Smexy’s Top Ten–August 17th

10. The Olympics are over. Magic Mike is done. What the hell am I going to talk about today? It’s a sad, bleak top ten y’all. Well, it was until David Beckham showed us his ginormous bulge yesterday. But I’m going to make you wait to see it. I can’t give away the good this early. Let me court you for a few numbers first.

9. Are you guys fans of the ABC Family/Hallmark channel Christmas movies? I may have been known to watch these on occasion. Even when it isn’t the holiday season. Lisa Kleypas has announced her book, Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor is going to be a movie this December. They are changing the title to Christmas with Holly. Sean Faris (above) will play Mark. I haven’t read this book, but I did read the next book in the series, Rainshadow Road and enjoyed it. I might have to sneak this one is before I watch the movie. For more info, go here.

8. Book 14 of The Dresden Files, Cold Days will be out November 27th! Hooooray! I’m a few books behind – I’ve been listening to this series in audio. I plan to be all caught up though come this November. This is one of my favorite series. For more info including the blurb, go here.

7. Fans of the Cut & Run series by Abigail Roux. Just in case you are not aware, Abigail has a tumblr, and she does a really great job with torturing her ‘minions’ on it. Just this week she slyly started mentioning a character named, Liam Bell, who we can only assume will make an appearance in the next book – maybe even trying to woo our beloved Ty away? Her answers often make me laugh out loud. She is super funny. Also, Fiction Vixen currently has a great interview/giveaway with lots of good info.

6. It’s a sad day in the book world. Clandestine Press has announced they will be basically “Fifty-Shading” literary classics. Making our beloved Elizabeth and Darcy engage in explicit acts. An excerpt from Jane Eyre

“Now to rid you of these garments to properly redden your backside.”
“Sir!” The word was more an entreaty than a plea for leniency; I had goaded my master to this very end.

How he did it, I wasn’t quite sure, but he secured my dress and at once loosened my undergarments so that they tumbled to the earth, acting as a binding for my ankles. Thus I was virtually trussed and tied, half-naked and dreading—nay, anticipating—the first sting against my bare buttocks.

“Ask for it, Jane. Ask for your master’s punishment that you might atone for your behaviour.”

Hold me. It’s bad enough Darcy has been turned into a vampire, or that zombies invade other classics. But now Jane Eyre has to ask for her master’s punishment. SIGH. Just sigh.


5. Did everyone see the closing ceremonies of the Olympics? I totally didn’t. But, thankfully we have this lovely video of David Gandy talking about his experience.

Favorite part: How did you prepare for you part in the show? Gandy responds = I was only walking, so I’ve been preparing for that since I was a baby.

Snort. I lurve him.


4. Oh Downton Abbey. How I love thee. Above is the promo trailer for Season 3. *bites lip* I fear for Matthew and Mary!!! Oh my. UK gets to see it next month. US gets to see it in January.


3. Ok. I’ve made you wait long enough. Becks shared some photos on his Facebook yesterday from his new Bodywear line for H&M.

Beckham bulge. Even better, he is sporting an amazing mustache. Bulge+Becks+’Stache=Lady Boner. Am I right? I mean his junk is just….it must take some muscle to not topple over forward.

As part of this bulge campaign, H&M apparently have put statues of Becks around the US. It’s like a bulge scavenger hunt.

Can I have this for my front yard? Maybe turn it into a fountain?

Need more? Go to Beckham’s Facebook Page.

2. Just because the Olympics are over doesn’t mean we have to stop obsessing over the lovely athletes. Thanks to Definition of a Man blog, we have pages and pages (and pages) of abs, and scantily clothed men we can admire for some time to come. 

1. Friday is in full swing. The weekend is here. I hope you all have some fun and find a good book to read! And if you spot a Beckham statue, I expect a picture!


  1. Norma says

    So funny! Love your top 10, but I have say I absolutely did NOT notice the facial hair on Becks. How did you? I love facial hair, but I was a bit, um, distracted. :)

  2. says

    I’ve already worn the Ty shirt I got at AAD. I doubt anyone in Mississippi has any idea what it means, but I do –and that’s good enough!!

    I am sick to death over the 50-shading of the classics. We’re really scraping the bottom of the barrel here, people.

    (*sigh*) Maybe I’ll just watch that Gandy video again.

  3. May says

    ooh I bet they have a becks statue in SF… I should go see… I’m still giggling about Mr. B and his monster junk. Oh my.

    HOORAY for NEW Dresden!! I’m only on book 9, I may never catch up but I don’t really want to because I savor those massive books sooo much.

    As much as a filthy skank as I am, editing the classics is a SIN. Pretty sure those who do find themselves burning in hell, just sayin. Leave Mr. Darcy alone damnitall!! Even the Bronte books though I’m not a fan – let them be!! ugh.

    Finally, I wish you a lady boner filled weekend…

  4. says

    His junk looks even bigger on the statue! It’s like a giant ‘look here’ sign. The sun could glint off that bulge and blind someone. Ah, to be the lucky sculptor who got to craft Beck’s junk. I hope the dude puts it on his resume.

  5. Sarah A says

    A couple friends have recommended Jim Butcher to me, I guess the next series I’ll be trying is the Dresden Files!

  6. says

    “Can I have this for my front yard? Maybe turn it into a fountain?”

    I like the way you think. That bulge is just….goodness.

  7. Selena Mc says

    I’m so unhappy about the “Fifty-Shading” of the Classics, but you made me happier with sexy pics of Gandy & Becks!! I thanks ya!

  8. Michael Cain says

    Cold Days…I’m so freaking happy their’s a due date. Thank you for posting it…and the cover…and that great Beckham pic :)

  9. says

    I like the news about Lisa Kleypas’ book being made into a movie. I do wonder if it will be on the air in Holland though. A good book.
    I have the first two Jim Butcher books on my shelves, someday, I will start reading.
    Bad news about this abuse of the classics. Why can’t those authors make something up themselves?
    Lol, Beckham Bulge statues! Will your husband approve?
    Have a great weekend you all :)

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