Smex Scene Sunday


Hero: Special Forces Army Sgt. Brady Scott. Grew up with an abusive father. Has anger issues of his own. Home on leave for three months to make peace with his father. Meets the heroine with her pink hair and tongue tattoo and decides a one night stand is definitely in order.

Heroine: Joss Daniels. Runs a community center for kids. Decides sexy Brady is hot and she needs to sate her lust. He also has super sperm that breaks through all protective barriers and gets her pregnant on the one night stand. Oopsie!

Her hands traced the chain of his dog tags and skimmed down the taut pads of his pectorals to his stomach. His muscles flinched under the light, teasing touch, and she smiled. Her fingers trailed into the line of brown hair that ran toward his navel and his mouth dropped open. She swirled a design on his skin that made his breath catch. What she wouldn’t do to hear that needful sound from him again and again.Reaching his waistband, she glanced to Brady’s intense, dark eyes, much as he had looked to her before.

“Only if you’re sure.”

She tugged the top button through the hole and drew the zipper down, exposing a pair of black cotton boxers made tight by his straining hard-on. Breathing faster, shallow, he reached into his rear pocket and tossed his wallet to the seat, then he helped her shove his shorts and boxers down enough to release his cock to her gaze. A streetlight down the row of cars threw just enough diffuse light into the truck’s cab that her mouth watered and she swallowed, hard. God, he was thick and veined, swollen with need. She grasped him and his hips jerked upward.

He wrapped a big hand around hers where she held him, stroked him. “Joss. Damn it all…” Her thumb swiped over his head and spread around the slickness. He groaned and grabbed at the length of her skirt again and again until he found the bottom edge and could push it up her thigh. The heated cab of her truck smelled of the summer night, the cool spice of Brady’s aftershave, and the promise of damn hot sex.

When he’d exposed her to the waist, he dragged a finger over the triangle of white silk covering her, then turned his wrist and pressed three fingers between her legs. He stilled when she gasped, his eyes tracking her reaction before he rubbed the sensitive covered skin at the juncture of her thighs.

The press of his fingers made it all the more clear just how wet she was. She moaned at the wild sensations ricocheting through her. Her heartbeat echoed thunderously in the enclosed space of the cab, or maybe that was just her blood pounding against her eardrums. Brady grabbed her hip and stroked her harder, the wet slide of her thong adding an incredible friction. For a long moment, she lost the ability to do anything but feel him touching her, but then she realized her hand had stilled, and no way did she want to be the only one this out of control. She fisted her grip up the length of his thick erection, her thumb swiping over the head before lowering again.

“Fuck,” he groaned. His hands fell away.

One Night With a Hero by Laura Kaye. Goodreads l Kindle ($2.99) l Nook

I liked this one – very sexy and hot. Had a few issues with a rushed ending and declaration of love. Even though surprise pregnancies are not my favorite set-up, it didn’t bother me in this book. I’ll post a full review later this week.


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