Review: Lucky in Love by Jill Shalvis

Lucky in Love (Lucky Harbor, #4)

Lucky in Love by Jill Shalvis (Lucky Harbor #4)
May 22, 2012
Contemporary Romance
Grand Central

Reviewed by Mandi

I really enjoy the Lucky Harbor series by Jill Shalvis. The first three books centered around three sisters, each finding love. Now Jill Shalvis turns the attention of the series to three girlfriends, and their quest to help each other in the romance department. We meet Mallory (town good girl), Amy (town bad girl) and Grace (the new one in town), who end up meeting together at the “Eat Me” diner (owned by Amy) for their regular “Chocoholics Meetings.” Where they eat chocolate cake and express the woes of their love lives.

It’s Mallory’s turn to star in this book. Mallory is an ER nurse at the hospital in Lucky Harbor. Her mother is also a nurse there, and her sister works in housekeeping. Mallory tries to be her family’s rock. Her other sister died years ago and Mallory has much guilt over it. Her living sister and her brother are very wild and Mallory feels a lot of stress that their lives could spiral out of control. So Mallory always lives a very responsible life never to disappoint anyone. When a freak snow storm hits Lucky Harbor while she is at the diner with her girlfriends, she meets a new man. Well, not really a new man. He is known by the town as “Mysterious Cute Guy,” (on the town’s facebook page) and lands at the step of the diner, with a concussion from a fallen tree during this very dangerous storm. As Mallory is a nurse, she runs to his aid. Dazed and confused, Mysterious Cute Guy is a little out of it. As the girlfriends were just discussing how Mallory doesn’t have a date to a benefit dinner, Amy, using her “bad girl” skills, tells Mysterious Cute Guy that since Mallory saved him during this storm, he is going to be her date. Mallory doesn’t think he will remember saying yes as he is carted away in an ambulance.

A few days later, Mallory is at the fundraiser, with a few jitters that Mysterious Cute Guy just might show up. Embarrassed to not even know his name, she turns around and there he is.

Ty Garrison is no longer a Navy SEAL medic. After losing his team/four closest friends in an accident overseas, unable to save them, he still has not healed emotionally from that. He quit the SEALs and has started doing missions for a private contractor. But he has injured his leg, and needs  a lot of rehabilitation. His friend Matt, who lives in Lucky Harbor encouraged him to rent a house in the small town until he was done his rehabilitation. Ty never smiles and is convinced he will never get over the death of his four friends. He spends his spare time working on classic cars and keeping away from everyone. But, even though his memory of the freak snow storm night is blurry, he can’t forget Mallory’s warm eyes and soft care of him. So that is how he finds himself at the fundraiser, with all eyes on him.

I’m really happy Jill Shalvis is introducing us to three new couples in the fun town of Lucky Harbor. This series is really sexy and funny and I always recommend it to people looking for great contemporary romances. While I did like this book, it didn’t quite capture me like the previous books did. I think part of it is being introduced to new characters and having to learn all of their personalities. I also think while Mallory and Ty have a very sexy relationship, it felt a little too formulaic. Ty doesn’t want a relationship, and has bad nightmares from his time overseas. Mallory says she doesn’t want a relationship, but after having sex, wants more. They come together because they are so attracted to each other, then push each other away. Then come together again. It was kind of the same thing throughout the whole book and it just felt like something was missing. It just didn’t quite have that same spark as previous relationships in this series. 

But I did still enjoy it. There are some very sexy scenes in this one and I love this town and the crazy elderly people who rule the gossip with their facebook page. I can’t get enough of Lucille and her funny antics. As she gets in front of the town to help defend Mallory and her new clinic:

Lucille was so short that the microphone was about a foot above her head. This didn’t stop her. “A Health Services Clinic would be nice,” she said, head tipped up toward the microphone, her blue bun all aquiver. “Because then, if I thought I had the clap, I’d have a place to go.”

The audience erupted in laughter.

“What?” she said. “You think I’m not getting any?” She turned and winked at Mr. Murdock in the third row.

And we get set up for the next book with Amy and her very mysterious relationship with the Forest Ranger Matt. I can’t wait to find out what secrets they are hiding.

Rating: B-

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  1. says

    I really liked this one. Especially because it was about them falling in love and dealing with their issues, there was no need for external conflict or bad guys. It was a bit slow at parts, but very enjoyable. The guys from the first trilogy were larger than life, and these three are a bit more subtle about it, same with the ladies, although Mallory was very similar to Maddie ;) So I think that’s what’s missing about it. It’s a different set of books and the originals cast a bit of a shadow.

    • Mandi says

      I can’t help but compare this book to Ford and Sawyer, who I loved. I definitely liked this book, it just didn’t have the same feeling. I have the next one, going to read it soon.

      • says

        her music was dope, whatever that means . I think Brit is awsmoee, and her music old, and new is sweett! if you agree with meh, comment plz thx

  2. says

    Despite the fact that I wanted to smack both Mallory and Ty for continuing to push each other away, I liked this one! And like you, I can’t WAIT to see what the deal is with Amy and Matt!!

  3. Helyce says

    I’ve only read a few of Jill Shalvis’ books and every time you review one of these Lucky Harbor books I know I should pick it up. I love a contemporary set in a small town! And Ty being an X SEAL…very cool! Hopefully I can get to her back list this summer.

  4. says

    Jill Shalvis has a knack for writing the characters doing boneheaded things that drive me up the wall but she always does it in a way that I still love the heck out of the book.

    I totally understand what you mean about the push and pull between Ty and Mallory but this was still a good read.

    Great review.

  5. Lexi says

    It is a crazy town, but it grows on you doesn’t it? I loved the books about the sisters, guess it would be hard to try top those stories. Still I think worth picking up, nice review!

    • Mandi says

      Oh, def worth picking up. I love this town and the next two heroines have secrets. I always like that :)

  6. says

    I still need to start reading this series/author, and seeing the reviews about those books all over bloglandia, sure makes me anxious. But for now, no time for a new author, let alone such a prolific one. If I like her writing, I just know I have to own all her books.

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