Review: The Impetuous Amazon by Sandy James


The Impetuous Amazon by Sandy James (Alliance of the Amazons #2)
Paranormal Romance
January 14, 2013
Carina Press

Megan Feurer is an Amazon, a warrior woman whose job is to kill threats to humanity, including revenants, zombie like creatures that come out at night to hunt. Megan’s gift is fire, and as a fire elemental she is pretty strong. She is also quick tempered and doesn’t quite have the full extent of her power under control. So she is often walking around with sparks flying out of her fingernails and blasting things to ashes when she gets angry. This gets her in trouble with the ancients, who can’t have her lighting everything up on fire, when the rest of the world is not suppose to know Amazons exist. Sentinel Johann is sent to help her keep a low profile and use her powers better  but these two also have other things to worry about. A daughter of a priestess is missing and presumed dead. Johann and Megan are tasked with solving this crime, and it all leads to pop singer Maxim Popov, who they soon learn has other secrets.

This is the second book in the Alliance of the Amazon series. This one didn’t work as well for me as book one. Megan and Johann are pretty much in love from page one, although they are scared to tell the other. There is a little bit of sexual tension, but I think there could have been more. It took awhile to really get to know and understand Johann and why he loves Megan. Sentinels and Amazons are not suppose to date, so that is another hindrance, although that rule doesn’t really come into play here.

My main frustration with this book is Megan. At times she comes across as quite immature. She has trouble keeping her fire power under control and she knows this, yet if anyone dares to criticize her or try to help her, she lashes out. She gets whiny about the whole thing. For as dangerous it is to keep the Amazons hidden, she sure does spray her fire around in public quite often. Johann had to have much patience.

She also started having dreams where Maxim would invade and try to lure her and do evil things to her in the dreams. She keeps this information a secret, leading her to be a little on the TSTL (too stupid to live) side. Again, this comes across as immature. It frustrated me that she wouldn’t accept Johann’s help with things like this.

Maybe halfway through the book the romance started to pick up and I felt their chemistry. The mystery of the missing girl weaves into the paranormal plot and there is a nice big action scene at the end. But otherwise this one is just okay.

Rating: C

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