Is it flip flop weather yet?? Because damn it!

9. Dabwaha voting is officially underway! What is Dabwaha you ask? It’s like March Madness for college basketball but for books! 64 books have been nominated, and they move to the next round if they get enough votes. It’s too late to submit a bracket, but anyone can vote! Go here to see what books are competing in the latest round. It’s fun. Check twitter too with the hashtag #dabwaha for some fun trash talking by authors.

8. Barnes & Nobles is having a “Start a Series” sale! Lots of first books in a series are 70% off. Get shopping!

A few I recommend: The Mane Event by Shelly Laurenston.
The Iron King by Julie Kagawa
Untraceable by Laura Griffin
Backstage Pass by Olivia Cunning
Something About You by Julie James
Crux by Moira Rogers

7. Patricia Briggs announced the next Alpha & Omega book will be titled DEAD HEAT and will be out spring of 2015. I think this is a fabulous urban fantasy series (set in same world as her Mercy series). I’ve been so impressed with each book –series listing.


6. Why am I not watching Teen Wolf? Tyler Hoechlin needs my eyes on him I think. Could he be any cuter??? Do I need to watch this show?


parks5. Speaking of television – I’m on the third season of Parks and Recreation and I absolutely adore this show. It’s really, really funny – but I also love how sweet it can be. Ron Swanson might be my most favorite character. And his scenes with his ex-wife are just….EPIC. Seriously, I’m obsessed with this show. It’s streaming on Netflix and Prime. Watch it.


Also – can we just take a moment to look at this picture of Chris Pratt (who plays Andy in Parks & Rec and was the voice of Emmett in Lego movie). DAYUM. (thx Penny for tweeting this!)



4. YOU GUYS. Let me tell you a little bit about how I eat an ice cream cone. I order the kiddie size, soft chocolate cone with sprinkles from Dairy Queen. I’ve had the same order for all 35 years of my life. I lick off the sprinkles and then open my car window and knock off the ice cream until the ice cream is even with the cone. Because who wants to eat ice cream without sprinkles or a bite of cone??? And then I see a picture of this – ice cream INSIDE a cone. Every bite would include cone. Now if only every bite would include sprinkles AND cone my life would be complete. Can this please happen. (I don’t know where this cone is from – found the image on imgur).


neville3. So this is kind of old news, but I never included it on my top ten and it’s SO top ten worthy. We all remember Neville Longbottom (aka Matthew Lewis) from the Harry Potter movies, yes? Boy has grown up. Grown up real well. He is in a new BBC show called Bluestone 42. I don’t know what is happening in the above scene, but yes to all of it. Go HERE for more hot gifs.


2. This was tweeted by Rachel and brought to my attention from Lea on Twitter. These two guys are amazing!!!! (and not too shabby on the eyes *wink*) A seriously incredible performance.


cooldog1. People are weird y’all. (link)

This weekend my youngest son turns 8. He is having his party at the local roller skating rink. I haven’t roller-skated for a VERY LONG time. Keep me in your thoughts.


  1. cayenne says

    Roller skating? I haven’t done that since uni – I like my tailbone intact, TYVM. I’ll pray for you ;)

    HBD to the little guy!!

  2. Sherry H says

    If you haven’t already, go read Backstage Pass by Olivia Cunning now. Don’t eat, don’t sleep, just do it. Love that series.

  3. CK says

    2Cellos are awesome! Their album is totally worth it for “Hurt” alone. If you like strings, Escala is very good as well. Their “Finding Beauty” is terrific. :)

    As for Neville…I always thought ML was adorable, now he’s just smoking hot. LOL>

  4. says

    “then open my car window and knock off the ice cream until the ice cream is even with the cone.”

    Dude, no. It’s like I don’t even know you.

  5. Julie M. says


    Don’t forget that there is a Second Chance Bracket for Dabwaha. I don’t think you have to have played in the initial contest to signup for second chance.

    Not sure about you, but I need a second chance bad!

    You are wonderful but I have to agree with Brie. Waste ice cream? Noooo!!!

  6. Shana says

    Yes! You should watch Teen Wolf! Tyler Hoechlin is by far the hotest guy on the show, but there are many, many more hot guys on that show.

  7. says

    I love Teen Wolf and have been watching it since the beginning, but one of my friends watched the first season and didn’t care for it at all.

    Off to check out the video…

  8. Sue says

    Japan is where you want to go for that ice cream bar. They may be found in other places that I’ve not travelled to but I recognize that style of ice cream from the freezer cases of many Japanese convenience stores from when I lived there.

  9. says

    I thought Ice cream cone? What cone? That is a chocolate bar …
    We really cannot be friends Mandi, I eat the icecream but not the cone … but perhaps American cones are tastier than the Dutch ones. They are just soggy cardboard.

    • Mandi says

      Oh that’s so funny! Our cones aren’t that great – but the ones I eat are crunchy at least. Couldn’t eat soggy! :)

  10. Lani says

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I am finally out of my book slump with this list. I read Crux over the weekend, and have moved onto Something About You, which I love. I thought I was never going to find a book to catch my interest again.

    • Mandi says

      Oh good!! Both such fun books! I think the book after Crux, is my favorite in that series. And Julie James is great :)

      • Lani says

        Thanks for the heads up on the next book. I am so happy to have two new favorite writers. I love the dialogue between Cameron and Jack.

      • Lani says

        And yes, you do need to start watching Teen Wolf. I have several crushes going on in that show: Tyler Hoechlin, JR Bourne and Ian Bowen.

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