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A review – Suddenly Last Summer by Sarah Morgan (contemporary)
A review – For the Longest Time by Kendra Leigh Castle (contemporary)
A/B review – Harlequin Contemporary Box Set (contemporary)
B review – Bride of a Scottish Warrior by Adrienne Basso (historical)
B review – Dirty Angels by Karina Halle (suspense)
C+ review – Over Exposed by Stephanie Julian (erotic)
C review – Premonitions by Jamie Schultz (urban fantasy)


Running Wild Tour with SE Jakes
Secrets of Neverwood Trilogy Excerpt
Our Best of 2014…So Far

News from Mandi: Sweet Perdition by Cynthia Rayne is the first book in a new motorcycle club series and it didn’t work for me. No sexual tension and I wanted more club life. Review coming.

I finally read Warprize by Elizabeth Vaughan and it was amazing. Such a fun story – sexy. adventure, great heroine. If you’ve never picked it up I highly rec it

The Lost Year by Libby Drew is a m/m story that centers around a father looking for his runaway teen. He asks for help from a photojournalist that happened to take the kid’s pic while working on a teenage homeless story. The romance lacked in this one and I wasn’t a huge fan of the ghost. I guess it’s more of a paranormal story. Fell a bit flat for me

I DNF’d The Gentleman’s Jewel Thief by Jessica Peterson. The dialogue was too – over the top, if that makes sense. I didn’t feel like they were realistic people.

I’ve just started Where the Horses Run by Kaki Warner. Looking forward to this one.


News from Tori. I’m hot and I’m crabby. That is all. I haven’t read a lot this week as the heat has seriously drained me and all I want to do is lay in front of the freezer and sleep. We are celebrating the fourth today (on the 5th) at a huge neighborhood shindig. There will be a pig roast, mud bogging, beer, and lawnmower races. Yee Haw!

Running Wild by  S.E. Jake. Jakes’ newest M/M series revolves around the motorcycle club-Havoc. I wish I could say this blew me away but frankly, I was disappointed on all fronts. Confusing plot lines, annoying and one dimensional characters, and a romance that didn’t ring my bell left me unhappy and discontented. Review to come.

Hillbilly Rockstar by Lorelei James. Number 6 in James’s Blacktop Cowboy series brings us Dylan McClain’s story. A country music star meets his match in a tough no nonsense bodyguard who takes her job very, very seriously. A sweet romance that is generally conflict free but some mighty fine smexy times. Review to come.

Summer Rain by Ruthie Knox. This anthology offers nine short stories by new and established authors that give readers a taste of romance in various situations. All proceeds from the sale of this book goes to benefit RAINN. Review to come.

King by Jamie Begley. Begley is my crack and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed King. We learn more about Evie (some misconceptions on everyone’s part is cleared up) and Lily’s father-King. A well plotted romance and conflict blend together nicely. I love that Evie doesn’t take ANYONE’s crap. She is a strong proud woman and you either take her like she is or GTFO somewhere. One thing I love and hate about this series is the non apologetic sex that is a mainstay. I love it because it’s never made out to be wrong but I hate the women of the club are presented in a way that their only reason for being there is to have sex. Regardless, I enjoyed and am looking forward to Cash’s story.

Snow on the Bayou by Sandra Hill. DNF. I have a personal grudge against books that present characters accents phonetically.

Better Homes and Hauntings by Molly Harper. A hilarious romance suspense with two extremely socially awkward protagonists, a haunted house, a nasty ghost, and a group of secondary characters who are determined to solve this mystery or bust.  I laughed almost the entire book. Review to come.


  1. Christine says

    Glad you enjoyed Warprize; it is one of my all-time favorites! The second book, Warsworn, is a little slower, but the third, Warlord, is just as great as Warprize.

  2. Margo Bond Collins says

    I’ve been considering Better Homes and Hauntings; your comment made my decision for me. Thanks! :)

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