Review: Colin by Sotia Lazu


Colin by Sotia Lazu (Threefold #1) Released: March 19, 2015 Erotic Self Published Reviewed by Mandi I accepted this review request because the author mentioned this: Although the trilogy eventually involves m/f/m and m/m, this part is m/f and includes voyeurism. This is book one of three, so there is no HEA. I’m a sucker […]

Review: Pucked by Helena Hunting


Pucked by Helena Hunting Released: May 3, 2015 Erotic Contemporary Romance Self Published Reviewed by Mandi Jane from Dear Author rec’d this book to me, and we have pretty similar tastes in our reading so I listened up. She also said it contained toilet humor, and being the only female in my house, I am […]

Wicked Wednesday Review: Protecting Fate (Serve #6) by Katee Robert


 Protecting Fate by Katee Robert Contemporary Romance/BDSM Erotica Released March 17, 2015 Entangled Brazen Reviewed by Sheena Her body was his to protect. And to own… The sixth installment of the naughty series that is set at the exclusive club of proclivity, Serve, where anything goes, no desires are taboo and on the right floor, you […]

Review: Taken by Charlotte Stein


Taken by Charlotte Stein (Under the Skin #3) Released: April 14, 2015 Erotic Romance Avon Impulse Reviewed by Mandi First, this cover represents nothing about this book. So disregard! I read the first page of this book, and immediately cuddled into my couch a little tighter. Stein’s voice, her characters and her erotic words make […]

Review: Stepbrother Master by Ava Jackson


Stepbrother Master by Ava Jackson Released: March 25, 2015 Erotic Romance Self Published Reviewed by Mandi Off the top of my head, I think this is the first “Stepbrother” romance I have read. I honestly thought it would be more taboo-feeling than it turned out to be. Emma’s mom is on marriage four and has […]

Wicked Wednesday: Step-Sibling Romance

A new feature at Smexy Books! Each hump day we will discuss an erotic topic, or a particular scene from a book and then later in the day we will review an erotic book. I can’t guarantee the book we review will be a recommendation (for example, the book reviewed later today is not getting […]

Review: Misfits by Garrett Leigh


Misfits by Garrett Leigh Released: March 16, 2015 M/M/M Romance Riptide Reviewed by Mandi I haven’t read a good male/male and oh yeah – one more male book in a while. I like this author’s voice – there is a decent amount of sex and it kind of follows the predictable pattern of two of […]

Review: Personal Geography and Intimate Geography by Tamsen Parker

personal geography

Personal Geography (The Compass #1) Released: 12/1/2014 Erotic BDSM Self Published Reviewed by Mandi Powerhouse consultant India Burke is notorious for her razor-sharp mind, her incisive tongue, and for always being in control. But during her “lost weekends”—out-of-town, one-and-done, anonymous rendezvous solely for the purpose of kinky sex—she craves a submissive role. Cris Ardmore, India’s […]

Review: The List by Anne Calhoun


The List by Anne Calhoun Released: March 3, 2015 Erotic Romance Berkley Reviewed by Mandi Anne Calhoun gives us a more serious and somber erotic story of two people working their way through the first year of their relationship. From meeting, to having sex, to marriage and then divorce, Daniel and Tilda have quite the […]