Smex Scene Sunday



Just a tiny peek into a very sexy book that releases this Tuesday….

Hero: Eric Collier. When the book opens, he is in prison (has been there for 5 years). He ends up writing dirty love letters to the prison librarian. Then he gets out….

Heroine: Anne Goodhouse. Librarian. Can’t help but feel intense lust for a prisoner. Encourages his dirty love letters. Then he gets out….

A man, touching a woman for the first time since his freedom had been taken away.

A woman, touching a man for the first time since she’d been robbed of her desire.

In a truck no less, like two eager, clueless virgins, parked at the edge of something big.

He seemed like he could do this for hours—just hold my face and nothing more. This man who had to be dying for his feast, yet he was enthralled by the candles or the soft cotton napkin, content to delay that first coveted taste a little while longer. He was steeped in awe, and I in impatience. His lips were so near, and I needed to experience them. I needed his mouth to make promises . . . to give me clues to how the rest of his body would feel.

I rubbed our noses together, but his hands firmed, keeping me from coming any closer. “Kiss me,” I murmured, the words thin with desperation.

“I only get to do it once, for the first time.”

“I’m going to die if you don’t.”


Oh this book. I’ll be posting my review on Tuesday. Goodreads l Kindle l Nook


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