Test Your Regency Filth: A Quiz


  Test Your Regency Filth: a quiz   Test your knowledge of filthy Regency slang and the dark side of human linguistic inventiveness with this simple quiz! There are twelve words. Three of them mean testicles, three mean penis, three refer to anal sex, and three are for pimps and brothel-keepers. Can you work out […]

Smex Scene Sunday

viscount's wager

Hero: Anthony. As a young man, falls in love with Gabriel, but Gabriel gets married to a woman. Curse the fates!! Will they ever find each other again? Hero: Gabriel. Loves Anthony, but feels guilty and tries to prove to himself he can desire a woman. Then she dies and the guilt he feels over […]

Review: Sharp Love by Ava March


Sharp Love by Ava March (Gambling on Love #2) Historical M/M Released: June 9, 2014 Carina Press Reviewed by Mandi In a rare turn of events, this Ava March book didn’t work for me. I am usually captivated by her emotional depth and sultry love stories but I found Sharp Love to be flat and […]

All In with the Duke Blog Tour *Giveaway*


Earlier today I reviewed (and enjoyed) All in the with Duke by Ava March. Now she is here with a fun top ten list!   Top 10 Reasons Why It’s Great to be the Duke 10. You have money. Lots of it. 9. You have land. Lots of it. 8. You have servants. Lots of […]

Review: All in with the Duke by Ava March


All in with the Duke by Ava March (Gambling on Love #1) Released: November 11, 2013 M/M Historical Romance Carina Press Reviewed by Mandi It’s been quite awhile since I’ve had a new Ava March book in my hands. I really enjoy this author’s voice and this one is definitely not only one of her […]

Review: Rogues by Ava March

Rogues by Ava March (Brook Street #3) Historical M/M Romance May 7, 2012 Novella Carina Press Reviewed by Mandi Linus Radcliffe and Robert Anderson have been best friends for twenty years. They have built up quite the reputation in London as being rogues. Women flock to them, and they often use and lose them as […]

Review: Fortune Hunter by Ava March

Fortune Hunter by Ava March (Brook Street #2) Historical M/M Romance April 9, 2012 Carina Press Reviewed by Mandi Julian Parker has spent the last 10 years in Philadelphia. Born into the "other" Parker family, his parents were not the wealthy, socially acceptable Parkers that the London ton loves and adores. His family had problems […]

Review: Thief by Ava March

Thief by Ava March (Brook Street #1) March 19, 2012 M/M Historical Romance Carina Press Reviewed by Mandi Lord Benjamin Parker is pretty sure he is gay, but having never been with a man, he wants to test out his suspicion. Rumor has it that Clements gambling hell caters to his sort of persuasion. So […]

Smex Scene Sunday

As his hands roamed over Cavin’s back, his hips, his firm arse, Benjamin reveled in the blunt honesty of their kiss. The stark unbridled lust, the voracious need. Nothing tempered. Nothing held back. Why the hell had he waited so long to experience this? Bloody fool. Cavin’s hand fisted in Benjamin’s hair to tug his […]

Smexy’s Top Ten–January 13th

10. After months of our toilets gurgling every time they are flushed, we decided we might have a septic problem. And we are talking big time gurgling – I mean those suckers were angry. So now we need an entire new drywell. Awesome. I can’t wait for my back yard to be dug up and […]