Review: In Her Sights by Charley Colins


In Her Sights by Charley Colins
Romantic Suspense
October 16, 2012
Self Published

Lexie Olympia is not only a very rich philanthropist and business woman but also a killer. When she was just a child she saw her parents brutally murdered. She was taken in by her Uncle Gabe who exposed her to her family’s business, making her grow up quick. Now as an adult, Lexie has a keen business sense and uses her wealth to help many charities. She also has taken to the streets at night with her bow, keeping the gangs in order and killing the guilty when necessary.

Lexie wakes up one night and sees on her security camera a man shuffling through her safe. Pissed that someone was able to get into her house, she grabs her taser and confronts him. The man turns out to be Clayton Addison of Addison’s Security. His company provides elite security, including bodyguards for many of the events Lexie attends. Baffled as to why Clayton is going through her safe, she finally discovers he is looking for an ancient dagger, which he is pretty sure Lexie has in her house somewhere. When more bad guys show up,  Lexie finds out that her neighbor dropped off the dagger the day before, and wants to uncover why so many people are now after this relic. Clayton and Lexie call a truce and start to work together to solve this mystery.

I have enjoyed Charley Colins aka Keri Ford’s contemporary erotic books in her Arkansas Trail series so I was looking forward to trying something a little different from her. I feel like this book never quite comes all together though. Lexie and Clayton are both interesting characters, but together their romance lacked. Or maybe this book was not intended to be heavy on the romance just the suspense. But I still feel like their was no build up of sexual tension between Clayton and Lexie. I felt their relationship was fun at the beginning when they didn’t trust each other but they only make it to the friend level. I was frustrated by how slow their feeling evolved for each other.

Lexie is this gorgeous, charitable, lovable person by day, but at night she dresses all in black and goes out hunting. Because of the violent events she witnessed when her parents got murdered, she feels the need to go out on the streets to represent the victims, a vigilante of sorts. We learn she has murdered something like 16 people. Now they are all baddies, or so she says, but I just had a hard time with this side of her. I was never convinced by her day time personality that she could go out and kill all these people over a span of time. It just didn’t add up for me.

Lexie had moments that I enjoyed – especially in the first half of the book. The second half lost steam.

Rating: C

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