Smexy’s Top Ten–September 21st


Embedded image permalink10. Someone knit this for me immediately. I need this in the morning. No one is allowed to talk to me if you can’t see my face. This will be the new rule. My head will slowly emerge as I drink my coffee. With a straw. (Thanks Molly!)

Motorcycle Man (Dream Man, #4)9. I’ve been blabbing all over Twitter about this book, but one last time I need to recommend it to everyone. Seriously one of the best Alpha-hole, stubborn heroes I have read. Yet…while Tack is a jerk, he has this soft spot for the heroine and by the end I was a mess! I love Tack. And his heroine, Tyra. Seriously, this book is SO much fun. The things that Tack says – O.M.G. Crack. CRACK I tell you! I highly recommend it.  Kindle l Nook l Goodreads

For more about this author and her books – Tori and Amy posted awhile back about why her books are crack, and Angela James posted the ten reasons why you should read MM at Dear Author this week.

8. Julie James has posted the cover of Love irresistibly on her blog. I love her covers! And I love her books. We have to wait until April for this one. *sobs* She has the blurb and a small excerpt on her blog in interested.

7. Maya Banks has announced a new trilogy coming next year, featuring three best friends. From the press release:

The series follows three billionaires—Gabe Hamilton, Jace Crestwell and Ash McIntyre—who are best friends and business partners.  The men dominate both in the boardroom and in the bedroom.  Each novel in the trilogy will explore the relationship of one of the men as he discovers the woman he will love.

Rush, the first book in the Breathless trilogy will be published in February 2013, followed quickly by the second book Fever in April 2013 and the conclusion Burn in August 2013.

What do we think? Are we excited for billionaires? Would it matter if the dudes were just $100,000aires? LOL. I wonder sometimes. I’ll totally read this though. You can read more at Maya’s site.

6. Why don’t I watch The Vampire Diaries????  Anyway, if you are a fan, E News has a clip from this upcoming season of Damon and Stefan arguing over the lovely lady. Oh to be her *dreamy sigh* Go HERE to watch it. The season premieres October 11.


O Come All Ye Kinky5. O Come All Ye Kinky. Best title ever? This anthology coming from Riptide this December features stories from Joey Hill, Ava March, Katie Porter, LA Witt and a lot more. 20% of the proceeds to go a domestic violence charity as well. Read more about it and pre-order it HERE.


4. *Whispers* – Lady Boner Alert! Smexy Books reader Helen emailed me this video this week, and let me tell you. I stopped what I was doing and watched it over, and over. Ben Cohen was a rugby player turned activist. He fights against bullying and homophobia. Which is just so awesome – and HE IS HOT. In this video he is hairy, and dirty, in his tighty whities. He is swinging from ropes and picking up heavy objects. Let’s all just take a moment. Not sure if there is anything better. Enjoy. And thank you Helen.

You can pre-order the calendar HERE.


Popinator3. You guys. I need this. Called ‘The Popinator’ it is a voice activated popcorn machine. You say the word ‘pop’ and it shoots a popcorn at you! Watch the first 5 seconds of this video”

So it’s not for sale…but damn it. I would buy it. I also demand a Peanut M&Minator and a Fun Size Snickerinator. And a Squirt O’Wineinator. Yes. my fingers would never have to leave my Kindle. .

Read more HERE.


Chris Evans on Becoming: Chris Evans2. When did Chris Evans become so hot? Or has he always been this hot? Is it the beard? *Le Rawr* Go to Square Hippies to see a really cute interview with him.

Also, I think I’ve mentioned this site before but Square Hippies is a FUN site. With the tag line ‘worksafe shirtlessness’ it delivers hot men safe for work. Sometimes you don’t need the Peen, alright! (wait, what?)

Like Matt Bomer in a boxing ring, or screen shots of Jayson Blair in The New Normal shirtless, or Henry Cavill in a new movie. This site will suck you in.


