Smexy’s Top Ten–December 16th

Pinned Image10. My Week – As you read this I’m making gingerbread houses with the Kindergarten class. They frost/glue graham crackers to the little cardboard milk containers they use at lunch. It works really well and turns out so cute. On a totally unrelated note, I love that ornament.  (Thanks Angie for the pic!)

9. Big news from Nalini Singh. Are you ready? The next Guild Hunter book will be titled Archangel’s Storm and will be Jason’s book!! Who the heck is he? The angel with the black wings….oh yes. I’m ready. Comes out September 2012.


True Colors (Elder Races #3.5)8. True Colors by Thea Harrison is now out! A Elders Race novella (#3.5), published through Samhain  Tori has read it and she says:

Ever since Mandi told me I had to read Dragon Bound, I have been a fan of Thea Harrison’s Elder Race series. Exciting plots, smoking hot romance, eccentric characters, and hilarious dialogue keeps you glued to the pages as you watch these ancient races deal with modern times and mates. True Colors is a small novella that’s nestled between Serpent’s Kiss and the soon to release Oracle Moon.

Someone is killing and preforming rituals on a small almost extinct species of wyrs. Alice Clark doesn’t expect to arrive at her friend’s house and find her brutally murdered. When a the large wyr appears in the apartment, Alice hides, believing he is the killer. Gideon Riehl arrives at the apartment a few minutes after Alice. He is a detective with the Wyr division of the NYPD and believes the killing is linked to a serial killer he has been hunting. When he and Alice meet face to face-they know they are meant to be together. Now Gideon has more then just a killer to catch; he has a mate to protect because he’s positive Alice is next on the killer’s hit list

A sweet, sexy, and satisfying full bodied story that balances the mystery of the killer with the romance between two very different yet perfectly compatible people. I love that we are able to meet and learn about different wyrs and get clues to future story lines. True Colors is the perfect little niblet to satisfy any cravings you may have while waiting for Oracle Moon to release. My only problem? It wasn’t longer. :( I give it a B+. (Kindle, Samhain, Goodreads)


7. I saw this tweeted this morning from the Heroes and Heartbreakers crew. A Rhage action figure. *giggle snort* I’m diggin’ the tattoo. However, his skin looks a little jaundice…poor Rhage.


6. Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows is out today. It’s been too long since I’ve drooled over the scruffy and delicious, RDJ.


5. I need to expand on my lust over Michael Fassbender from last week’s post. When the post went up, I didn’t realize Fass was going to be in a movie called, Shame, where he plays a sex addict and shows off his peen throughout the movie. (Yes..I said shows off his peen). According to this article:

One minute in: In the very first shot of the movie, a nude and glassy-eyed Fassbender lays splayed out on his bed, his lower half covered only by a haphazardly applied bedsheet. After a long beat, he climbs out of his bed, logging his first full-frontal moment.

Smexy approves of this. But wait….

Two minutes in: After having sex, Fassbender walks around his apartment and checks his answering machine messages (people still have those?) in a routine fashion. He remains full frontal throughout.

Wow – what will happen in the other 90 minutes of this movie o_O. I do believe this isn’t happy happy joy joy sex movie.  I think he has a sad peen. But that’s okay y’all. I think we can all suffer through it.


4. From sad peen to balls *ahem* I made my annual oreo balls this week. I don’t like oreo cookies. But these oreo balls are so damn good! All you do is take a pack of oreo cookies and crunch them up in a food processor until they have the consistency of coffee grounds. Add one block of cream cheese and mix in processor until well blended. Then roll (roll your balls gently now) into one or two inch balls and place on wax paper. Throw into the refrigerator for an hour and then dip into melted chocolate. I use semi-sweet chocolate because the balls are so sweet. It ends up tasting like a chocolate truffle. A redneck truffle, but one nonetheless.

I put xmas sprinkles on them too in the picture above. I also put my balls on santa’s face. (inappropriate?).


image3. You guys know that I have two boys, so when my brother and his wife had a little baby girl a few months ago, I may have been a tiny bit excited. Give her a few years, and we will be squeeing over the next JR Ward book together. I’m also pretty sure that she started to say “Qhuay” a few days ago. That is a good first word indeed. *ahem* But love of romance books is not the only thing we will bond over. While she comes over in her cute little green dress, I must dress her appropriately….


