Review: Island Peril by Jill Sorenson

islandperilIsland Peril by Jill Sorenson (Aftershock #3.5)
Released: May 1, 2014
Romantic suspense novella

Reviewed by Mandi

Ella Hammond heads out to Channel Islands state park near the pacific ocean for a camping trip with her sister and niece. After surviving the earthquake of San Diego years ago, she changed her college major to become a geophysicist in hopes that future research would help save lives. But now is not the time for studying as she is on this trip to have fun. The group signed up for a kayaking tour through some caves, and they landed a very hunky guide named Paul. Once they gang gets in the water, Ella’s sister becomes sick and turns back to the shore with her daughter, leaving Ella and Paul to explore all on their own. And oh do they explore – not only the caves but each other. Unfortunately, they also run into drug smugglers and get shot at! Excitement and drama!

I enjoyed this novella but just beware it’s very short (it’s also currently free!). Easily read in one sitting. Abby, Ella’s sister who gets sick, gets a full-length book this June. Anyway, back to Ella and Paul, they are cute together. Paul is a teacher and is wooed by Ella’s geeky vocabulary. They have cute, awkward flirting. There is some adventure as the bad guys try to get them – but Paul is very familiar with the area and together they run and hide and have a naughty sleep over together until they are rescued. It’s fun and cute.

I reviewed the previous books in this series (including the San Diego earthquake) here and here.

Rating: B

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