Tom Hardy by Alasdair Mclellan1. Tom Hardy wants you all to have a Smexy Friday. He is going to be spending it with me of course, but we wish you a happy Weekend. Read something good! (I’ll be reading his tatts)


  1. says

    “Would it matter if the dudes were just $100,000aires?”

    As if. I wouldn’t waste my time.

    Sigh, I love Tack. You are going to wish you hadn’t started KA. I swear you will.

    • Mandi says

      Bahaha. No love for the middle class? Fine, I guess our fantasy men must be wealthy. ;)

      KA is so addicting. Tell me to stop buying her books. Do it! (I can’t!)

  2. says

    I really need to read more KA…I have only read Knight and I wasn’t a huge fan of it. Maybe I will give this series a try though.

    And when you said Squirt O’Wineinator — my brain was in the gutter and read Squirt O’Wienienator. I was dang! Mandi sure is getting brave with her posts for us dirty girls. LOL

    Chris Evans…sigh…I would do him in a heartbeat.

    • Mandi says

      I DNF’d Knight awhile ago. MM is totally different. I reallllly think you would like it.

      O’Wienienator. I would never be that dirty!!! (totally jealous I didn’t think of this) ;)

  3. says

    So. Much. Awesome. When you find the person to knit you the whatever you call it, send them my way next. Also, stay away from Tom Hardy, he’s my number two boyfriend. Who is number one? Jeremy Renner, of course.

  4. says

    “Squirt O’Wineinator”….I first read that as ‘Squirt O’Wienerator’ And don’t look shocked – it’s not like wieners aren’t ever mentioned here and its got a lot of the same letters as Wineinator. So, you know, totally understandable mis-read. Right?

  5. Lege Artis says

    Reading his tatts…? Like any weekend of any woman or man in any place on earth can beat that? I want detailed description and review!;)
    Tom Hardy…::drool:: I am big fan… He’s got all that young Marlon Brando thing going…Abigail Roux is teasing new Ty&Zane book with his pics and words: “Who is Liam Bell?”
    I was waiting that book before with anticipation, now I’m craving it!

  6. JacquiC says

    The pink sweater-thingy is making me think of the pink muppets that are in the background on the (fairly) well-known number “Menomenah” (first episode, first season of the Muppet Show). I keep looking at the picture and giggling. I think I may be revealing my age here, though.

    And on the subject of billionaires, I must say that although there seems to be a bottomless market for books involving billionaires, I’m getting kind of tired of them (yes, really!). Mostly, I find it hard to believe that there are actually that many billionaires in the world, such that all these novels can have one as a hero. So, when I hear of a new series involving (usually dominant) billionaires, I think, “what? there are more of them??”…

    • Mandi says

      I know – I kind of say ‘again?’ too…Although I’m still reading books with them in it. Wouldn’t mind a change of pace though!

    • Mandi says

      pffft…I am his older sister – I live to annoy him on his birthday. I will have all my twitter friends bombard his phone with smutty worries ;)

  7. says

    Lol awesome top ten Mandi, thanks for the laughs. Thanks especially for the Maya Banks news, I had missed that. I absolutely love her KGI books.
    And yes, I want one of those pop machines!

  8. says

    Thank for the introduction to that frakin beautiful man. I watched the video a few times. Sex on a stick!

    I need to get my husband one of those full-body (literally) sweaters.

    Oh, the -ators we could invent so we don’t ever have to stop reading!

  9. Carolyn @ Book Chick City says

    Do I have to read the other books in the Dream Man series by Ashley before reading Motorcycle Man, or do they all stand on their own?

  10. says

    Chris Evan’s sexiness kind of just snuck up on me. He was just always the goofy dude I kind of didn’t pay attention to at all. Then I saw him in the Avengers. Than I saw the cover of him on Details magazine with the beard and I’m thinking all sorts of bad yet good thoughts about Chris Evans. Captain American indeed!

  11. says

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