She loves Brandon Flowers too?? I knew it! Her father was so happy that I bought her this. *giggle*


2. Oh man…this guy put his scarf on but forgot the rest of his clothes! Pic from the fab, Coffee and Porn in the Morning (Wine and Sex in the Afternoon) Blog written by authors Marie Sexton and Heidi Cullinan. It’s a fun site.

1. Having the neighbors over for some Christmas celebrations this weekend as well as finishing up a few things left on my Christmas shopping list. The stores won’t be busy, right?


  1. jaymzangel says

    I am LMAO over this post, Fassy’s sad peen & Oreo balls…and drooling over scruffy RDJ & Jason’s book…and Fassy’s sad peen ;)

  2. Adam V says

    Being Mandi’s brother, I am not sure what upsets me more:

    1. My 4 month old daughter is now affiliated with this smut site.

    2. She has a Brandon Flowers onesie.

    3. She wasn’t ranked #1 on this list.


  3. says

    OMG, I’m so ready for a RDJ fix! LOVE HIM!!!

    I have to say I’m not diggin Rhage’s comb over or the jaundice skin! o_O

    Aunt Mandi is gonna keep her niece in the know as well as the most important fashion, lol!

    Oh, I am so all over Coffee and Porn in the Morning after that pic!

  4. says

    You taught your niece to say Qhay? No words.

    I heard the man lust between RDJ and Jude Law is fierce in this latest Sherlock movie.

    Um, where’s my Oreo balls? *taps foot*

    • Mandi says

      Well she is 5 months I may have exaggerated the qhuay. But it will be her first word! LOL

      I’m all for man lust! :)

  5. Redzsm says

    All of us here love that you peddle smut to your 5 month old niece & put your balls on Santa’s face!! You are ONE OF A KIND Miss Smexy :)

    Scarf man is Nice!! Rawr!

  6. Kaetrin says

    @Beth yes it is. I have a friend who became acsinated with “the Flying Fassy” after watching 300.

    @Smexy. 300 is weel worth a look for all the very buff bodies and the naked Gerard Butler scene alone. Not a HEA type movie but much eye candy!!

    Love this top ten – um, Rhage’s hair (let’s call it hair for now at least) appears to be removable?

    So cool you are starting on the niece corruption so early. :)

    I’m off shopping today. I think they sell Oreo’s here (I’m in Australia) but if not maybe I can substitute one of the Arnott’s brand. Maybe the Delta Creams. Mmmmm. I shall report back!

  7. Kaetrin says

    NB the word “weel” could have been a typo but I prefer to think of it as a Scottish reference to Gerard Butler. ….wish he’d do a sad peen movie…

  8. says

    I look forward to hearing you confirm your niece’s first words as Qhuay!

    @Ferisha – LOL! Is it just me that was wishing the scarf was a wee bit smaller?

    I so need to get on and read the Archangel books – I haven’t read Archangel’s Consort yet! I do have Kiss of Snow though, so I am almost caught up!

    I adore your top ten lists Mandi! *hugs*

  9. Redzsm says

    How have YOU never seen 300?!?! That’s the most sexy “ab”tastic alpha male movie there ever was!! You need to get on that girl! Its definately worth a gander!

  10. helyce says

    Mandi, girl, you need to watch 300. I really don’t remember what it was about, but I do seem to recall nearly naked men for 99% of the movie. Good times! Your niece is adorable! Why is it I don’t know who Fassbender is? What else has he been in? Clearly I’ve missed out on something important. As for the Rhage doll, c’mon, really? Doesn’t he have blonde hair? The dragon tat isn’t at all what I pictured-I imagined more color for some reason.

  11. says

    <blockquoteWow – what will happen in the other 90 minutes of this movie o_O.

    Um, do we care what happens in the rest of the movie? Is there anything in there more important than full frontal Fassbender? I think not.

    Your niece is adorable. It is so fun to have nieces! I am totally enamored of mine. I told her she will be big enough to hang out with just as mine become teenagers and start to hate me. She has crazy curly hair like me so I said I will be a good aunt and teach her all about good product (and hot books!)

  12. says

    HAHAHA Mandi you kill me. Sad peen!!! I can’t wait to see Shame but it’s a depressing film so I gotta be in the right mind-frame. Also the dude who remembered his scarf and forgot his clothes had me giggling. Thank you!

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