Smex Scene Sunday


Hero: Marcos. Underground fighter. Gang Member. Car stealer. Wants to live a better life but the opportunities just aren’t there. Gets into a car accident involving the heroine and stays to make sure she is okay. Gentleman.

Heroine: Katie. High School history teacher. Feels much chemistry after meeting Marcos. Puts an ad on craigslist personal. Finds him. Stubborn and spirited.

Instead of posting an actual sex scene, I’ll post my favorite scene in this book – when Katie puts one last ad on craigslist to invite Marcos over for a night of sex….and then he shows up…(at this point he doesn’t feel worthy of Katie’s affections….)


“Who is it?” she called, her voice caught between a rasp of hope and fear.

She wasn’t even sure what she wanted the answer to be. Grayson was annoying but safe. She could snap at him and send him on his way like she had the thousand other times he’d shown up at her door.

As for the other possibility…

“You know who it is, chica.”

Katie sucked in a startled breath, that combination of fear and lust slamming directly into her solar plexus.

Ohmigod. Ohmigod. Ohmigod.

He showed up.

What seemed like a great idea two glasses of wine into her bath, was a lot more terrifying when the possibility was looking her in the eye, and she was wearing nothing but pink panties and a shaggy blue robe she’d had since high school. Her eyes were wide as she stared at the door. “You don’t have to open it,” he said on the other side, his voice resigned rather than angry, as if he could sense all her fears in the silence. “It’s probably better if you don’t.”

[after she opens the door…]

Marcos stood there, protected from the storm under the shelter of the awning over her porch. His short dark hair was wet but standing up in inky spikes as if he’d run his hands through it repeatedly. The tight plain blue shirt he wore clung to his powerful chest and muscular arms like a second skin. The light from the house reflected in his pale eyes, making the emotion swirling in them stark and undeniable as his gaze ran over her standing there in nothing but the robe. The low dip in it must have made it obvious there wasn’t much beneath it.

“Ay Dios mio,” Marcos choked, his voice low in a way that made all the fine hair on Katie’s arms stand on end. He shook his head, as if doubting his claims that he didn’t need anything from her. “You shouldn’t have opened the door, cariño.”


She stopped when he grabbed her hand on the door and pulled her forward. Her nerves were such, she would have tripped, but Marcos caught her and wrapped his other arm around her back to keep Katie on her feet. He smelled really good, like soap and man and rain, all things raw and natural. She closed her eyes, needing a few seconds to feel everything about this moment. Her emotions, her thoughts, her heartbeat, and the sharp, hard breaths she found herself taking. Everything was going wild, as if her world had just exploded in a prism of colors after a lifetime of nothing but black and white.

“One night.” Marcos sounded breathless too. As if he was experiencing that same coiling burn in the pit of his stomach that Katie was. “Then you kick my ass out of your house and promise to never post another message on craigslist.” He ran his fingers up her arm, tracing the scars the accident had left her with. “Try to forget I ever happened.”

She blinked at that, the frown marring her forehead before she even grasped the full meaning of his words. When she did, she shook her head in denial. “No.” She couldn’t promise that. Just couldn’t. She wasn’t going to give this feeling up for anything. She wasn’t going back to black-and-white again. “No way.”

“Promise, Katie,” Marcos urged, sounding hard in a way that made it obvious he wasn’t used to people arguing with him. “Do it, and I’ll—” His voice cracked as his gaze slipped back down to the curve of her breasts. Some of the fierceness left, replaced with a smooth, compelling tenor that melted like honey off his tongue. “I’ll make it good. Very good.”


You guys – he makes it good.

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  1. Deb says

    Hell yeah, he does. Just finished this book and it was great. Packed full of intensity, it was a fast read that nonetheless left me totally satisfied. Kele Moon quickly immerses you into a pithy world that has been done many times, yet…the characters were vibrant, the story so poignant that it was all fresh. Looking forward to the next one.

    • Deb says

      You’re very welcome. But thank YOU! I respect the hell out of good writing and a good story. Yours is great, chica. LOL

  2. says

    I adored this book. Well, I actually adore ALL her books. Marcos and Katie were perfect for one another and I love the journey Moon takes them down to finding their HEA. Now, ready for Chu’s story. :P

  3. Mari says

    I am squealing in happy delight over “Viper.” Just what I needed today. Loved Marcos, loved their story in all it’s sexy messy un-PC glory. This romance made me happy. And the ending! *sighs in delight* . Lovely. Great read.

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